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    1. Let’s talk about it, Exhale! Let me know your thoughts in the comments
    2. DISCUSS one what is funny: Po' up, po' up (po' up, po' up) Uh, you Mr. Nasty, I'll clean it up
    3. We all know Britney is the Queen of the hair flips but who comes close to out hair flipping her? Let me know in the comments
    4. My inside source tells me it is Cole Mket with the Denver Broncos. This will be huge news for the lgbtq community!
    5. I know this software to make AI voices it's called "diff svc" and these are some examples:
    6. I wanna know, I love hearing what gets people feeling pumped and ready to dance the night away! For me right now, I'm really jamming to P!nks new single 'Trustfall' and Fall Out Boys 'Heartbreak Feels So Good' and am SUPER excited for their respective albums 'Trustfall' and 'So Much (For) Stardust' I'm also really excited to hear Mileys new album 'Endless Summer Vacation' but I'm not too fond of 'Flowers' 😭
    7. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRsVsayK/ At the 10 second mark, you see her look at her sound engineer and there is no note coming out. She panics and looks and covers her mic and mouth with her hand (a move done by many when they can't seem to know the time to lipsync) and then it comes but Beyonce's head jerks when she hears the track, and begins to lipsync the note at the end.
    8. What was the reason? Imagine the live band. The choreography… It would have fit in with the show really good I feel… Did Britney not like this song? Exhale, let’s talk about Radar.
    9. What do you think about this tribute to Britney? Especially given all that we now know was happening behind the scenes with her family and during the conservatorship. I think we all know that she did not like this performance and was faking her smile and excitement Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments!
    10. let’s face it, it was a concept and we won’t ever be getting it….. but I think it would be really cool for the fans. It’s incredibly expensive to create bootlegs and I’m not even sure where abouts I could do that here in Canada, but I feel there’s some private plants all around Europe where these could be pressed. Perhaps in North America too though? What would you guys think about this. We could get together, pitch in the money for approximately 100-200 copies or something. I know how talented some of you are so we could really work on mastering the songs as well as choosing which belong to this era. We could also get some artwork created for the vinyl release, what do you think? SIDE A 1. Intro to Britney Spears 2004 Radio Interview part 1- until 1:04) 2. Look Who’s Talking Now 3. Money Love and Happiness 4. Sippin On (featuring AC) (2006 Mix) 5. Chaotic 6. Guilty 7. Conscience SIDE B 1. Mona Lisa Interview Part 2 2. Mona Lisa 3. Peep Show 4. Tilt Ya Head Back 5. Ouch 6. Rock Star 7. Welcome To Me 8. Take Off
    11. Help Lessen The Blow on Home Loans :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy WWW.BACKABUDDY.CO.ZA Good Day. During Covid's early stages, i decided to not keep all my eggs in one basket, and start a property portfolio, under guidance from a specific firm. Nev Any help is welcome
    12. DISQUSS omg im so not sad i do it people like different things you cant tell me what to do you cant be my teacher i mean if i enjoy songs like this why cant i listen to them like this. im sure a true musician would be open to possibility of people like to speed up music is meant to be listened and enjoyed. while you take pride in teaching how to listen to it properly, i take pride in listening to it creatively
    13. Does anyone else think Grace Ives's song "Loose" is the most iconic gay moment in pop culture history since Britney played Amber Louise on Will & Grace? And is the album its from Janky Star the best mid-tempo pop record since Glory? With bops like: "Loose","Burn Bridges","Angel of Business", "On The Ground", "Lullaby", "Shelly" and more?
    14. I just can’t with this embarrassment of a woman What is her motive? What’s her backstory? Why can’t she stop using Britney’s name? I had literally never even heard of her before until she disgustingly creeped her way into Britney’s children’s lives Flophne, we are onto you and we will not be tolerating it
    15. She knows so much about taking advantage of people allegedly. The former gospel singer at mercy ministries in Nashville Tennessee was rumoured to make the mercy ministry girls sing when convincing them how to manage their pregnancies and *******uality. Would she make a good singer? She has all the right connections and it may be her chance at telling her side of the story. Her way. Her rules. Setting the record straight Has another manager turned criminal ever turned it all around and become a mega pop star? Exhale, let’s discuss
    16. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I just watched some Britney performances and I miss her a lot today Someone send me a virtual hug please because I’m sad
    17. Did anyone else ever catch this? It's really obvious but it seems everyone online hates the song so I just wanted to shed some light on it Her processed vocals emulating the future, this underlying frustration with the system she's currently in, her eventual actual downfall and how Brave New World ends the same, her recent revelations of her family dynamics at the time... It all seems too intentional, especially with her later releasing songs as Mona Lisa and Rebellion. Britney has always struck me as a thought-through and witty person, so I just always assumed it as the truth, but I can't really find any info about it online. What do y'all think? Brave New World | Summary, Context, & Reception | Britannica WWW.BRITANNICA.COM Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932. The book presents a nightmarish vision of a future society. Brave New World is set in 2540 ce, which the novel identifies as the year AF... The novel examines a futuristic society, called the World State, that revolves around science and efficiency. In this society, emotions and individuality are conditioned out of children at a young age, and there are no lasting relationships because “every one belongs to every one else” (a common World State dictum). John becomes angrier and angrier with this society, until eventually he runs away to a lighthouse to live in isolation. He is able to evade tourists and reporters for a while, but eventually they find him and gawk as he engages in self-flagellation. The intensity of the crowd increases when John whips not only himself but a woman as well. Crowds descend from helicopters to witness the spectacle. Another woman appears (who is implied to be Lenina), and John attempts to whip her too. John is soon overcome with passion, and, after coming under the influence of soma, he falls asleep. The next morning, appalled at his complicity in the system, he hangs himself.
    18. What Britney represents you at this stage of your life? It is a broad question, so you can pick a music video, performance, interview, photoshoot or just whatever that you feel like represents your feelings at the moment. I like a boy, but I'm kinda shy and even though we've chatted and gone out I feel kinda nervous when I message him and when we meet. I'm feeling BOMTney and particularly Sometimesney I ought to work on my self confidence and challenge my inner ABC Special Britney What about y'all?
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