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    Found 10 results

    1. I watched Hocus Pocus 2 last night and it was just ok. The Sanderson sisters were excellent but I didn't like the new characters at all. Right now I'm checking out Tales of Halloween on Tubi and maybe All Hallows' Eve later, which has a killer Terrifier segment. This month I'm definitely going to dive into the Halloween franchise. I'll at least be watching the 2018 movie and Kills before Ends hits. Also I'm hearing great things about the new Hellraiser, Barbarian, Pearl (prequel to X) and Smile. Jeepers Creepers: Reborn I want to see even though it's getting abysmal reviews. What movies are y'all watching this month to get into the Halloween spirit???
    2. Hi Exhale! I’m trying this again in a different forum in hopes that people will actually see. I’m officially in the running to become the first ever “Face Of Horror” - The winner receives $13,000, a walk on role in an Indi Horror Film, a photoshoot with Kane Hodder (Horror daddy famous for playing Jason), a two page spread in Rue Morgue Magazine, and a two night stay in Buffalo Bill’s house. Over half the competition was cut last night, in my group I’m currently in 5th place, but obviously the goal is to be first. Horror has always played a huge part in my life, so winning this would feel so right. But not just that, I’m a baby queen in Las Vegas and this could seriously help as a launching pad for a career in entertainment, or at least enough exposure to get bookings at clubs 😅😂 I’m also a huge Britney fan, and have been lurking on BH for like 10 years. 😅 It would be nice if a community I’ve been a part of for so long could help me out! The ONLY way to win, is by getting people to vote for you. Which is where you lovely people come in. 🙏 It’s incredibly easy to vote, you just follow the link in this post, and click “Free Daily Vote”- you do have to verify with Facebook, this is to prevent the same person from voting multiple times. But it’s simple, safe, and easy. Also, feel free to ask me anything- about the contest, about myself, anything! I’d really like to make some new connections and possibly friends, so I’m an open book! thank you so much for reading if you got this far ❤️ And Thank you in advance if you choose to help a bish out. xoxo 💋 ❤️ -Malibu Malibu D Luxx | Face Of Horror FACEOFHORROR.ORG Vote to determine who will win $13,000, a walk-on role in an independent film, a 2-night stay at Buffalo Bill’s House...
    3. In March this year A24 released X the fifth highest grossing horror film so far (Scream leads with 140 million, one of two horrors to do so far. Other is black phone). X starred Jenna Ortega (Scream and the untitled Scream 6 (March 31,2023), Mia Goth (in two roles), Kid Cudi (who's full frontal erection caused gays and girls to go wild), Martin Henderson (Britney spears toxic video victim) and Brittany Snow starred as a cast and crew filming a dirty movie during what's called the golden era of those films as there was theaters aimed for that market (shut down thanks to pee wee Herman of all people to get arrested for pleasing himself), end up getting slaughtered due to an old women's jealousy that they get laid and her husband heart problems unfortunately stopped the love making, so murdering people is how they get to share their love.. Also a hidden story due to Jenna Ortega's character shares the conflicts of being a religious person, a preachers daughter and is s** as a single person (relationship committed but until married viewed as single) good for you.. In Pearl (Mia Goth) shows the younger version of the serial killer, doesn't love hanky panky gets off just being born the way she was made to be a killer. SHE ENTERS A BEAUTY CONTEST, LET'S JUST SAYS THE ODDS ARE IN HER FAVOR TO LOSE. ONLY ONE WAY TO WIN, SLAUGHTER THE DAMN COMPETITION. Pearl is in theaters Friday, September 16. the sequel to X is out next year.
