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The British Pop Acts; Misteeq & More


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British Music is Iconic. let me introduce you to some acts that never quite made it outside of UK borders in popularity; 

1. Misteeq 

Our own very own TLC had countless hits and popularised the underground 90s genre known as “Garage” music. Previously a sound that was  strictly played on pirate radio stations, these girls brought it to the mainstream and spawned a new phenomenon within our culture in the late 90s and early 00s. 


2. Cheryl Cole

Part of the famous uk girl band ‘Girls Aloud’ she had spawned a successful career of her own. Working with talented music writers and the infamous Will I am, she created various number one hits in the late 00s. 



3. Emile Sandé 

Was thought to be music’s best new thing here in the uk, she was often accredited for her powerful and beautiful voice. 



She Came up with the most beautiful song in the 90s and was unique with her eye patch. This song is a classic in the UK.


5. Daniel Bedingfield

The Brother of Natasha Bedingfield produced another famous “Garage” track that topped the charts in 2002. Although his sister is known in America for numerous hits, he didn’t quite make it out of UK borders... 


These are some of my favourite UK artists that don’t seem to be popular outside my borders. I would love for the Exhale Community to add some more that I have not mentioned. We have so many! 

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6. N-DUBZ 

This Urban Trio, Aren’t my favourite, but were an undeniable force in the youth culture of the 00s. The Council House Boy in me loves them tho. It’s UK culture at its gritty core. BLACKBERRY DAYS AND DAT INNIT FAM. 


7.Little Mix

Undoubtedly the most successful UK girl band since the spice girls, They really shouldn’t be on here but it’s weird not mentioning these girls when talking about UK acts, they should’ve been one direction level famous tbh... 



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