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Found 2 results

  1. I'm kind of tired of seeing replies such as "Her being naked is fine, but there's clearly something wrong with her..." under topics such as these: It's baseless speculation, which is my first and biggest gripe, however I understand such a rule can be hard to enforce, as several discussions can fall under that (new music, potential demos, etc) My suggestion is to make a rule specifically to prevent the above, meaning that if a thread isn't about her mental health, the comments should reflect that. "Off-topic speculative comments about Britney's mental health will etc." I say this as I see comments saying "we're working hard to stop the negativity", but really, I just checked the guidelines and there isn't really anything that says people can't do this. As such, I didn't even report it because the rules don't make it out to be a reportable offense. just food for thought if you want the forum to actually be a more positive and safe space for Britney fans
  2. Hey Exhale, Jordan here. 2020 is a really wild year for the world. The pandemic has been difficult enough to cope with, but now there's an added-on layer with the tragic death of George Floyd. The US is literally up in flames, and it's bringing out emotions in people that might've laid dormant otherwise. Exhale is a community designed to be a safe space for members. My mission is to give lovers of pop music and pop culture a place to connect with others who share like-minded interests, connect and engage with one another. It's important to me to foster a positive environment, ESPECIALLY now, because in some small way it contributes to making the world a better place. Because emotions are high, I've noticed more tension and conflict amongst the community. For a community to thrive, it's actually imperative that not everyone shares the same outlook / opinion on things, however convey your thoughts and words in a way that's thoughtful and respectful towards others. Act with deliberate intention before hitting that reply button versus flying off at the handle and posting something that's impulsive. Myself and the moderators @Roxxy & @puppylo16 would like to remind you of the rules you agreed to prior to registering. The rules page clearly states what is acceptable and what is not. I want you to revisit it please. In a nutshell, it says BE KIND. Because I've seen some Exhalers attacking others, the moderators and I are going to start using a Warning Points system. I personally created it with the intention of warning members first before taking permanent action against them. That's because I believe in working things out amicably with someone "in the wrong" and reaching a level of understanding before laying down the hammer. Essentially, if you post something that breaks one of our rules, your account is issued warning points based off the infraction. You must acknowledge the warning before continuing to post. If you receive one too many warning points, your account could be suspended, or in some cases, banned. Exhalers, it's also worth reminding you that if you see a post that is very offensive, if 3 separate Exhalers report it using the report button on that comment, it will automatically be hidden from view. Don't abuse this power as a means to gang up on someone. It's designed for you to also contribute towards making Exhale a better place. I recognize that there is a power struggle taking place in the US, and now Exhale is rolling out sanctions, however I will NOT allow Exhale to free-fall into a place that becomes toxic and uninviting like it has in the past. If that means less traffic because members think they should be allowed to name-call/disrespect others and view that as censorship, then so be it. That is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the betterment of Exhale. If you have any questions, I encourage you to privately DM myself, @Roxxy or @puppylo16 versus posting your concerns publicly. Warnings will not be issued retroactively - only moving forward from this moment on. I know that was a lot of information to absorb. What I hope you took away from it is that I want Exhale to thrive, and the only way of that happening is by setting up some general boundaries and asking members who want to participate to abide by them. Thank you so much for participating and believing in Exhale. Your support literally means everything to me, and I just want to protect the specialness of the community. @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark Good vibes and love, - Jordan Founder, community leader of Exhale
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