    4. 50 Cent took to Instagram to share the incident that a cameraman in his new horror movie “Silk House” fainted because of the amount of gore and how real the scene played out. The full article is here: EW
    5. In today's world you either are a social media star or a regular Joe. Spree's Main character Kurt (Joe Kerry) fits in the latter, but goes to extreme lengths to be a star, even if it's filming murders. Mischa Barton, Frankie Grande (Ariana's older brother is a star on his own), David Arquette (Scream franchise and Creepshow TV series, 8 Legged freaks, basically horror legend) star in a film where Kurt is obsessed with wanting to be an influencer, though as his friend puts it, he's the influencee (the follower to the influencer). Though he gets the idea to commit murders and film it in his Spree vehicle (uber basically but streamed live for everybody to watch), eventually he gets kinda notice, the cops are on the look out. His influencer friend mocks him, however his followers think it's a prank, when kurt goes and murders his friend, they keep saying it's a joke, say its a prank. It's actual not, and like she said in this commentary, that's the reality is some people don't know if it's real or fake.. The whole film serves as a social commentary and a cautionary tale on people who go to extreme lengths to become famous in the digital world.. @Jordan Miller @Slayer
    6. Scream queens, but in more respective terms, The ultimate final Girls Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween franchise both original and then the infamous 2018 Halloween which retconned most of Laurie Strode's storylines from part 2, H20 and infamously her death in 2002's Not officially canon Halloween resurrection). Talks to fellow Scream queen and always number 2 on the greatest final girls to horror franchise Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott, The scream Franchise which in 1996 infamously relaunched the horror genre as it was like rock and roll music dead, not popular but just not in).. One thing they have in Common they hate the genre which made them famous in the first place, most of it stems from just innocent pranks and jokes involving the first horror film they watched.. The main reason why was the script was so good, and it was the best opportunity for both to take lead acting roles on the silver screen (Neve Campbell prior to scream had a cult tv teen idol status due her role as Julia Salinger in the original version of Party of five which aired on Fox TV, which being put right after their biggest hit with generation X and early millenials fav night soap Beverly Hills, 90210 made it cool to watch drama on Wednesday nights. Then there's this film with like Scream has a huge cult following "The craft" which also was Skeet Ulrich's film debut prior to Billy Loomis who would terrorize Sidney in Scream. As for Jamie, just Like Drew Barrymore, Acting chops is in her blood. Tony Curtis is her father who was a huge star in the 1950s, the golden era Of Hollywood, and her mom Janet Leigh is also a scream queen, as she was Marion Crane, in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 Masterpiece Psycho (not the crappy 1998 Remake). Enjoy the conversation. @Rik @JayTawndre @Slayer
    7. Ryan Murphy reveals the first official still of ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10. This is honestly so creepy but I'm here for it. Thoughts? Before: Any ''American Horror Story'' fans here? Any guesses about new season's theme? I guess it will be something about water creatures
    8. Hey friends! So I just finished Ratched on Netflix, and I've started watching The Stand on Paramount+. I also watched Evil on Paramount when it was called "CBS All Access," I'm looking for more horror shows to binge! I wondered what your favorites are! Let me know below! Also, if you haven't watched Evil, go watch it before the second season airs this year!
    9. One of my all time Favorite horror Trilogies outside Scream is 1980's Most successful Paranormal series Poltergeist Due to actually using Real Indian skeletons in Poltergeist the original (1982) led supernatural experts to believe that it set a curse among the whole film and the production of each film.. They used real skeletons again in the sequel 1986's Poltergeist: The other side. The Main character in all 3 films Is Late actress Heather O' Rourke who was only 6 years old when the first film was released, Sadly she died at the age of 12 in 1988 way before the Final Film Poltergeist 3 was released, Her mom had to control herself when watching her daughters final movie as her face was puffy due to constant cortisone shots. "It was hard, to hear those comments, I just wanted to go and slap some people, Saying that's my daughter you're talking about and she's no longer here." Several deaths, and just weird instances led to the story of the cursed film legacy. Enjoy the documentary exploring whether it's cursed or a coincidence. @Jordan Miller @C0CKy @Roxxy
    10. On December 20, 1996. A pop culture phenomenon was released Scream. 23 years later. This film series joins Friday, The 13th, A nightmare on elm street, Halloween. Only saw came close to joining this status of pop culture status. The first film did break horror stereotypes. Sydney lost her Virginity and survived..For a Final girl. That was a first. As before that. The final Girl was the pure and innocent one. Meaning didn't drink, Be promiscuous. Typical Horror rules was Drinking, Being a Ho or a jock, being popular and doing drugs. Technically rules was any sin you enjoyed got you killed.. Being a saint meant you became the heroine and the Nerd became the hero in the end.. Spawned two successful sequels and a 4th one that flopped. And a TV series. But also is the only film that did spawn real life crimes. Most crimes the killer or perpetrator wanted to do a real life scream. Researching the crimes. It's actually sad. The film has a great legacy and its marred by the fact that it did inspire real life murders. Because as some pointed out they wanted to be famous. In one doc about one of the crimes. A horror film expert said. They missed the entire point of Scream then. He said. The crime inspired by the film but missed the point. Cos Billy said. "Movies don't create psychos, Movies make psychos more creative"
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