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VMA 2016ney Look Appreciation One Year Later


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19 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

she gained 10 pounds with that fugly leotard. she looked the same as she did (body wise) back in 2007 to the gp's eyes and that was not the best thing for her to happen. if she looked better on stage the performance would not be so bashed at least by fans

Resultado de imagen de britney vma 2016Resultado de imagen de britney vma 2016


This look would have saved her performance: 

Resultado de imagen de britney private show


She wanted to show off her body



Just let me give you one last test, is that a sin? https://soundcloud.com/jacod

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3 hours ago, Wiggle said:

The best she looked in 2016 was Jingle Bashney and we all know that :lemmetellu:


The leotard here and Jonathan Ross are great. I don't understand why she can't wear those two during Vegas with that same hair and makeup. I swear it's like they get her ready 5 minutes before the curtains pull open.

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