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Found 4 results

  1. Dhaejanae Jackson (on the left), 1 of the Cabo 6, allegedly has a warrant out for her arrest and will be extradited to a prison in Mexico if reports are correct after a video was leaked of her beating Shanquella during a holiday in Mexico. Shanquella shortly passed away and it was claimed it was due to alcohol poisoning 🤔 If you haven’t been following the case, 25 year old black queen and entrepreneur Shanquella Robinson flew her bum friends out to Mexico and footed the the bill for a luxury 5k villa to celebrate one of their bdays. Only 24 hours into the trip, Shanquella’s friends called her parents to tell them she had died of alcohol poisoning and quickly returned to the US. That was a lie. Shanquella hasn’t died from alcohol poisoning but a spinal cord injury. In the early hours of the morning, the Cabo 6 dragged her out of her bed and beat her to death whilst she was naked and vulnerable. If that wasn’t bad enough, they filmed the beating. Unluckily for them the video leaked and went viral (you can’t find it on twitter but I don’t recommend watching it. It’s disturbing af) It doesn’t end there, the Cabo 6 then paid off the Mexican police (with Shanquellas own money) to cover up the case and allow them to travel back to the States. The case was closed as alcohol poisoning by the Mexicab authorities and had it not been for that video and Black twitter, these b a s t a r d s would of gotten away with it. Its speculated the group stole 18000 from her. But Damn, good luck to these non speaking Spanish Americans in a Mexican prison. (sorry if this is badly written, I had a few aperols earlier) This video breaks the case down - What We Know About the Death of Shanquella Robinson WWW.THECUT.COM A 25-year-old American woman was found dead while on vacation in Mexico. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant... RIP to this beautiful soul 💔
  2. Any fellow true crime heads out there? What have you been watching? I’ve watched the Dahlia case recently and it’s a scream... Recommended watching: I love you now die The case against adnen syed The Rebecca Zahou case Chris Watts documentary The disappearance of Susan Powell
  3. As one guy puts it Tommy actually looked like the hero, But what people failed to see or care about was How this forever haunted Pamela and would forever change her image and career cos she's now casted in just roles based off of this s** pot image, and the shaming of her is still to this day, she's the true victim cos it changed how people see her and the media drove the way people think of her.. She will never get the apology that society owes her.
  4. https://ew.com/tv/lorena-bobbitt-movie-lifetime-first-photos/?amp=true&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&__twitter_impression=true It's one of the most infamous crimes ever. Lorena Bobbitt spent a decade in jail for infamously cutting off her husband's full erect member. She accused him of ****. Doctors determine that was false. He has been medically diagnosed with an unusual high *** drive. She actually did admit. That he wanted too much ***. She was more comfortable with once or twice a month. The family of the victim felt like ten years was too light of a sentence that she got away with a serious crime. That could have killed him if he bled out..FYI. he had surgery unfortunately it's not the original size. He lost about 7 inches of a 12 inch member. He was suggested by adult film legend Rom Jeremy to do adult films. They marketed the helluva of it. "FRANKEN*****" IS ONE of his films. Lorena however was praised by the press for moving from the whole situation whereas her ex husband was ridiculed and shamed for going down the path he took. After the movie. She's will give a two hour interview with Feminist news reporter Diane Sawyer..
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