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Found 6 results

  1. For so long Jason Trawick was flying under the radar. But he was Britney's friend before conservatorship,he was there soon after it started and he became Britney's boyfriend one year into conservatorship,became her fiancé in 2011 and later even her co-conservator of the person. They split up in 2013. Skip Ads by × × He was with Britney for 4 years,one Sam is longer with her. And in the light of the recent news from the hearing there was a huge change in the way of accounting was done,it helped Lou Taylor to hide transactions. Mathew Rosengart wants to make a investigation from 2010. Look at that post above ⬆️⬆️⬆️ It would be huge if Jason speaks up and share the tea. In my opinion he could be a key for many answers. Jamie trusted him. Related:
  2. Britney Spears' ex-fiancé, Jason Trawick, is not gay -- despite the fact an IG post on his account stated otherwise -- because it turns out one of his pals pulled a fast one. JT tells TMZ ... "Ha no, it wasn’t me – this is what happens when you leave your phone unlocked and unattended at brunch with a gay guy friend that thinks he’s being funny and cute. I am not gay." Jason's referring to this IG Story that read, "At my boyfriends apartment Out and proud Finally living my true self This is me people." The text was over a photo of a living room, which happened to include a portrait of Brit on a wall. Remember, Jason was temporarily a co-conservator of Britney's way back in the day ... so TikTok has been running wild with theories that Jason's alleged coming out meant his engagement to Britney was just a ruse to get her out of the conservatorship. She'd been it for about 5 years or so when she and JT got engaged in 2011. That theory didn't make much sense -- they were romantically linked from 2009 to 2013, but of course, Brit remained in the conservatorship far longer than that. In any event, the point is moot -- Jason simply got punk'd by a friend, and is not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that ... but nothing to see here, folks. https://www.tmz.com/2022/08/30/britney-spears-ex-fiance-jason-trawick-denies-gay-instagram-story/ I knew it ! It didn't make sens !
  3. So today I was looking at Britney's photos with Jason Trawick and saw their engagement photos and I remembered that their engagement was celebrated at Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas. They even provided them with a cake : It was on the 15th of December 2011. It made me wonder if the talks of residensy started that early and they started to work on it that time. It was their plan to trap Britney even further and explore her even more. I remember reading that conservatorship was a condition written in the contract from Planet Hollywood. They traped Britney there for 4,5 years. And this engagement really seemed so staged. And it was the first time Britney was seen with Case Hudson dancing ! https://youtu.be/mDTHurXN-N4 By the end of that video of their engagement Cade is seen! Here Cade is better seen giving a speech : https://youtu.be/62GzPTAsPMk And here how Britney,Cade and Jason dance after his speech : https://youtu.be/4Hfy1wBbzkI Here longer video from the engagement and Cade is very well seen : https://youtu.be/8ijLQJXEga8
  4. This was November 2011 at her Femme Fatale show in Manchester AO Arena, UK. It was my and my younger sister's first time seeing Britney live and my oldest sister's second time since she saw her at Circus 09. We were on the first right row of seats, It was midway through the show but can't recall the performance number when I immediately noticed Jason Trawick and I think members of security walking down past us, He heard me shout "Jason" and I did a wave and he nervously did the same back. My sisters were like "Who's that?" and I said "It's Jason, Britney's boyfriend". To this day they still don't believe it was him but they weren't as well up on Britney's love life at the time, but I couldn't miss that beanie hat and glasses from literally 5 steps away from where we were standing. I think back now and I wish I didn't react the way I did knowing that he was benefiting financially from Britney and didn't do anything to help her knowing how she felt about the whole legal situation. So yeah that's my little interaction story with now ex boyfriend/conservator Jason Trawick. Comment below if you've spotted him at Britney's shows too because I was surprised to see him.
  5. Britney may have secretly married Jason Trawick in 2011 and then divorced him in 2012...and she may have even told us so! That is according to Tess Barker and Babs Gray, hosts of the podcast Britney's Gram as well as their latest podcast 'Toxic: The Britney Spears Story'. While they weren't able to track down a marriage certificate, they did discover a line item for a 'consultation on dissolution of marriage' in Britney's accounting reports of her legal fees from 2012. Something that would suggest Britney went through a divorce that year. However, Kevin Federline is the last man Britney is known to have married, at least publicly, and she had divorced him 5 years previously in 2007. It's worth listening from the 10 minute mark to hear Britney (accidentally on purpose?) refer to Jason as her 'husband', with the accounting revelation happening at 11:50 - Jason Trawick held so many overlapping roles in Britney's life during this period. He is the one believed to have brokered her record setting deal as judge on The X Factor and even had control of her medical decisions. According to the hosts of the podcast, perhaps the oddest part about this seemingly secret wedding is that we know from Britney's testimony and court records that Britney has been prevented from marrying other partners. So why would Trawick be given the green light? Was this union advantageous from a business perspective? If this marriage did happen was Britney even on board? And WHY hide it? Listen to the podcast episode here:
  6. This week's episode of Toxic: The Britney Spears Story, a podcast hosted by the Britney's Gram girls Tess Barber and Babs Gray, had a lot of important moments for me that I either hadn't heard before or forgot about. Here are the highlights: Britney may have been secretly married and divorced to Jason Trawick Britney wanted her voicemail to John Eardly about wanting the conservatorship to end to be leaked and was upset when nothing happened after it was leaked "I Am Britney Jean" director Fenton Bailey says all interview questions had to be approved by her team Fenton also said that Robin, employed through Tristar and allegedly close to Lou (Robin was allegedly Lou's eyes on the ground for Britney) and Jamie, was the "gatekeeper" to Britney and she was known for always saying "no" Remember's Britney's interview from BJ era where she was asked if she rather be in shark infested waters like her "Work *****" video or at the edge of a cliff like in her "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman" video and she chose the cliff because she had control over whether she could jump or not? Robin deciding for Britney and the rest of her team that Britney would work on her birthday Britney was constantly changing her phone number, believed she was bugged, people in contact with Britney say their communications were "bugged" too All of Britney's household staff, medical aids, and security reported her every move back to Jamie Jamie continued to use Britney's kids as a means of coercion even as they got older Britney had to hide small purchases, such as app purchases on her phone. Britney hid these transactions using Bitcoin in 2014 Britney was considering trying to escape the United States to obtain British citizenship where she wouldn't be subject to California's conservatorship laws Andrew Hampp, who interviewed Britney in 2015 for Billboard, says he usually requires flies to the artists he interviews and sits with them for at least an hour to be able to learn something new about them. He only got 15 minutes over the phone with Britney with Larry Rudolf listening in the background and no other role call to clarify who else was listening to the interview (a standard process in the industry) Larry Rudolf wanted to edit out the part of the interview where Britney said her favorite song to perform during the Las Vegas residency was “Toxic,” because she got sprayed with water and it woke her up Listen to the full podcast episode: https://www.witnesspodcasts.com/shows/toxic-the-britney-spears-story
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