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Found 15 results

  1. Check out this live medley fan-made concept! Forgive the audio being recorded because of copyright YouTube link: Britney Spears - Mood Ring + Swimming In The Stars (Live Medley at the Billboard Music Awards)
  2. On May 28, 2020, Britney Spears' Glory album was reissued on digital platforms and with it, Mood Ring (by Demand) was made available internationally. Previously, it had only been released as a Japanese bonus track. On May 08, after the #JusticeforGlory campaign that took Britney's ninth album to the top of the pop iTunes chart, a new cover was released to replace the original shot taken from the Make Me... video, only for the standard edition of the record. But it wasn't until the 28th when it was announced through Britney's social media accounts that Mood Ring (by Demand) would be released globally. It was in fact added to the standard edition of the album, as track #13. Mood Ring topped the iTunes chart during the weekend following its release, despite Lady Gaga's latest album Chromatica being released on the same day. Despite Mood Ring landing at #2 on the US Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart, it only peaked at #23 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. However, it did chart in other countries such as Hungary and Scotland. Billboard reportedly heard from Britney herself: On the same link, you can find an interview with Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher, songwriters of the track @Jordan Miller himself got us an AMA with Jon Asher, which you can find here: Melanie Fontana shared the demo of the song to celebrate the release: Melanie recently spoke about Britney last March, check it out: Mood Ring, which was originally recorded in 2015, would get a digital Remix EP release later in June, making it a sort of third single off Glory, though the status is still disputed among fans. But we'll celebrate that release later. This reissue of Glory would also get replaced later in the year, when in December, we got the definitive edition of the album (so far) including all the known tracks, plus the Mood Ring remixes, and the two previously unreleased songs Swimming in the Stars and Matches ft. Backstreet Boys. The day Britney recorded Mood Ring.
  3. Almost ten years since I last remixed remix a Britney song... I used the unmixed studio acapella, you guys might want to listen (and download)
  4. To be honest guys, I'm kind of getting tired of this. I want to make a Britney Spears Singles ranking and man, Britney's discography is questionable. So I need your help! Besides the "official" singles (39 of them) we have some regional and singles without a video. So let's start! My Only Wish (This Year) This single was just a promo single in 2000 but this year it got a digital re-release and a physical vynl for sale so it is now probably an official single. Anticipating Yeah, this one is a 100% official regional single so i don't even want to discusse it. PS guys I have found the official video so if somebody's intersted, just ask. That's Where You Take Me This one is just like Anticipating. We even have the official video on yt and my friend @MSTAR remastered it recently. If you have this video in better quality than 480 p please tell us so the remastered video would be better. Unusual You Yeah, this one is the biggest problem. A lot of people says it is fake but I found some sources that say it is an official. Here is a link: https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Britney+Spears&titel=Unusual+You&cat=s You can view the cat number and if you search it it will show you a lot of sites that confirm that this song is a single. But I realy need someone from Australia or NZ to confirm or deny this!!!! Mood Ring In my opinion it is an official single because it had a digitial release and it was sent to Italian radio. You can see that in this link: https://www.earone.it/radio_date/search/artist/history/britney/ So it has a digital release and a radio-play in certain countryes. It doesn't have a music video but that's not important. It doesn't have a physical release but now is the digital era so that doesn't matter either. Do you think that this one is official or is it just a promo? Swimming In The Stars So I believe that this one is alredy a single lol. It has a vynl release and it'll have a digital release. They will myb make a lyrics video and for the radio-play, I'm not sure. B as the featured artist 1. What's Going On 2. S&M Remix 3. Scream & Shout 4. Tom's Diner 5. Hands Should I consider these as official Britney singles and add them to my list? Please share your opinion and send me information that is 100% reliable! Love you guys! ❤
  5. SO IS MOOD RING AN OFFICIAL BRITNEY SPEARS SINGLE? This song at first was an exclusive Japanese track and this year it was added to Glory standard edition. After that the song recieved two remixes that were uploaded to streaming platforms. However it has no physical release. So is this song an official Britney Spears single released only digitaly or is it a promotional single just like I've Just Begun was? What do you guys think? Here is a cool Mood Ring Lyric Video:
  6. Guys, i would like to share my illustrated lyric video, hope u guys like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOkRU7FX9o0
