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Closest to original? HELP


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Fantasy was reformulated a long while ago. The stage edition contains the original pre-reformulation scent. The new one is a overpowering kiwi mess, it's way too sweet. But the original has much more creamy vanilla cupcake scent which the new one lacks. It's very balanced and is seriously delicious.  :queenflopga:

Also the bottle itself was changed too. The neck no longer has stones and the stones embedded in the actual bottle are a duller shade of green. The box is also much more simple, no green ribbon or fancy packaging, just a normal unicarton box. Altogether it looks like a somewhat accurate though cheap knockoff of the true original. Oh team Britney, always trying to save a buck. But in their defense, Britney's perfumes were selling big time everywhere, so I guess the high demand was becoming too expensive they needed to cut it down to still make a good profit.  :quirkney:

If you can find an unopened original Fantasy from prior to the change hold on to it, they're pretty pricey and are sure to be worth some good value later on.  :bwink:

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