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2015ney had a lot of great moments but i think that the best one is August!! Her energy was so flawless that it made me cry from happiness! She was on fire!! 2017ney is great too but i have to admit that the peak was in August of 2015! :yesplease:

I am waiting for her upcoming tour to slay every inch of me!! :gobaby:



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3 minutes ago, Screamous said:

I almost crying when i watched it for the first time. I thought the fire in britney's eyes was already gone forever. I am glad i was wrong



Same sis! :tiffanycries:

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4 hours ago, Curiousexhaler86 said:

She went so hard for that PG break! I remember watching it and crying. :otears:

That's what I came to comment on! People hate on PG so much, but honestly, it was one of the best numbers in the show. The choreography was cute, involved more than just upper body movements, and best of all, it was well executed with consistent energy throughout the track. And the dance break was always a highlight.  

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5 hours ago, Nocturney said:

OMG you're right. But... then she got worst.

I think it's because she got bored with POM (you know for 4 years the same thing). I would love to see some new choreo and better outfits in her tour tbh. :mhm:

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