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  1. Gaslighting and manipulation at its best. And just like that Vivian proved once again what kind of person she is. I hope she pisses Lyne enough for her to start dishing out more dirt and for more details to emerge.
  2. Taylor does not depend on the songwriting politics of the industry to release hits, she writes them. I honestly use to not like her one bit. I watched her Netflix documentary last year, out of sheer curiosity, and I was so surprised at how little I knew about her. I know the documentary is obviously formatted for us to like her, but I admire artists that are so hands-on. She does not need to write songs with 10-15 songwriters to get the results she has. She is quite capable herself. Her voice has also grew on me a lot since I heard, Out of the Woods. I think it's an incredible track. I'm glad I finally see her for what she is; a very talented songwriter with a hands-on approach on her career. She is not the best vocalist, but she has something, and that something keeps us coming back for more everytime.
  3. I think this interview probably gives us a better idea of how Britney must feel like; annoyed and exasperated. I think Jordan was right when he said she must be so over it, and has had enough. The metaphor she used years ago, about being in jail with no ending in sight was so accurate. I feel terrible for her and I hope something shakes up her case, something important that can cause a shift.
  4. Basically, this guy's job is to find a way to print money out of Britney, while Britney does not want to actively work. He will find a way. As much a I agree that all of this is concerning, I think we should stray away from feeding into conspiracy theories as they tend to alienate the general public. Instead of claiming they are trying to kill Britney (which I think is a bit of an irresponsible claim), we should maybe show how these individuals have never had the best interest of their artists at heart, Michael Jackson being a prime example. I really don't know how Britney can get out of this now that more leeches have been added to the mix. It's such a complicated matter.
  5. If it takes so much of his time, perhaps he should step back and enjoy what's left of his life. Like don't you want to retire, and go on an island or something. Huh.
  6. I think it is definitely strategic. She probably prefers taking those small steps, which is why she's avoiding any public comments on the matter. She doesn't want to give provide them with any indications on what she wants to do next; otherwise, she's very vulnerable to Jamie and co. After all, they still have control over her. I think Britney is being super calculated in order to deal with this. I do agree with Jordan, though. I do think a big part of her is also soooooo fed up of all of this.
  7. It's pretty clear that they want to avoid any sort of media scrutiny, and avoid having to discuss these matters while everyone is listening. I honestly think a bit of rampage is necessary for things to start moving again. Britney will not be held captive for an entire year now that we KNOW more.
  8. I'm a thousand percent sure that Oprah's team has tried reaching Britney and her team at least once, in regards to the conservatorship in the past year. Impossible they would ignore this golden TV moment, that is just waiting to happen.
  9. It was about the relations between the Spears. It was a transcript of a Sam voicemail or something. According to Sam: Jamie Lynn and Britney allegedly did not get along much. Sam was saying how they would rarely text - mentions how once they didn't text for more than 6 months. Lynne lives in a house owned by The Britney Estate, so Jamie has control on it. Britney really wrote that infamous email about Lou, saying she was scary. Lou performed a creepy religious ceremony at Britney's once. He (Sam) never drugged Britney, and he says this can be proved with the series of drug tests Britney had to do back then. None of them was positive. Britney was deemed as a good mom, by one of the court appointed individual - forgot their name and role. And I forgot the rest.
  10. Hmmm, so even if Lou has not stolen from Brit, it shows how INCOMPETENT Britney's dad is with her finance. How can he actually explain losing almost 600 million dollars? This should be used by Ingham in court, but of course, Ingham is team conservatorship. This is an extremely incriminating lead.
  11. Doesn't that also mean that Britney can make sound decisions when she wants, which goes against the misconception that she can't take care of her affairs?
  12. If that video was supposed to help team Jamie, it has the complete opposite effect. Don't want to be rude to that lawyer, but she looks insane and evil.
  13. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but what if the pro-conservatorship frame is to fool people to agree to interview and then bombard them with questions then? Basically, they ask them pro-conservatorship questions, to also asks anti-conservatorship questions.... It'd be a nice trap to get Lou on board.
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