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Found 4 results

  1. Mother Monster has arrived! Gaga just dropped her new song, "Stupid Love," one month after the unofficial version surfaced – they sound identical. While promoting the new tune, Gaga sneakily placed the word Chromatica on her marketing material. Little Monsters suspected that was the album title, and they're right. Gaga confirmed the title in a Tweet and the "Stupid Love" music video. She also opened up about the forthcoming album in a new interview with Zane Lowe. Chromatica drops April 10. "The symbol for Chromatica has a sine wave in it, which is the mathematical symbol for sound, and it’s from what all sound is made from, and, for me, sound is what healed me in my life period, and it healed me again making this record, and that is really what Chromatica is all about. It’s about healing and it’s about bravery as well and it’s really like, when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone," Gaga says of the album title. "BloodPop [who executive produced Chromatica with Lady Gaga] brought it up, and we talked about how Chromatica was essentially on its own when you first look at it, it seems to be about colors and all the different colors and also music is made of a chromatic scale, you know? So it’s all the colors, all the sounds, you know, so we, we’re talking about inclusivity and life and also a lot of what we see around us and what we’re experiencing is math, which is very much like music and and sound is math as well. So we talked about that, and then I sort of went back and I said, “OK, well, yeah, it’s inclusivity but it's really a way of thinking,” you know, it's not just, “Oh, Chromatica, we’re being inclusive with all the colors, all the people,” and when I say, “All the colors, all the people,” I mean way more than we could possibly fathom." "I think that we’re actually operating on a completely rudimentary level where we square things off into very simplified colors when actually we’re all extremely different in a vast variety of ways that stem from both, like, genetics as well as epigenetics, like, we’re all completely different and I thought OK, well maybe, Chromatica is a frame of mind. And that is my frame of mind, and I don’t know that I’ve ever made an album that wasn’t on Chromatica in some type of way, meaning like my frame of mind is always a part of my music, and this is just my way of kind of expressing, even in a both literal and abstract way, that, like, making music and putting it out into the world is my perspective on life, and it’s also my gift to the world in the best way that I can, and I think that everyone on any given day is doing the absolute best that they can do, and this is my perspective, and here it is, and it’s always been my perspective, but now I know that it was my perspective." Hits Daily Double claims Gaga will soon share tour dates. A music exec working on Gaga's new album, Gina Zimmitti, posted then deleted a photo of her in a recording studio with the caption: “🙂🙂 smiles all around! @whiteseamusic wrote & @amiedots orchestrated some beautiful string and brass arrangements for @ladygaga highly anticipated album! #LG6 is set for an early 2020 release. We love these talented ladies!! 🤩” A mid-April release date might be in the cards. DJ White Shadow, who worked closely with Gaga on Born This Way and ARTPOP, says he's heard the new album and called it genius. "I actually am not working on LG6," he told E! News. "I sat this one out. I've heard it. It's not my art to share with you, but I can tell you this, [as] with everything that she does, it's genius. I'm excited for her to put it out. I think that it's really good." At one point, DJWS was working on LG6. He described the record as ARTPOP's little sister, but Gaga has since shifted gears. Grimes also showed the project with praise. Are YOU excited for Popga? Drop us a line in the comments.
  2. Katy Perry might be Las Vegas’ next big resident performer. It was once assumed artists go to Vegas to lay their careers to rest, but those days are long gone. Celine Dion, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears paved the way for fellow A-list artists to make Sin City their second home. Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Ricky Martin, Cher, Bruno Mars, Drake, Cardi B, Marshmello, Xtina, The Backstreet Boys, and many more are the latest to light up the Vegas strip, and if the reports are true… next is Katy Perry. Perry not-so-subtly hinted that she'll be headed to Vegas sooner than later. During a live chat with fans, someone asked about the project she'll kickoff a residency in Vegas. Perry directly acknowledged the fan by name and winked. It's unclear when this will go down. Vegas' iconic strip took a hard hit amidst the pandemic. Hotels closed and laid-off/furloughed thousands of employees, including performers in the shows. All residencies are postponed until further notice, however MGM properties plan on allowing ticket sales to resume on June 1st pending no further wide-sweeping changes. Vital Vegas on Twitter, who have accurately reported Vegas-related news before an official announcement hit, claims Katy is eyeing a residency at Vegas' up-and-coming monster hotel, Resorts World, opening in 2021. Last year, the Las Vegas Review Journal claimed Katy “informally” appeared at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace to tour the venue for around an hour. Caesars Entertainment officials reportedly joined Katy on the walk-through to discuss a possible residency at The Colosseum. The prospect of Katy calling Las Vegas her second home is pretty interesting. Would you go see Katy in Vegas?
