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Found 5 results

  1. Boy band Why Don’t We officially announce they will be going on a indefinite hiatus due to their on going legal battle with their production company.
  2. So many depositions that need to be taken but which 5 are you interested in first and why? Allegedly? 1. Jamie - Interested in how his colon is doing and exactly what type of abuse (ALLEGEDLY) (mental, physical and/or emotional - ALLEGEDLY) best keeps a conservatee in line? 2. Robin - Is she sponsored by Monster Energy drink and what are her best tips for wiretapping at work? (Allegedly) 3. Lou - Could she point out which part of the Bible best describes Jesus’s position on the conservatorship of healthy adults and which off shore tax haven provides the best privacy for money that does not really belong to you (ALLEGEDLY)? 4. Larry - Tips on how to get hired by the same boss who already TWICE FIRED you and could you elaborate on why women find you so creepy (ALLEGEDLY)? Plus, I love @notedyourhonor and they need answers to a lot of fabulous questions. 5. Either sibling - Bryan once said ‘I have a favorite sister but I won’t tell you which one’ so which one is it - the one whose money you stole (ALLEGEDLY) or the one you spend the stolen money with (ALLEGEDLY). JL do you believe it was God’s plan (ALLEGEDLY) for you to perform financial gymnastics with your sister’s money and do ‘God’ knows what with it? We love you Matthew dear (NOT ALLEGEDLY) Everything in this post is alleged and for entertainment purposes (#PROBABLY) #FREEGRAPES
  3. ARMY! In the coming months I see the conservatorship battle becoming extremely heated (always does when money is involved and exposed) and I think it's absolutely crucial, as a fanbase to be READY and CONCENTRATED. NO DISTRACTIONS. NO MUSIC. NO REMIXES. NO SURPRISE VIDEO DROPS. We all know the tactics! We've had our fun with the Glory re-release. OFFICIAL new tracks, demos etc. It's been absolutely refreshing to hear new Britney. That's our girl! However, we really need to be standing in absolute solidarity behind HER - NOT THE MACHINE. So, I please ask (kindly) that all streaming, purchasing, vevo streams - to be CEASED IMMEDIATELY. We need to HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS NOW. It's very important! Britney HERSELF has said she will be working once her Dad is out. NO NEED TO PANIC. However they will bury her in mountains of paperwork, mountains of objections, more hearings etc and why?? BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT. #STOPFUNDINGTHEMADNESS We all love Britney, her music, videos etc. BUT NOTHING AT THIS POINT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HER PERSON! We have come A LONG WAY! Also. Lets clean this site up abit. Let's stop mentioning her appearance, her teeth, what she's wearing, her style, her skin, WHATEVER THE TOPIC IS. LETS JUST STOP!! This should be a place of ultimate Love and positivity towards Ms. Britney !
  4. No one comes for Queen Katy. A judge reversed a ruling made last summer that said Katy Perry's song "Dark Horse" infringed on another song, Variety reports. A jury had previously decided that “Dark Horse” included an eight-note ostinato ripped off from “Joyful Noise,” a song by the Christian rapper Flame. The jury awarded Flame $2.8 million in damages. Katy submitted an appeal, and a judge sided with her, claiming there was not evidence to support the claim that Katy's song stole from "Joyful Noise." “It is undisputed in this case,” the judge wrote, “that the signature elements of the 8-note ostinato in ‘Joyful Noise’… is not a particularly unique or rare combination.” The judge added: “A relatively common 8-note combination of unprotected elements that happens to be played in a timbre common to a particular genre of music cannot be so original as to warrant copyright protection.” Talent wins What do y'all think of Katy's victory?
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