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Found 6 results

  1. The vans warped tour couple of it's era. Travie basically discusses but reveals Katy perry going full on pop star after being signed to Capitol, led to the end of their two year relationship, and he's not really happy how "Circle the drain", talked about his addiction and let the entire world know, why their relationship ended. Comments say girls like Katy perry is why we're never honest or let anybody close, can't trust them. Most even said they attack taylor swift, Katy did travie dirty and ended up gaslighting the addict Issues to the whole world. She's guilty to. @Style. @Adriannn @Jordan Miller
  2. Note: The original article in portuguese can be found here: UOL Katy Perry,37, may be getting a salary on the range of $30 million dollars to return to the next season of Americal Idol, the reality was recently renewed in May by ABC. According to Daily Star, the ABC executives are working on a deal to keep the juror in the panel for next season as well raises for her colleagues and other jurors. The negotiations may increase the salaries to go up over $80 million. Sources from Daily Star, tells that Katy "verbally" agreed to return to the reality show which ended its 18th season on May 22. However, her agent is working behind the scenes "numbers and package deal" which would make her the most paid reality star of the US. Sources added that Lionel Richie salary is going up to $15 million while Luke Bryan on the range of $18 million and Seacrest with $17.5 million, as part of a deal with ABC. Katy's salary last season was $25 million.
  3. Lately, Katy Perry has made some noise for different reasons : her Vegas residency, the chart performance of her latest song and her comments about Britney Spears, again. This comes on top of her commercial debacle that began 5 years ago, and that continues. While trying to understand what really happened to her career, I came across with the article quoted above. It provides valuable insights about the key moments that led her to the place where she is now. I want to share it with you in case you’re curious about one of the most abrupt downfalls in pop history. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. I've been on a Katy Perry kick lately and I've been re-listening to this song. I have to say that it's arguably my favorite Katy Perry song. The story telling in the lyrics is just so real and tragic. You really get a feel for the tragedy of letting go of who you thought was your first true love. To top it off the video just really hits you, especially the ending. Thoughts?
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