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Found 16 results

  1. Many years ago it was Madonna , Janet and then came Paula. All three were huge . Paula at one point exploded in popularity. She was huge back in the day . Straight up, Cold Hearted , Forever your girl…etc. Yet society ripped her voice apart because she did not have a powerhouse voice. She was no Mariah or Whitney . Yet she found her niche. After time she just left..She said she suffered a lot of injuries from dancing and a plane crash . She then had to take meds for pain and injuries she suffered. Paula left music to focus on her health. Paula then returned strong with the launching of American Idol. She was the only known celebrity when it started up . Yet I never thought she got the credit she deserved. During the years she was on meds. Sometimes she said and looked out there. Society joked about Paula . Kinda like they did when Britney was medicated on Idol. That always bothered me. Yet Paula held her own and was a strength and an important reason her Simon and Randy became huge again. Then she left because the men got paid more and yet she deserved equal pay ? I only tuned in for her and the talent . Then I loved her sparring with Simon. Yet It showed how women still have far to go in equal pay . Paula Abdul was a Great Entertainer …she use to know her limits and worked on strengthening her voice. She could dance . She is still a talented choreographer to this day . A few years back at an award show she slayed a performance ( with a little lip sinking, I think dancing like that you have to ) . Shes almost 60 , still gorgeous and still a sweetheart . Would the world like another Paula Album? I actually would love to hear more songs from her . If you liked her? Did you have a song favorite? Do you even care about Paula ? Your thoughts? I will always love her.
  2. When you're a dance act, you're follow album should launch with a heavy dance track. But if you're Virgin Records and Paula Abdul, who are in the middle of a lawsuit being accused of not actually being the real voice behind the megahits of the first album. You launch your highly anticipated project with a ballad, a risk that paid off. 5 weeks at #1, at that time the longest female #1 hit since Madonna's 1984 hit "Like a Virgin", and a video that paid tribute to Rebel without a cause, you have the perfect Summer romance anthem of early 90s teens, plus having Keanu Reeves in the video doesn't hurt either, who was enjoying his teen idol status.
  3. Before Britney spears, there was Paula abdul, who was packaged by Virgin Records as the girl next door.. Unlike Britney, Paula wasn't a teenager. She was 26 years old when her iconic debut album 1988's Forever your girl dropped, and at that time teenage pop stars was very rare. So reading those teen mags like 16, BB And bop.. The average pop star was late 20s and early 30s. Paula was a huge staple Thx to a huge resurgence again fueled by a Las Vegas residency, a universally acclaimed billboard music awards performance and a judge staple on the masked dancer where fox proudly called Paula Abdul, the first lady of dance is making new music. Her first album in almost 30 years since 1995's Head over heels.. Who's ready for one of Dance music stars to return.. Come on, she's forever our girl.
  4. Paula abdul has officially added a pride playlist to her Spotify account. Ranging from Superfruits, lady gaga and Ariana grande (gaga appears twice. She didn't ignore born this way), Diana Ross and a few others. No music from Paula Abdul. But A song she wrote for her unreleased 4th studio album appears on the list. Spinning around by Kylie.
  5. 29 years ago Virgin records and Paula's official label Captive records achieved Paula's Fifth #1 hit for Virgin records and her first for Captive. Virgin America launched in 1986. 5 years later Their biggest act and actually still is according to Billboard Janet was also signed to Virgin but as we all know outside the Janet, album her success with Virgin wasn't as successful as The control and Rhythm nation eras. Got her own record label with Virgin records America, inc Rush, Rush was really one of two songs that defined the summer of love in 1991. The other was of course None other than Everything I do (I do it for you) by Bryan Adams. The video is inspired by Rebel without a cause. Paula was always adamant that she was heavily influenced by old school glamour and Hollywood and the MGM musicals which was popular in the 1940s. According to the press it's release and being a big ballad was actually PR from Virgin and Paula as they were slapped with a lawsuit. From a background vocalist who claimed she sang lead as well as Paula. Of course The courts Ruled in Paula's Favor. A background vocalist is just that. Back up The official dub mix isn't really a dub. But an extended stripped mix @Roxxy done P.s. this is my wedding song been that way since I was 7. I will fight with him if he decides not having it. I ain't settling. I aint compromising
  6. Someone said if anything katy Perry is the Paula Abdul of her generation Her third studio album teenage dream was her Forever your girl. But Prism was her Spellbound. That is where I disagree. First of all. The singles from Prism weren't really as challenging as the singles from 91's Spellbound was. Yes. Both are dance pop albums. But Virgin and Paula took a huge rish. Releasing Rush, Rush a ballad as the first single. It's a risk that many dance acts can say they did the unthinkable. Have a ballad that defined a summer or proms. Rush, rush defined High school proms of 91. And was everywhere in the summer of 91. Even MTV devoted specials to the return of Paula Abdul Totally Paula hosted by Downtown julie brown. To be fair. Outside Britney. I really doubt the original MTV vision would embrace what's popular today. Outside two ballads. If you look at Katy Perry's hot 100 chart archives on billboard. She's not really popular for her midtempos or downtempos. And to think her music career began on her actual second studio album. The fact that everybody ignores her Christian debut album Katy Hudson. Is really funny when she herself acknowledges that album as her debut album.
