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Found 1 result

  1. Last week, I asked you about making our own list of this year's best songs (with the hope of making it a yearly tradition). By seeing the reaction to it and the comments I received, I realized it won't be as easy (or as fun) to do it, but I'll try it anyway, as an experiment. So I figured out it will be "simpler" if we have a fixed list of nominations, and then ask people to vote from them. The process will be as follows: #1 Submission of entries Starting from today until October 31st, we'll be receiving your suggestions for the poll on this thread. What songs are eligible? Any song released between December 01, 2020 and November 30, 2021* They can be singles or non-singles, and re-releases too (as long as they're new versions). Even remixes can count as separate entries. It can be a song in English, Spanish, French, Korean or any language you speak or like. It doesn't matter if it charted anywhere or not. Unreleased tracks that leaked this year, their eligibility is still pending to whatever the majority decides and how many entries we get. We will limit it to one per artist, to begin with, we'll see how that plays. Depending on how many people participate in this stage, we may limit the entries to 10 songs per user at first, and we'll increase it if we don't get enough songs as time goes by. Keep all your suggestions in just one comment on this thread. Add name of the song, artist and if you can, the month it was released. If you're gonna add a link to a Youtube video or Spotify, put them inside a Spoiler tag (the eye icon). Before submitting your entries, check what other users have already posted to avoid duplicates (I'll try to keep the OP updated every day with all the suggestions) You don't have to rate your songs at this stage We need to have at least 100 songs to vote from, and 250 at most? I don't think we'll get as many, but in the exceptional case that we do, we'll see if we remove the limit. * I know I said the submissions are open until October 31st, but I'm considering the possibility that maybe a really amazing song is released in November and you want to vote for it, so we'll notify everyone that there's a new entry. If you already voted by then, you'd have to notify me the changes in your voting. Songs released in December won't be eligible, again, unless a really extraordinary case happens, because by the first week of December I'll start calculating the results. #2 The voting The voting period will be from November 1st, 2021 to November 30, 2021. This is where you really have to compromise if you're willing to participate: From the total of entries we get in the submission stage, you'll have to rate a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 songs. The commitment is that if you don't have 30 songs you like, then you'll have to give them a listen, or pick them at random (not advised lol), but we need those 30 songs. You'll send me a private message with the list of songs you're rating: To avoid the trouble of writing numbers, since I've noticed some people don't know this feature exists, you just have to click the Ordered List icon on the text editor, and it will start a list from 1 that automatically increases by 1 every time you click Enter. You DON'T have to give them a score, instead, your #1 song will receive 100 points, your #2, will receive 99, and so on, so it's not possible to have ties (at least in your voting). I'll do that calculation. If you submit 100 songs, your #100 will only get 1 point, but you don't necessarily have to do 100. Again, the minimum is 30 songs, so your 30th song will get 71 points, and so on depending of how many songs you choose to rate. You may add written reviews for the songs you want to. Changes on your voting are only allowed until November 30 (i.e. a new song comes out in November and you want to vote for it). #3 The results I'll stop receiving entries on November 30, and I'll start the calculations in December. My goal is to announce the results the last week of the year: December 27: #100 - #81 December 28: #80 - #61 December 29: #60 - #41 December 30: #40 - #21 December 31: #20 - #1 The future So what happens with the songs released in December? We may just include them in next year's poll, however I wanna try another experiment to make the process more organic. Introducing Exhale's Top 20: So the other experiment I want to try is a weekly or bi-weekly Top 20, but the goal is to make it weekly. Voting would be open from Monday to Saturday and the results would be announced on Sundays. I still don't have the rules defined for this, and I don't think I will until we start it and see how it unfolds. I also don't know when it'll start but it'll be sometime before the year ends, hopefully before December, and this will be independent of this year's Top 100. However, this will be the tool to decide the Top 100 of 2022, based on the songs that had the best performance in the Top throughout the year. Depending of how it results, we'll see if the entire Top 100 can be obtained from the overall results, or if there's too many ties, then we'll just pick the nominees to do a final year-end vote from them. This one will be more open. You don't have to vote every week if you don't want to, and the polls will be public (still deciding if you can vote for just one song or multiple, but multiple would be better). For the first week we'll have to gather everyone's suggestions and vote from them (these songs however have to be current, like the latest single of every artist). But once we have the first week's Top 20, we'll part from there. The idea is that each week we'll have two polls, one with the last week's Top 20, and another one with the songs fighting to make it to the list (which will be filled with new entries every week, or whenever there's new releases). The results will be calculated from the previous week's position (except the ones that haven't made it to the top), and the new voting (so for example if last week's #1 don't get any votes this week, it won't fall out of the top, but will just have a lower position). All of the songs, both the ones that make the top, and the ones that don't make the top after a while, will be retired, but the exact time is still to be defined. I still need to figure out a system that allows songs to stay in the top for a while, but at the same time allowing new songs to enter. I'll let you know when it's officially announced, or if you have any ideas, we'll decide the rules together. Submissions: Contributors so far: People that may be interested:
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