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It is so difficult to create a top 5


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I got only Top 1 in my list

1- Invitation
   Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
   Private Show
   Man On The Moon
   Just Luv Me
   Do You Wanna Come Over?
   Slumber Party
   Just Like Me
   Love Me Down
   Hard To Forget Ya
   What You Need
   Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
   If I’m Dancing
   Coupure Électrique


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1 hour ago, TalkThatSexyTalkToMe said:

I can't choose. But I freaking love Change Your Mind, and Man on the Moon, and Invitation, and Just Luv Me, and Liar, and Slumber Party, and DYWCO. All of those songs would be in my top 5. But seriously I love the other songs too. I even like Private Show now I've heard it in context of the other songs. Somehow it just fits. Reminds me of Hot As Ice...

I can't really be more agree with you... They must be singles. :OMGney:

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5. (Slay the) Liar

4. Slay on the Moon (and beyond)

3. Slaying Party (Get that 1.)

2. Just Slay Me       (PS. I mean the "luv" one / not at Britney killing my alternate titles because of the similarities in hers :gloria:)

1. Invitation (to be slayed and get your wig snatched off)

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