  7. He reviews the album. But he highlights where Paula never got the support from Virgin the way she used to for her first two albums and remix album. He states that Virgin signed Paula so they could have their own Janet Jackson. But When Virgin got Janet Jackson on their label. You can tell. That Virgin really didn't care for Paula in 95. As they got the artist they always wanted. Which is sad. Head over heels was a mature statement. Even using her own Lebanese background to supply some of the music. But you can definitely tell. That they had Janet. Paula was no longer needed. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  8. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/77YkzBOhBysWW3aexP15Th?si=eP1vTuvKSoGTGGNaQrMhog Paula's Playlist for quarantine. Features actually some inspirational uplifting pop from Step by Step by NKOTB, Stronger by Britney spears, I dare you by Kelly clarkson and of Course Paula's very own inspirational uplifting track Her #1 hit "The Promise of a New Day"
  9. 💀💀💀💀 Long story short. Paula released her third studio album in the summer of 95. My love is for real is a Top 40 hit and an #1 dance hit on the dance charts. A too 15 radio hit. Crazy Cool got banned by MTV for ****** content. Thus making the single peak at #54 in the USA. Ain't never gonna give you up. Featured Adult R&B man band Color Me Badd (I wanna *** you up fame). If I were your girl was planned for a fourth single release even was remixed for it's single treatment. Only to have Virgin cancel the singles release. And drop Paula from the label.. Shockingly. It outsold The Spice girls third album in the US. Peaking at #18 on the Billboard 200 and also going Gold in the US. It wouldn't be until the 2000 Greatest hits set that Virgin records America, inc would release the single remix of If I were your girl as an album track.
  10. 31 years ago in 1989, Paula Abdul got her second Got 100 #1 with the title track, "Forever Your Girl." The song was remixed for its single release. The album version nears 5 minutes and didn't have a radio edit. At that time, it wasn't a secret that record labels would remix singles to get more money from the sales of the singles. This was also rush released by Virgin Records America, inc. because in February, Paula Abdul had her first big #1 hit with "Straight Up." Virgin was close to dropping her cause the album wasn't selling, and her first two singles, "The Way That You Love Me" and "Knocked Out" both flopped. Head of A&R of Virgin at that time, Gemma Corfield, said for a new artist to have back-to-back flops is... bad. Paula even said Virgin executives threw up their arms and said, well, Paula, it might not work... But her gay best friend said thanks to her persistence and her instincts, she knew Straight Up was a hit (hough her own mother called the track a throwaway). Paula's instincts proved right, and in her home video for Virgin detailing Forever Your Girl, Paula said, We just saw Straight Up keep climbing even though we had no video. The track itself hit #1 way before a video was shot. Virgin had to find another single to satisfy the new found interest in Forever Your Girl. The video itself features a young Elijah Wood, and other celebrities like Nikki Cox. I'll also share the driven part of this era. At the time, you had Madonna and all these sexed up vixen type pop stars, and here was Paula Abdul at 26. Being a role model for kids that parents approved of. It might sound shocking, but at one point, the average age of entering the music industry was closer to your 30s or mid 20s (versus the teenager like how it is today).
  11. Kylie Minogue recorded a Paula Abdul track titled "I'm Just Here For the Music." While it definitely fits the Body Language urban pop vibe, Paula's disco take delivered what Kylie's failed to do. A dance track about dancing.
