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Found 1 result

  1. It is a frightening thought, but at this point, Britney, to her handlers, is worth more dead than alive. I think that deep down, we all know it—just like deep down, we all knew most everything Britney's confirmed. The main problem, aside from the fact Britney should no longer be under c-ship, is that most everybody around her is compromised. Her own father is compromised and has reportedly made 12 million dollars from the c-ship. He recently stated it is up to the court to decide whether or not the guardianship ends, but he did check that "unable to resist fraud or undue influences" box. Her own court-appointed lawyer is compromised; would the c-ship end, he would no longer be making $10,000 or so per week, and that's why he's dragging his feet. K-Fed is compromised or he would never have asked for up to $60,000 in child support (one would need to be very naïve to believe his explanations). Jodi Montgomery is also compromised, and I do not buy her latest statement one bit, even if some legalities are true. Britney herself stated Jodi has been acting more and more like her father, and I'll believe her over anyone that has such a big financial incentive. As for Judge Penny, she's also obviously quite corrupt, keeping Jamie as financial co-conservator even after Britney's shocking and truthful declaration. Britney's made it very clear she is not going to resume her recording and stage activities until this whole charade ends, and that not only means Jamie being ousted as co-conservator, but the whole c-ship altogether coming to an end. Jodi claims that the plan is to get Britney to a place where she no longer needs this legal state, but this is all bull! What care plan? What care? Britney's confirmed it is not care but torture—emotional, medicated and physical torture. As a matter of fact, this so-called "care" has inflicted anxieties and phobias she did not have. It is now a vicious circle; she must be free of mental issues in order to regain her freedom, but this "care" is impacting her mental health and causing more and more issues and distress! The longer she remains under c-ship, the more it is going to impact her negatively—this guardianship needs to end now! Not in two months, not in six months, not in three or five years... But now! And no more talks about baby steps. It's been 13 years!!! We need giant steps. She was in her mid-twenties when locked in it, and she's now 39! She's therefore spent her whole thirties under an abusive and ******ic c-ship! It is definitely akin to s** trafficking! Even many cold-blooded murderers (incl. those guilty of taking the lives of Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Daniel Shaver, Tamir Rice and so on) ended up getting much, much gentler treatment or completely getting away with it. If Britney is still considered gravely disabled, unable to resist fraud or undue influences, unfit/not equipped to live on her own, not stable and sound enough or what else, it will always be the case. A "care plan" to take her to "stability" is nothing but a lie and an illusion to keep the charade going. And since Britney will not generate them big revenue again, she has therefore become expendable to them. This sounds like "Illuminati/conspiracy" talk, but didn't Britney just confirm what many thought were conspiracy theories? She confirmed the conspiracy to keep her locked up forever... Or worse! They could have killed her with that lithium. If, God forbid, something were to happen, you know what they'd say... "Overdose," "health problems," or something similar, just like they said about Marilyn Monroe, Brittany Murphy and so on. Most people do believe the official narrative, and for that reason, material released by the Britney Estate (incl. compilations of unreleased material, movies, books and Cirque du Soleil tours) will sell a whole lot. Want proof? Michael Jackson’s Estate Has Made $1.7 BILLION Since His Death Even in death, Michael Jackson's estate made S$2.3 billion Some are already predicting Britney's demise for the month of October... The only way out of this is for a higher authority, a higher court, some high-ranking politicians and lawyers to look into it, intervene and override Penny's decisions. But is that even possible? I think so. Question is... Will that ever happen?
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