  3. Britney Spears' Instagram is a breadcrumb trail leading us into her world of mystery and seclusion. If you want to know how Britney's doing in 2020, the closest you'll get is the pop princess' Instagram account. There are long gaps of silence followed by an avalanche of carefully curated content. Fans go for months without hearing from her, excluding official business promotion, then get heaps of glamor shots, workout and dance videos and mystical quotes. The captions are often times more self-indulgent than the uploaded photo. It leads to a plethora of questions: Is Britney actually writing said captions... !! 🌸🌸😜☕️ !! or... Is someone pulling the wool over 23.6 million peoples' eyes? This past week was a wild one. Usually, people tend to post photos and videos in chronological time, but Britney's account consecutively uploaded new content where the timeline is unclear. The new posts conveniently orbited around court-related meetings this week. Is it a coincidence Britney's Instagram lit up around Tuesday, February 25th, when a stipulation for a medical expense allowance was issued? Britney's Instagram was also very active with new glamor shots on Friday, February 28th, the day Britney's business manager, Lou Taylor, was scheduled to give her deposition against Britney fan Bryan Kuchar. Taylor sued Kuchar after he allegedly bought a website domain in her name and then posted 'defamatory' claims. The website called Taylor a "Gay Demon Exorcist." It does not appear the deposition went well for Kuchar. He posted a photo on his personal Instagram on Friday that said "God knows I tried." One fan (@Cappycorn87) on BreatheHeavy's Exhale forum correctly predicted Britney's Instagram account would post lots of new content hours before it happened because they knew the deposition was on the docket for later in the day. The belief is that it's an attempt to distract #FreeBritney promoters from the issue at-hand. It's all very hard to follow. In one of Britney's new posts, she was reading letters left by fans at The Zone, an immersive merchandise experience located in Los Angeles. Britney is seen wearing a cast after sustaining an injury while dancing. Later in the day, a separate post indicated she was vacationing in Maui (sans cast). Britney then shared a video of how she injured her foot. The video featured a montage of clips of her twirling and jumping. At the end, wearing a completely different outfit, Britney can be seen landing funny and twisting her foot. There's an audible snap before Britney plummets to the floor. "Haven’t danced in six months so I was full throttle at this spot 🏎💥💃🏼 !!!! And yes …. I know I’m barefoot …. don’t laugh but I grip the floor better that way !!!!," Britney captioned the video. "PS you can hear where I broke my foot here 🙄🙄🙄 ….. sorry it’s kind of loud !!!!!" Yes, very, very loud. I showed this video to a medical professional in-person without explaining what they were about to see. Their first response was that the snap heard in the video couldn't possibly be real. If we are to believe that at face-value, it means the snap was added in later or enhanced in some way... Why? Some conspiratorial fan theories suggest it was a means to not attend The Zone during its 3-month stint. As we fall further down the rabbit hole, there's a photo that's gone mostly unnoticed, but it's worth our undivided attention. On Thursday, Britney posted a picture at the beach, presumably in Hawaii, but after less than one-minute, the photo was deleted. It was re-posted on Friday. In the far-side of the photo, next to her blouse and sandals, is a book titled 'Shout: The True Story of a Survivor Who Refused to be Silenced.' It's a poetry memoir by New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson who advocates and writes for survivors of ****** assault. We don't know when the photo of Britney with the book was taken, but a 20th anniversary version of the novel featuring additional content, with the cover seen in the photo, was released & published in 2019. This picture must be semi-recent. Here's the description of the book posted on Amazon. It's irresponsible to assume Britney is reading Shout because she identifies as a survivor of ****** assault. However, Britney is no stranger to leaving clues on her Gram for fans to decipher. Either she... Finds a personal connection to the memoir Views herself as a survivor in other capacities Is simply interested in the piece, or... The book belongs to someone else and left it on Britney's belongings. Britney has endured personal and financial conservatorships for more than a decade, reportedly against her own volition, and a storyline for the general public is causing confusion. It appears to be on purpose. It's unclear what the next chapter is in Britney's book, but as one of her captions put it best... "Move forward whenever you can my friends !!!!!"
  4. Dyllan White is uninhibited in his new visual for "JuNgLe," the latest single from the rising independent pop artist. Dyllan is one of BreatheHeavy's newest Creators artists. Creators is a BreatheHeavy application that highlights and promotes up-and-coming artists. It gives readers a break from the constant cycle of pop titan news, instead providing an opportunity for fans of pop to sink their teeth into something unseen. Following our video interview together is Dyllan's magnetic new clip for "JuNgLe," a lush pop track that showcases our new find's range from obscure to ferocious. "It’s such an animalistic song and I liked the idea of keeping the concept simple," Dyllan tells BreatheHeavy. "I really went back and forth w the concept for this video. Do I actually go make it in the jungle? Do I wear native garb? Should I be all roughed up? I decided to go for a slightly 70s acid trip meets a little bit Coachella. We added the animation afterwards and it really made the video come together." He adds: "It’s definitely a vibe. The music itself is a great walking song, and has good *** appeal. It has a tribal and raw animalistic feel to it." "This song really came together with adding animal noises and layering of my voice to give that tribal feel. This is definitely one of my most 'pop songs' and I hope y’all enjoy it." Thoughts on "JuNgLe?" Let us know what you think in the comments! If you're interested in becoming a part of Creators, please email jordan@breatheheavy.com for more information.
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