  12. My favorite paula abdul album is sadly the one that flopped. It did go gold in the US. One of the tracks I love is Ho Down. It's very sinister. Right down to Paula basically wishing death on the ho. Lines that make this sinister. "She just belongs under dirt as rotting flesh", "but she lives in a neighborhood where she deserves", "Watched her as Billy pushed her in the deepest darkest hole". To basically comparing the ho to a bird that wasn't happy. Always moving to the next nest, never happy, keep moving without catching her breath. Eventually it caught up to the bird who basically fell to the ground dying alone and unhappy. In the 90s. It wasn't cool to be seen as a ho. As it was seen as ghetto. Especially in the era of the AIDS crisis. Most people didn't accept casual six or multiple partners. It's different now. But in 95. Lord if you were a ho. Or promiscuous. You were known like the harlot in the scarlet letter. @JordanMiller @babyimmafreak90 @Roxxy
  13. In honor of Janet's birthday today. Paula posted a rare clip of the nasty rehearsals. It should be noted. None of the Paula Abdul choreography is performed on Janet's live tours. Most of the nasty, when i think of you or what have you done for me lately are usually performed more in street like style based off of either Tina Landon or Gil choreography.
  14. When you hear the name Paula Abdul particularly her music videos. You think stunning choreography that she did herself, Great visual take. Another favorite. Which is always. Her videos were never the album version. But a cool remix for the single. Which is why her singles sold extremely well. As her Singles of album cuts were actually a remix. Cold hearted had a rap in the single mix. Where the album version didn't. Knocked out was a single mix of the Pettibone 12" that was found on Shut up and dance. Her dance mix album. Which ironically was the first remix album to go US Top ten. Something Madonna was unable to achieve with you can dance. Crazy cool was remixed. But MTV had a problem with the video and it's ****** nature. Particularly the pouring of beer over her breasts which is fully clothed. They tried to fight it. Saying it's part of the choreography. But they eventually gave in and did the MTV edit. I believe it could have been another top 30 hit for Paula. But radio were reluctant thx to the controversy surrounding this video. I've seen worst in 95. This was tame then and still is.
  15. In 1995 after a 4 year hiatus. Paula returned to the music scene with a more sophisticated grown up **** sound on her last album. Which is oddly everybody's favorite Paula Abdul. If ur a diehard. Head over Heels saw Paula working with New Blood again. Color Me Badd on the underrated Ain't never gonna give you up. To latin **** salsa on love don't come easy. To House music get your groove on, A house runway Anthem that has some of the sassiest lyrics to her catalog. The appropriately Titled **** Thoughts. "Here comes the spotlight, I gotta get mine, so move that body. You ain't got it. It's all about strength and poise. So bring the noise (that was a very 90s dance music lingo) But Paula delivered the comeback "You don't have to let nobody know, how you're gonna steal the show" To rap (much better than Madonna) it took me 18 times reading the lyrics to Ho down what she was saying. But I can never forget how shady the bird references are. She also was divorced from The sexiest of the sheen brothers Emilio Estevez. To ballads like Missing you. But it's the first single that saw the growth in her artistry. Inspired by @DonoDotto post on isaac. Ofra thx to this track. Actually had a hot 100 appearance and a #1 dance club hit. She's not in the video. But you can hear her voice. It compliments the middle eastern instrumentation and production. Paula Abdul herself is Middle eastern as she is of Lebanese heritage thx to her father. It was also why as critics pointed out made her stand out as she was beautiful but had that exotic edge that nobody at that time saw in entertainment. The track peaked at #28 on the Hot 100. It is sadly Paula's last huge hit to date. If you ask me. This had #1 all over it. But it was ahead of it's time.
  16. https://www.paula-abdul.com/unreleased-album.html# One of the biggest pop stars to emerge from Madonna reign in the 80s. Paula Abdul who was Billboard rookie of the year in 1989. In 1996 Virgin dropped her after Head over herls Flopped. Only gold in the US. She signed a new recording contract with Mercury in 97. Only to be dropped in 1998. When the merger of Island def jam happened. She recorded a lot of material. Some were used By kylie minogue. Spinning around and Boombox. One track I'm just here for the music. Kylie recorded for Body Language. Her version has leaked in full. Paula took it back. And released it in 2009 during her idol days. Many fans feel her version was the best due to Paula having a huge dance background and Kylie while she does dance music. She's like Rihanna but more stage presence and can glide the stage to the music. But the thing I find shocking. None of her material which is over 20 years old. Never leaked. Probably recorded on film like they used to back in the day.
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