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Found 7 results

  1. We all have those songs that speak to us, sometimes, it's as if the artist is literally singing about out personality. What would those lyrics be for you? It doesn't have to be by Britney (completely up to you). In my case, it's the song Gimme What I Want by Miley: Pleasure leads to pain To me, they're both the same Sweat drippin' down to the floor Bite marks like an animal You might be insane But maybe we're the same I don't need a future, I don't need your past I just need a lover So gimme what I want or I'll give it to my- Self-inflicted torture, you don't have to ask I just need a lover So gimme what I want or I'll give it to myself
  2. I am working on a small personal project where I needed lyrics from some of Britney's songs, including unreleased stuff and I am bumping my head with Crucified / Crucify Me. I love the song (cant wait for Brit's version to leak) but I can't understand the lyrics in the chorus for the love of god lol. I am not a native english speaker, so I would like to hear what others can hear in it. This is what I gathered, but it looks...a little weird? lol Crucify me, Crucify me (2x) And I think that you can toast, 'Cause I married to the cross, Was I never at a loss? (Break my soul) And crucify me, just crucify me
  3. What are the worst lyrics you've heard in songs? For me: This sh t is horrible Written by five f cking people Embarrassing. @Midnight FEATURE IT
  4. were alot of Britney's early songs very dark? I noticed how lots of her early songs are about breakups, depression and loneliness. For example: BOMT is about a girl going insane and regretting breaking up with her bf Sometimes is about a girl who's very shy and scared to talk to her crush (idk if it has to do with low self esteem but still) FTBOMBH is obviously about a breakup. Now when it comes to Lucky, its really a cry for help and Britney is really 'Lucky' Girl In The Mirror is about a girl who is so depressed over a breakup Heart is another breakup song. Well im gonna stop there cause we can go on forever. But yeah alot of her songs before Blackout were very depressing honestly. If Britney didnt seem so jolly and happy, the lyrics would be questionable. Now what do u guys think? Do you guys agree or know any more songs of hers that have dark lyrics?
  5. I wanted a digital booklet for Glory, so I made my own. I stayed true to the album booklet but added lyrics. Use if you please. *Updated link with a few corrections! **Updated link 2 with few corrections! (you guys are damn good!) ***Updated link 3 with Mood Ring lyrics, credits and track list and a few corrections! (Sept 18) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NRZX1IA-KnM2VBZXhadTU5R0k And for those of you who would simply like the lyrics alone: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NRZX1IA-KnakRLSmp5UkxfM1E
  6. Like the title says !!!! Can someone please make up a second verse for Rebellion? I’m going to attempt to make a cover. I know I used to have the full lyrics before but I can’t remember how it went. I’d be grateful if someone could help me thank you
  7. Have you ever noticed how many times the word "Crazy" is featured in Britney's songs? You don't have to look it up, because I've compiled it all here. Even from the beginning with "You Drive Me (Crazy)", were we somehow being conditioned from the beginning to view her as unstable and unreliable- purposefully or not? The word "crazy" has become part of the Britney iconography, same as just needing love & patience (Overprotected to Just Luv Me). In the Blackout album alone, the word "crazy" is featured in 8 out of 15 songs- Over half. Coincidence? Let me know your thoughts. BOMT: Crazy - ("Crazy, but it feels alright") OOPS: Don't Go Knockin' On My Door - ("You say you miss me like crazy") ITZ: My Prerogative - ("They say I'm crazy...") BLACKOUT: Heaven on Earth - ("I'm really crazy about you") Get Naked - ("I'm crazy as a mother****er") Freakshow - ("wanna see crazy, we can show 'em") Hot as Ice - ("I'm just a girl with the ability to drive a man crazy") Perfect Lover - ("Let me drive you crazy") Why Should I Be Sad - ("But I just said they're crazy") Get Back - ("You might think I'm crazy") Everybody - ("Ladies go crazy and act a fool") CIRCUS: Womanizer - ("You say I'm crazy, I got your crazy") Mmm Papi - ("I can be your baby, when things get crazy") FEMME FATALE: Hold It Against Me - ("Hey, you might think that I'm crazy") Inside Out - ("You're the only one who ever drove me crazy") Big Fat Bass - ("Right now let's get crazy") Trouble For Me - ("You drive me crazy every time") Don't Keep Me Waiting - ("I'm going crazy, got me waiting") BRITNEY JEAN: Perfume - ("Oh I hate myself, and I feel crazy") Don't Cry - ("In the beginning we were both crazy") GLORY: Invitation - ("I know it might seem crazy") Slumber Party - ("Put on our music that makes us go ****' crazy, go") Just Like Me - ("... the ones that drive you crazy")
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