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Found 5 results

  1. - Single released on 20 April 2010. - Video premiered on Vimeo 21 May 2010, released to YouTube on 28 May 2010. LYRICS:
  2. We love indie Club queen Robyn, she's the dark club queen, Dancing on my own, Call your girlfriend, Body talk is one of the best dance albums to be released, along with 2005's Robyn and 2019's Honey. But I remember her as a teen from Sweden in the 90s, on the radio asking her man. Do you know what it takes, little did I know, she wasn't asking about winning her heart, but actually do you know what it takes to love her right in bed. When my Mom found out that she wasn't 18, she flipped out. Robyn was subsequently banned in the household cos she saw her as A W....h.... Ore. I researched despite Robyn is here Being a platinum success, RCA US dropped her cos she refused to remove the track addressing the abortion she had at 17, already Robyn was addressing issues that were common with woman her age, but because they were marketing her to teens, and she refused to edit it out for The US market. She was dropped and virtually never heard of again until she went independent and released music via Universal music under a license through her own record Konichiwa records, approiately named after the Song Konichiwa bishes. I think Robyn is more celebrated now than as a teen given how she basically said she was making music that was relevant to people her age, and she was Being told, not okay, need to market to kid's, which is something she didn't like at all. She felt kids always have these artist's marketed towards them what's wrong with a teen addressing hey just like, I'm ******, just like you, I struggle with identity issues, probably just like you come from a divorced family. She said I'm not gonna be cookie cutter and fake. Teens need artists that understand them and know what's happening. Enjoy one of the most Controversial teen songs of all time.
  3. SG Lewis teams up with Robyn & Channel Tres for a new song titled "Impact." It's a total banger. Robyn's vocals sound incredible and the beat is hypnotic. Thoughts, Exhale?
  4. Here's the fascinating BBC documentary on the Sweden pop music industry. Titled Flat Pop pack: Sweden pop music. From the underground club days, to using Swedish folk music. Plus mixing Rock music, R&B Music and club beats. On it's original sound. Interviews ranging from 5Ive, Ace of Base's ULF Ekberg, Jenny Berggren, Robyn and a few others, Discuss how the Swedish Music industry produced the pop music that we loved in the last 30 years. They also reveal a big secret. Before he produced our favorite pop records. Max Martin fronted a heavy metal band, with a secret he felt guilty about. He loved Melodic pop. He was rechristened Max Martin by Dennis Pop. To separate the two identities. This documentary is mostly about denniz Pop who started it all. He died way too early before the take over happened in the late 90s.. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  5. I have never seen an episode of Kelly Clarkson's talk show, but I'm living for these covers.
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