  7. Is it going to be a radio single? Maybe a music video is on its way too? Check this site: https://www.promoonly.com/products/subscriptions/mainstream-radio/57737 Can someone please confirm if the site is legit omg
  8. UPDATE: JON ASHER AND MELANIE FONTANA WATCHED MY MUSIC VIDEO! I TWEETED THE VIDEO AND TAGGED BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO REPLY BUT THEY REPLIED! JON ASHER COMPLIMENTED ME AND MELANIE REPLIED BY TAGGING JON WITH A HEART SO I THINK SHE LIKED IT TOO! I'M SO HAPPY OMG HERE'S THE TWEETS: Hi guys! First of all, Happy 16th Anniversary to Breatheheavy! Breatheheavy has been a safe haven for me for for 10 years! I was active here (2011-2014) and I used to share my fanmade videos here. I was the one who made the "I Am Britney Jean Promo Video" and "Come and Get It" video. I became inactive (2015-2019) because of college and work but now I'm going back to my safe haven. From a 14 yr old Britney fanmade video editor/student, now I'm already a 23 yr old young filmmaker and it's all because of Britney! - - - - - To celebrate the success of Mood Ring, I decided to make a fanmade music video for it! You can watch it below but please read the synopsis! I really worked hard for this, especially on the lip sync parts. My concept for the video is ****, psychedelic, mysterious, and it has black magic. I've always wanted Britney to do a dark and magical MV so I tried to achieve that idea here! SYNOPSIS: Britney attended an award show and sneaked away from the paparazzi. Wondering on the streets, she stumbled into a fortune teller shop. The mysterious fortune teller held her hand and offered her a magical mood ring for a fair price. Britney was lonely because of her recent breakup. Desperate of coping with her heartbreak, she impulsively bought and wore the mood ring, hoping that it would change her emotions and fate in love as promised by the fortune teller. She met a man outside and thought that maybe the mood ring worked after all so she crashed in his place and they had steamy ***. Later on, she found out that this guy is trouble, possessing illegal guns & stuff and has violent tendencies but she stuck with him because she believes that the mood ring in her finger will fix everything. The mood ring turned out to be cursed and evil. It is owned by a demon that will grant your wish but it'll come with a price - your life. Britney had a fight with his boyfriend in her place. While lying on the bathtub, the curse of the mood ring took place, taking the life of Britney in exchange for her wish to find a new lover. She began hallucinating and seeing psychedelic & creepy stuff like horned beings chasing her in a hall, seeing glimpse of her past heartbreaks like writing and burning letters. The story ends with a scene of an ethereal creature who looks like her looking at the camera. It's her guardian and she's about to defend Britney and reclaim her life from the demon. It's a cliffhanger hahaha. - - - - - I guess it's mindless dreaming but I really hope that Britney or Jon Asher or Melanie Fontana or Jordan would be able to watch this! Please leave your thoughts guys! I would love to hear your opinions so I could improve and maybe make another fanmade video if time permits because I'm kinda busy with work and other stuff. Thank you so much for reading until here hahaha. I hope all of you are well and please stay safe. This pandemic shall pass and everything will go back to normal. I love this fandom. Mwa! HERE'S THE FANMADE VIDEO:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvkWMFzwJKY Something to do in this Quarantine boredom
  10. Britney Spears is in the music charts again in 2020 with Mood Ring, her 4-year old song previously only released via the Japanese edition of her album Glory. This thread will compile all the charting positions of Mood Ring. So far, Mood Ring appeared in the following charts: Chart Peak position Components Canada Digital Songs Sales #32 Sales Euro Digital Songs Sales #15 Sales France Song Sales #16 Sales Germany Singles Downloads #60 Sales Scotland Singles Sales #10 Sales UK Singles Downloads #18 Sales US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 #23 Sales, streaming & radio US Billboard Digital Songs #2 Sales Tell me when new charts results come in!
  11. Mood Ring enters the Bubbling Hot 100 at #23. Not bad for a 4 year old song thats been available on the Internet and on YouTube since 2016. Apparently it's done over 30,000 units. 13,750 being pure sales.
  12. «"Mood Ring" entered the French top 20!! It debuts at #16 on the official charts! Congrats to the French B-Army!! 💪🏼
  13. So Mood Ring has entered Scotland Top 100 at #10. https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/scottish-singles-chart/ Is this a major chart? Is it an indication that it will also chart im the UK main chart? Does this also imply that the song could potentially chart across Europe or other major charts? isn't it Mood Ring was unable to hit #1 in Uk iTunes? is she getting radio or streaming support there?
  14. Hey Exhale, this is Jon Asher. I'm one of the co-writers and vocal producers of "Mood Ring." It’s as much of a surprise to you as it is me. Looks like it's finally happening though. "Mood Ring" is showing up on Britney's Spotify channel for the first time! Dance party tonight? Leave me any questions in this Topic and I'll begin answering them today at 5 pm PST. UPDATE: Jon's replies below: @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Content Curators
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