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    Found 21 results

    1. So my newest guilty pleasure is the group Steps. I’ve never really enjoyed “5, 6, 7, 8,” but I remember them trying to gain popularity in the US with “The Way You Make Me Feel” and I actually bought the “Buzz” album, but never really enjoyed it. they fell off the face of the earth, at least in the US. Anyway, they recently popped up on YouTube and I gave some of their newer stuff a listen and am actually really enjoying it! I love their vocals and I’ve always been super intrigued by Lisa Scott-Lee. How popular are they truly in the UK? Are they kind of a legacy pop act similar to O-Town/98 Degrees here? I’m very interested in them and their reputation!
    2. Hello. As the title suggests, I was wondering if you guys could answer this question, as half the people I ask believe that it is Britney, and the other half do not. In the US version of the music video 'One for Sorrow' by STEPS, at around 1:42, there is a close up of one of the dancers that appears to be none other than Ms Britney Jean Spears herself. However, the video quality is rather poor, and the shots that this dancer is in only last for half a second. I've tried looking elsewhere to see if she did or didn't appear in the video but there are very little details. I know that STEPS did tour with Britney across the US and Canada back in 1999, and that one of the members of STEPS (Ian 'H' Watkins) apparently become good friends with Britney and Felicia during it, and flew with them on her private jet. I belieeeve this song also appears in that movie Drive Me Crazy, as we know had (You Drive Me) Crazy as part of it's soundtrack. So, it seems plausible that she would make an appearance in this music video too, but I wanted to know if anyone knew for sure? What are your thoughts on this guys?
    3. Ever since the OCC mid-week charts was announced that s manufactured pop band "Steps", which in Europe and definitely the k-pop industry is Known for manufactured bands.. But it's well known this really isn't a US thing.. Though Britney spears has been described as a manufactured pop star by haters and press..but that's a different discussion. But while Madonna peaked at number two behind Sam Smith and Bruce Springsteen, nothing was loud but Steps, it's different this time,I feel it's because of the history of the band, Definitely very much spice girls, auditions and stuff, ok Twitter it's been a war, and very ignorant as a band like Steps have proven that their early music, wasn't there fault, they had no choice as it was contracts and stuff, Even Kylie Minogue, has said the Pete waterman thing, you give everything away, name and creative input as they own you, but nothing manufactured about my talent, even during that era where I had no control as I was signed to his label.. one thing that set Madonna apart was she was self made, a meme that can be described as ignorant as well Said female artist with the big support system to help their career. Whitney Houston with Clive Davis Mariah Carey with tommy mottola Celine Dion with rene Anglei Madonna by herself, this has been called out as it basically said the men is why their popular, not their talent,but all agree Madonna definitely did it on her own. But having a team or support system isn't bad. But the whole thing of cancelling the UK over steps. But like people said Madonna latest album is 24.99 on itunes and 29.99 on CD, it's very expensive, for a best of where steps is winning.. Which Forbes has said stop shading the 69, cents price, it's proven to be successful as people want to buy but the 1.29 price is proving to no longer work anymore..not even 99 cents..
