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Found 5 results

  1. Indy Yelich is set to enter the music industry with her debut single coming September 15
  2. Peter Andre’s Son Junior is making a name for himself in the music industry as he releasing his debut single ‘slide’. This sounds promising 🤙
  3. New upcoming pop artist Shy Smith has released her debut single ‘Soaked’ 💦
  4. Hi everyone <3 It's me again. Not so active lately on the boards, but it's because I've been busy filming and shooting visuals for my music project. Would you care to support the remix that just came out of my track Icebergs? It was remixed by a local Electro Pop act called Super Plage! He is freaking phenomenal and I consider myself lucky to have had this opportunity. Remix: Original: Add it to your favourite streaming platform library. You have no idea how much a single stream helps a lot. <3
  5. Happy Libra Season, fellow Libras! Miss Raveena turned 26 years old yesterday. To celebrate, I thought it would be nice to introduce her to Exhale! She's of Indian heritage, born in Massachusetts with an upbringing in Queens, New York. Sonically, Raveena's debut album Lucid (released in 2019) is full of atmospheric and vibrant tunes that draw inspiration from Neo-Soul and R&B. Her soft, plush vocals portray a woman whom has suffered through an abusive relationship and is coming to terms with her inner strength. She sings "I was so naive to think a man could be stronger than me" on the track "Stronger". Lucid is a journey from start to finish, a woman finding her inner strength through her divine femininity. The album showcases her healing process through songs like "Bloom", where she sings "subtle things you say to break me down, it don't really phase me, now I'm blooming 12 feet off the ground". Raveena's soft heartfelt melodies transcend you to another dimension, one full of peace and tranquility. She continues her journey with album highlight "Still Dreaming" where she harmonizes about a new love that is too perfect, she pushes getting out of bed in the morning and sings "I don't wanna lose that feeling, sleepin' in your arms". She sings a song about her mother titled "Mama", a song where Raveena questions her mother's hopes and dreams as well as the sacrifices she had to make to give Raveena a better life. The closing track "Petal" ends the album on a euphoric note, its production consists of soothing layered melodies and makes one imagine themselves laying in a bed of flowers while simultaneously floating; Petal comes after Raveena has a conversation with her grandmother about mortality and how one must face their deaths one day. It could be morbid if it weren't so absolutely beautiful and liberating. Since her debut album, she released an EP titled Moonstone this year. The EP generated a single entitled "Headaches". Raveena, who is bisexual, sings about a rollercoaster relationship she had with a woman; a love that she wasn't expecting ("I wasn't in the mood for love"), a love she realizes is not as healthy as she would like it to be ("She's the kind of girl that will **** you up") but in the end, she sings "There's no sunset without you". Yes, love is a rollercoaster, but Raveena is certain some love is worth all the #headaches. Raveena takes her art very seriously, as she ALWAYS delivers visually. She takes in imagery from her Indian heritage and combines it with retro Hollywood/Bollywood film fashion and víola, you have a Raveena video. Raveena puts in as much details into her music videos as she does into her live performances, see below. Tell me what you think! Happy Birthday Raveena!
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