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Found 11 results

  1. to me its defo Tinashe would love her on MTV. havent seen her music on MTV for ages
  2. This thread is for whatever crazy and chaotic things you find on the internet, if it's funny or makes you say wtf then post it! Videos, Pictures, Gifs, etc!
  3. Actor Sadie Sink in character of young Queen Elisabeth does her best impersonation of britney by singing Oops! I Did It Again 😆👑
  4. Tag an Exhale user to see if they know. 🤔
  5. Lil Nas X’s dad posted on his stories about not getting hold of tickets to his own son’s first ever tour. Montero’s dad is a Gospel singer and did background vocals on “Dead Right Now”. Do we need to sign a petition? What happened to Respecting your elders? 😆
  6. Happy earth day 🌎 What are you tweeting about raising awareness of our planet? Britney sure had questions about global warming and thinks lady gaga is an interesting artist
  7. To summarize quickly, I recently fell really hard on my face in my kitchen and can’t remember it. I had to get in an ambulance and waited 5 hours crying about not being taken seriously by the nurses and how I needed to see a doctor. I was not taken seriously for a long time despite being bandaged up all over my face and brought on a stretcher. My head was cut open 2 inches and I got 7 staples as a result. My nose is bruised, under my eyes are swollen and my lip is inflamed and torn with 4 stitches. There is also a major strain to my voice all of a sudden. Im not looking for sympathy but rather just wanted to express how I feel weird about the whole thing. I wondering if anyone else here has had this and if they have any recollection of how it felt irritation wise? I’m finding I’m exhausted and often lightheaded. There is a bit of pain when I am not on Tylenol but the overall tiredness persists. I’m wondering if anyone knows how long these last for? My staples will be removed in less than a week
  8. GMFlop

    Farewell Exhale

    It's time to say goodbye I guess. I've been here since early 2019 after I rediscover my love for Britney and also this site is the only place where I get to learn about Britney's situation which is why I stick around for so long despite my dislike against the incompetent mods around here and their dry/lack of sense of humour which I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys know by now. I got suspended for posting this gif You would think this was just a sarcastic joke but once against their lack of humour striked again! The mod was probably an Ed Sheeran fan lol. And then the last one was me making a ***ual joke about Billie Eilish recent magazine cover... "So does this mean it's ok to fap on her? Asking for a friend..." I got suspended for that by the mod himself Jordi boy who has no problem making a $€xualised threads about his poor taste on men a so called ''thirst traps'' lol. That's a hypocrisy right there and I'm not surprised at all. i pmed him about it both on exhale and discord 2 days ago but I didn't get a response so that's it for me then. Inb4 he says that he was busy to bother read my pm but guess what he had a lot of time creating threads during my suspension. Incompetency I guess. Some mods are cool but some mods are trash. That's the end of my rant. This will be my final post. There's no point in sticking around when you can't have fun around here. I just hope that Britney gets her freedom. Farewell Exhalers and F.UK you mods.
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