    4. H, Claire, Lisa, Faye and Lee are keeping the party going, with their festival and pride tours about to commence. Steps announce The Platinum collection. A standard, 2 CD Deluxe plus individual covers with bonus tracks picked by each member on their respective version. Signed edition (exclusive to the UK only, due to being a Sony UK album, not their independent albums), plus new tracks amd new 25th anniversary takes on classic tracks 5,6,7,8, Tragedy and others. The digital album is more expansive including the deluxe cd set, plus bonus remixes making it close to 50 tracks of music. Platinum collection is available for pre order and out August 19. Here's the first single a Platinum megamix
    5. Fresh off winning The Attitude (Britain's Leading And defining magazine on LGBT culture) icon of a lifetime. H, Lee, Faye, Lisa and Claire launched the what the future hold tour in Steptacular fashion. The Sheffield crowd was blazing hot, and ready to dance their arses off after a year delay. The group did a mash up of Their massive rave techno #5 hit in the UK Better the devil you know (the original masterpiece by Minogue herself peaked at #2 in 1990, and was considered a rebirth in image as she went from girl next door to the girl you wish you took home for the weekend). To the biggest worldwide anthem in 1990 Vogue by Madonna. Enjoy, yes they know they are the gayest band in the world, but like lone straight male Lee said, that isnt a bad thing considering straight men are afraid to be campy cos of the stereotypes by the patriarchy system. @Jordan Miller @Slayer @JayTawndre @Prachi
    6. H, Claire, Lisa, Lee and Faye are collectively known as Steps, the highest selling co-ed band of all time in the UK. They just released their 7th studio album What the Future holds, Pt. 2 and it's once again proving with age comes very mature Music. Ranging from 44 to 46, the music of steps in their hey day was very child oriented with tracks like 5,6,7,8 and other songs. But the last 3 albums while maintaining the classic sound with their signature campy care free style, even Lee bowing down to H in concert calling him the queen of selfies and the band itself. They won more fans while grew up with them since the music direction changed to more adult lyrics. They reject songs written in the vein of their hey day material, music industry analysts agree what Steps have been doing is a huge part of their success now. Classic sound, but more age appropriate lyrics that aren't cheesy or cringy but you can still dance to it. Stream their latest on spotify.. Side note.. Their official web store has two exclusive digital albums with two different content. After party edition is really a party with remixes in their full length glory and a megamix of the album singles. Morning after includes acoustic takes of "Take me for a ride", "The slightest touch", plus an alternate radio mix of "Something in your eyes" and a single mix with no Michelle visage just steps only of "Heartbreak in This City" plus karaoke versions of all the singles with steps backing vocals but no lead. Each album costs 6.99 or 12.00 for the bundle for both digital albums which is actually a steal of deal.
    7. Ahh, the industry of the past where artists weren't seen as human beings but money making machines. Steps, Claire Richards have come out in a new interview and said That she had to reschedule an appointment after she discovered a lump under her breast cos Jive records told her health wasn't important, but Promoting the Latest Steps single was more urgent matter. Even, Lee latchford Evans who became a dad for the first time back in July, at 46 years old, explains that they never got to enjoy the benefits of their hey day cos they didn't have room to breathe, it was nothing but work and that's it. He even said, I would probably be considered an absent father if I had a kid at the height of our careers in the late 90s and early 00s.. Lisa also said she never thought nearly 25 years later, that Steps would still be making Music and going on tours.. "You never think signing that one single deal, would turn to a huge eventual career like this." But, here we are our seventh studio album and were still here while many of our contemporaries like S Club and the Spice girls feel that there isn't a market for them at all, but there is, and always will be." Lisa Scott-Lee
    8. One of the best Beloved British pop groups, "STEPS", is back with their second Single "Take Me For a Ride", a track that reunites the group with The team that Wrote the groups biggest hits "one For Sorrow", Deeper Shade of Blue, After the love has Gone and the UK Chart topper, the 70s' Disco flava "Stomp", it is the second single from the group's 7th studio album, "What the future holds, PT.2", following the UK Top 40 hit "Heartbreak in the City" a remixed version of the original track from 2020's Universally acclaimed "What the future holds" with superstar gay icon Diva herself Michelle Visage. Steps have been praised by the critics, unlike contemporaries S Club 7, Spice girls and fellow Music icons Madonna and countless icons for sticking to their sound and what sells and not embracing trends such as Rap and R&B Music that would alienate the original Audience, even attitude said, who would have thought a Band that broke when two members gave resignation letters before hitting the stage on what would be their final concert. Would still deliver what gays love, in your face unapologetic campy pop with fabulous vocals, and learned an important lesson, it's a group, let each member shine (Steps most successful recordings only featured Claire Richards and H, but the other 3 had to fight especially Lee, he said he got sidelined because H was in a relationship with the groups manager Tim Bryne, and Claire told Lee, you're just the token straight guy, your job is to look hot and dance, that's it).. Take me For A Ride will be out 3 AM East coast and 12 AM West coast local time after the radio premiere at 7:50 AM UK time. Lee latchford Evan's just became a dad for the first time this week, but with the groups 7th album coming out September 10, and the upcoming Arena tour in November, Lee will probably not have a lot of time to enjoy his son, until Christmas time this year. . P.S. attitude also shaded The Spice girls saying enough selling concerts on Nostalgia if Steps can do 4 albums since their reunion back in 2011, what is your excuse girls?
