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Andrew Fatale

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After watching Britney and Beyonce performances 

Britney’s performance : she was flawless that night high energy and hit the choreography on point and the interaction with G-eazy was good too the problem is the Choreography was bad , only four dancers for an award show really the production of this hand thing was really cheap no pre-recorded vocals  i think the performance was good if it was for like a tv show not a ****** award show that every body was takling about her comeback

Beyonce : the performance had a story line ,too many dancers , formation remix dance break was epic , pre-recorded vocals she didn’t sing live too 

obviously  u cant notice her lipping the performance because u got distracted , britney on the other hand the stage was empty and all the focus was on her 

i think her team need to step up their game they need to spend money to get money 

before we were competing with A list pop stars  now we cant even defeat  country stars 

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