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Found 10 results

  1. Happy Birthday, DEAR Taylor Alison Swift The way you successfully turned 33... with all of your cats involved <3
  2. Shania and Taylor teamed up on a Tik Tok video to discuss country girls going Pop and they gave BIG PROPS to the OG Pop/Country gal Dolly Parton! Love it!! Can we get a collab between these 3 please??!!
  3. https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2016/05/27/479462825/taylor-swift-aryan-goddess?t=1630389579598
  4. Why doesn't Taylor Swift have an iconic performance like Beyoncé, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Gaga, Britney etc? Strange that a woman with her star power and stats has never been able to deliver an iconic performance. Will she ever have her madonna vogue moment? Her vma 2003 madonna britney xtina kiss moment? Her Gaga vma 2009 moment? Like I genuinely cant even name a taylor swift performance that is iconic. I guess the most iconic moment in Taylor's award show history would probably be the Kanye West stunt. Her tour gross is so high because soccer moms know they can bring the kids and whole family would seeing anything explicit or R rated. Let's not pretend it's because she's an incredible performer weak performer no stage presence cant sing well, no resonance, you can't even hear her when she has backup singers and playback cant dance well or at all lack of charisma she just walks around, struts and poses why?
  5. Ok Ladies - what’s your Taylor album ranking - based off of what your faves are, not critical acclaim or technical reasons. Also - Why’s your ranking your ranking? Here’s My Ranking: #1 - Folklore (this was hard because it was a tossup between this, Evermore & Red - but like damn this album just captivates me every time I listen to it. It’s painful AF and an emotional rollercoaster of an album, but it just is perfection in every way to me. Am I basic for picking this as my fav? Yes - but I accept that #2 - Red - love this album. I don’t necessarily enjoy every single song on it but it just takes me back to really good times - kind of like folklore it just really captured a moment in time for me. #3 - Evermore - cute album, great songs that are complete vibes & Evermore the song is one of my fav T-Swift songs ever. Just a nice listen all around. #4 - Reputation - what’s not to like? Bops on bops bops. Call it what you want is one of my all time faves as well. #5 - Fearless - I love this one. I listened to a lot of it in secret as a teen and reconnected with it when she released it as Taylor’s version. It just makes me smile. #6 - Flopper (you’re my my my... flopper) - the album is a semi flop to me, but also something very enjoyable about it. Idk if it’s just me but it sounds kind of cheap? Like almost low-fi in a cheap way, not sound vibe. Still love a good chunk of songs on flopper though! #7 - Speak Now - I have to get to know this one better, but I love a good handful of songs on here #8 - 1989 - idk why but I just don’t vibe with this one. It’s in all purposes good - but I just feel mehhh about it. It’s cute and I like a few songs here, but idk I guess it’s generic to me. Sowwwy (me getting ready for backlash: #9 - Taylor Swift - never heard it. I’m going to wait for Taylor’s Version. Your turn!
  6. Hello, b tches, welcome back So maybe you noticed that ''sister albums trend'' starts to be a thing as current biggest pop stars like Ariana and Taylor are doing this. They are releasing albums that sound very similar in a short period of time. Ariana with her three albums - Sweetener, Thank U, Next and Positions. Taylor with her two albums (so far probably) - Folkore, Evermore. I guess Lana Del Rey as well with all of her discography but that's kinda different when it comes to her as her whole career always was that way. Maybe you know more people, let us know. I know they are artists and they have a right to do whatever they want with her music but personally, I HATE HATE HATE this new trend I have million reasons why. Their music becomes boring and cheap It's harder for new people to find their taste in these artists' music cause new albums = the same style, no possibility to like the new sound on new album as everything sounds the same Lack of creativity, no development (probably the worst thing ever) Artists are losing fans - people just can't relate to the same sound over and over, they get tired - for one album it's okay but not for three, only people that actually like the style stay The music most of the time isn't even good. Everything sounds VERY similar. & more but I have to think about it At least when it comes to Ariana, her singles from the albums are different. I have no idea about Taylor, cause I don't listen to her at all. Let me know I guess.
  7. during quarantine i made some covers. Planning to record a britney song soon
  8. Taylor Swift shared a cover of her track ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, which appeared on a new episode of Killing Eve. The new version is attributed to Jack Leopards and The Dolphin Club, which appears to be a fake band or artist with no previous song credits. Fans think it's a way to get back at Scooter Braun. It appears the newly-formed band are re-recording Reputation in a hard rock/heavy metal version. The best part? Scooter won't make money off of this version of Reputation because it will be copyrighted to just Taylor. When the new Reputation is completed by this band, Taylor will reportedly send a letter via her lawyer to have the original version removed because, as a songwriter, she legally can ask for her it be removed.
  9. The countdown led to an announcement by Taylor saying some old merch of her Reputation Stadium Tour at discount prices for a limited time only. Not sure if the countdown and announcement are connected or merely a coïncedence, but the announcement came almost right after the countdown. Bummed. BEFORE: Taylor is known for posting cryptic and weird messages and putting easter eggs all over the place. Lately, she posted just a selfie with the caption "not a lot going on at the moment' on her social media. This is a quote she wore in her "22" music video. Rumor has it the single drops May 22nd. Now, Swifties found out that when you search on the internet "notalotgoingonatthemoment.com" a website appears with a countdown ending in 20 days from now. Swifties believed that the words "The Man" in the same music video on the wall faded into the words "THIS MAY". Ever since then, fans believed something was coming and after this all I can say is...where there's smoke, there's TAYLOR. As I pointed out before, Taylor is somebody who plans stuff way ahead and isn't doing nothing. When Taylor is quiet and absent you can bet she is planning something. UPDATE/EDIT: When you click on the countdown, uou will get an mp3 file in MORSE CODE. This code is translated into "shedding my skin, karma". which is all about a snake losing its skin. In the music video for her latest single "The Man" there's a scene where male Taylor is peeing against the wall at the subway station. All her albums names are represented there along with 2 times the word "Karma". One in orange above her and one in black right in front of her: Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for REPUTATION 2.0 on May 22nd. UPDATE 2: Taylor posted a picture of her on her social media with the caption "big isolation" with snake emoji's, which is a reference to Reputation's single "End Game". Now, when you go to the website notalotgoingonatthemoment.com, it will show a row of snake emoji's! UPDATE 3 (12th of may): Reliable insider called "Mr.S" who is active on some forums and spilled some tea about Gaga's "Chromotica" and "Stupid Love" says Taylor is coming AFTER Katy Perry which could indicate to a may 22nd release! Check out the screenshot below of Mr.S' post: https://twitter.com/neverreaIlyover/status/1260156210264842241?s=20
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