    9. The Europop quintet Steps reunited in 2011 for a massive documentary, a massive 2012 tour, a Christmas album and tour as well. Deeper shade of Blue was the second song performed in the Ultimate tour, the breakdown used a sample of Britney's #1 US hit "Hold it Against Me", the European production would make sense for European or British dance acts to sample or perform Britney's most European friendly album to date.
    10. The Second international STEPS studio album (a marketing ploy, due to the CD singles had step by step directions to actually do the dance steps in their music videos) titled Steptacular. The group was founded By PWL founder Pete Waterman (who is credited for creating the pop Music of the late 80s and early 90s Kylie minogue, Rick Astley, 2 Unlimited, Donna Summer, LaToya Jackson and British Girl Group Bananarama) . Ironically Steps outsold all these acts even covered Kylie's Better the devil you know, which a lot of Kylie fans call their version dreadful and horrible and doesn't hold a candle to the 1990 original kylie track. The New York Times described Step One (U.S Version) a compilation of Step One (UK Version) and Steptacular as Tomorrow's flavor and the Spice girls as yesterday's flavor, unfortunately that never happened as the Music was too campy for the US, aka too gay it's cheesy as hell. Steptacular was the height of Steps Mania, their first UK number one of 3 UK Albums, them being declared at the 2000 Brits, the highest selling British touring act as Steps sold a staggering 900,000 tickets and earning 50 Million pounds, which was unheard of at that time for just strictly British touring only. Even their closest Competitor in the local British music teen pop industry S Club 7, never saw the commercial heights or success like STEPS or Simon Fuller's biggest group The Spice girls. Which is Why most S Club members didn't want to reunite, stating we were successful but not like Steps or the Spice Girls. But, Steps have endured and while they have grown up and left the campiness behind minus "H", who Lee calls him proudly The Queen of selfies and The Queen of Steps indeed many fans and Steps members Credit Ian "H" Watkins fir being hell bent on reuniting Steps, which unlike the Spice girls and S Club 7, Steps have actually released 4 studio albums since their 2012 Reunion Tour Light Up The World (a Christmas album which had it's own tour) Tears on the Dance floor What the future hold part 1 2020 and What the future holds part 2 out this September. Look Back at Steptacular and the height of STEPS mania. @Invitation
    11. In 1997, Jive Records released the Debut Single by Steps internationally titled 5,6,7,8.. In, 1997 They were assembled ironically the same way the biggest British invasion at the Time The SPICE girls was conquering the globe with "Spice Mania" as the media Dubbed it that as no other British act had that huge metoric rise since The Beatles did in the early 60s with Beatlemania. The Brainchild of Pete waterman (Kylie Minogue 80s and early 90s music), Jason Donavon and others. Lee, H, Claire, Lisa and Faye were about to unleash an impressive UK Chart Record. And be part of the UK Teen pop market, they would even cover Kylie's Better the devil you know which is mixed the ones who grew up with the original says it sucks compared to the original, while the gays who embraced Kylie with light years says Steps is the superior version. The group would be in some ways as Pete put it more successful than Kylie and others particularly in the UK. He did note I never had a huge drop, and I had major label support this time around than financing everything myself. Despite peaking at #14. 5,6,7,8 is their most successful streamed track in the UK with over 3 Million streams and is the most successful pete waterman track in the streaming era. It actually helped this track became the third top selling Steps track, putting a top ten track Better best forgotten into 4th place. The track went #1 in Australia and introduced steps mix of Camp and dance steps and remixes in the CD Singles. The US division of Jive tried to market Steps, even with the promo tag in their press kits. "if the Spice girls are yesterday's flavor of British pop in the US, Tomorrow may belong to Steps" To even open for Britney Spears in the US, they were shut out completely despite actually achieving as with most European pop acts, A Cult fan base among the lgbt community. It's Time to begin now count it in 5,6,7,8
    12. Before Steps graced the stage, knowing their main audience is 90s Men discovering their ***uality and Boys with help of Five sassy brit Ladies. The Spice girls overtly very Discofied Who do you think you are was playing and we'll the audience loved every minute of the boys mimicking the same dance moves as the video and Actual Performance on all Five tours. Girl Power! live in Istanbul Spiceworld tour Christmas in Spiceworld 99 The return of the spice girls Spiceworld 2019 tour. Explaining the Armography Melanie c said our fans was so young and we were lazy, it was so much easier to do simple choreography.. Plus Geri herself has two left feet so we have to simplify everything for clumsy Geri as well. But as the great Mel C once said. You have got to!!!!!
    13. Lisa, Faye, Claire, H and Lee deliver thier Sixth studio album "What The Future Holds" courtesy of BMG Rights (UK) Management. While 2017's Tears on the Dancefloor followed normal Steps music. The females in the front. Guys guest vocals and High energy and plenty of covers. 2020's What the Future Holds breaks their normal pattern. First it's the groups all album where all five share co leads. Lee told Apple Music reason why in the past for most female led songs was the sheet music basically had higher register vocals which is difficult for men to sing high.. So this was a nice to have all five in lead for once. Also the last album was very uptempos. So including ballads was very important as we don't need to follow Radio trends as our main audience don't control the singles Charts, but control the LP charts. Music week has said Steps latest album has about 37,000 in pre orders for the limited edition covers that feature each member in a CD booklet or Cassette edition. H has the most pre orders of the solo version covers proving as Lee puts it. H is the queen of Steps and he's a major reason why we're still successful. Enjoy the new album by the British quintet.
    14. It's when the Chorus kicks in, they start by singing 'Cause every single time you hold my heart After hearing that I just expect it to go "I was born to make you happy" Does anyone else hear the similarity?
    15. British pop group Steps dropped the MV for their second single “Something in Your Eyes” taken from their upcoming album “What the Future Holds” this morning. The song is classic pop that will transport you back to 1998 when times were simpler and cheesy pop music was everywhere. It’s fun, it’s camp, it’s colourful and it’s just what the world needs some of right now. Watch the clip below and stream the song everywhere now and let me know what y’all think. Related:
    16. Oh my little gay heart Steps have returned to save 2020! It’s like old school Steps and ABBA teamed up to create the perfect Eurovision song This is the second official single from their upcoming album What The Future Holds
    17. Initially slated for release back in March but delayed due to the pandemic, British pop band Steps dropped their new single “What the Future Holds” last Monday. It’s the lead single from their upcoming sixth studio album of the same name. The music video for the track dropped on Friday and has been receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The song, penned by none other than Sia, topped the UK iTunes chart within an hour of its release, with the album pre-order following suit by the following day. Best known for their fan-friendly dance routines (hence the name Steps) and hits such as “Tragedy,” “One For Sorrow,” “Deeper Shade of Blue,” and the line-dancing classic “5, 6, 7, 8,” the band, who were a huge staple in European pop music back in the late 90’s and early 00’s (and even toured with Britney) made a huge comeback in 2017 for their 20th anniversary, with a sell-out UK tour and comeback album “Tears on the Dancefloor.” “What the Future Holds” has been three years in the making and is set to be a continuation of their last album, utilising their established sound and bringing it into 2020. It sees them reunite with writers such as Fiona Bevan (One Direction, Lewis Capaldi), Ina Wroldsen (Shakira, Britney Spears) and Karl Twigg (who worked on their first three albums) plus experiment with songs written by the likes of Greg Kurstin (Adele, Beyonce), Hannah Robinson (Kylie) and new pop shape-shifters such as Gracey and MNEK. The album drops November 27th and you can pre-order it here via their official store. There are various bundles across a variety of formats including signed CDs, pink vinyl and cassette tape (how very 90's). Watch the video for “What the Future Holds” below and stream on Spotify! I've also posted "The Best of Steps" playlist for anyone who maybe isn't familiar with their back catalogue of bops.
    18. UK Pop group Steps have announced the release of their 5th studio album What The Future Holds on November 27th 2020. The albums first single, also titled What The Future Holds has been released to all streaming services today. The album will be available to preorder on Friday from their official website.
    19. Covid 19 world is not as Fab, But fear not British pop sensation STEPS is back with their brand new Studio album (Second independent album), What the Future holds, They kept Their promise. After the 2017 Successful Tears On the Dancefloor which went UK Gold, a sold out tour, a deluxe Crying at the Disco reissue and A Remix album. H, Lee, Lisa, Claire And Faye are back to Bring pop back where it belongs on the dance floor. The new album comes out Friday, November 27, Title track premieres at 8:30 BST as the first play on BBC Radio 2, and the group will tour The arenas in the Uzky, Ireland and Scotland November to December 2021 with Sophie Ellis Baxter as the Special guest. Welcome back, STEPS.
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