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  1. The first Earth Day was recognized on April 22, 1970 as a series of protests swept across the United States demanding action be taken to stop environmental degradation, limit pollution, and protect resources we rely on to survive as a species. Since then, it’s become more clear that human behaviors, corporate and governmental policies, and other actions have contributed to a rapidly changing climate, and drastic shifts need to happen to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. So, what ways do you care for the Earth on this day and everyday? Do you join local protests, participate in local events, or something else? How have you seen the climate change around you? Do you have any favorite music or art that honors the Earth? Discuss.
  2. A giant Black Lives Matter mural is being painted on 5th Ave. in front of Trump Tower today. Trump has called this a "symbol of hate." Why does this feel so good? #BlackLivesMatter
  3. One of the biggest fast food chains, Taco Bell, is officially cancelled. While they support #BlackLivesMatter, they fired an employee over a mask supporting it. The CEO made matters worse when he went to fox Business news to defend the company's policy.
  4. In 2012, a Russian punk band went from being unknown to globally known as they were arrested for doing an anti protest song on Putin. They have been jailed a lot, cos of their activism against the Putin Regime.. While i have talked to gay Russians who want out, but can't afford to leave, they give ***** Riot praise for bringing the reality of Russia and what it's like.. They are several videos of cops whipping these girls, and beating them up. Many in the government has been askimg for horrific things to happen to these activists for a long time including. You know, the electric chair to put it nicely. Even Madonna spoke im defense of these girls calling them courageous and how censorship shouldn't happened to anybody.. Ironically the other popular Russian girl group T.A.T.u actually supports Putin and one of them have actually been revealed to be homophobic herself.. The other member of that duo has denounced the other girls statements..
  5. Anybody hoping for a reboot of the original Charmed, that ain't gonna happen. Allysa Milano and Rose McGowan are forever enemies, and while skull dragging Alyssa, she wants to remind the world, while her movement was stolen from her, Rose was gaslighted by her Charmed Co star, Mocked and Humiliated and basically exiled from Hollywood. With the news of The investigation of Governor Cuomo coming out to reveal it's much worse than anybody thought, Rose wants everybody to Know Hollywood is all fake and so is all these feminists and so called male feminists who supported Me too, it was all paid for, cos Hollywood pays celebs to Be activists to causes to stuff that they are doing to their clients just for their clients they represent to keep working. Like rose said stay woke to real situation. Which kinda makes me wonder are artists and supporters being paid to say they support other grass roots moments like Free Britney, the way Rose explains Hollywood all signs point to yes and a may be. And I don't believe Rose will ever get the credit for revealing the monster that Is Harvey Weinstein, that also went to Alyssa Milano. Side note: Britney Jean and I'm positive all team con album are represented by. Seth, Ken, Rob and Jeffrey Azoff and my entire team at CAA!!! (They're involved with the conservatorship as well!!!!) Times up indeed. @Style. nicki is silent cos of her manager is part of a major organization that's involved with team con. @Jordan Miller @Slayer @I Always Sing Live the agency Rose called out represents Britney as well per her thank yous on albums beginning with Circus.
  6. The country of Canada is in revolt. As of right now over 150,000 truckers and 2.5 million people have descended onto the parliament building in Ottawa, Ontario to fight against the totalitarian lockdowns and useless mandates. They are now proven not to work and is causing more problems than they are fixing. Mental health problems, suicide have gone way up and over 50% of small businesses are gone forever. The media in Canada is 100% owned by the government and is censoring all information and news coming from the protest. They are actively painting it as a white supremacist movement. People are so fed up even the large aboriginal community has come out in full force to support the movement. This is a peaceful protest. This is not an anti vaccine protest, actually more than 90% of truckers are double or triple vaccinated. So are many of the people there. For the first time in a long time I have been proud of my country and the people. It’s beautiful to see people coming together to fight against a tyrannical government. This post is not for preaching some sort of rhetoric but for information purposes only about something going on in the world. These people will not leave Ottawa until all mandates in Canada are lifted and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resigns.
  7. ''Novak Djokovic will not be able to defend his Australian Open title after authorities revoked his visa and decided to deport him. The Australian government made the decision last year that all players must be fully vaccinated to enter the country, although they would make some medical examptions available in sepcial cases. Djokovic travelled to Australia on Wednesday believing he was one such case, but he found himself detained at the airport for hours while the legitimacy of his claims were checked. Ultimately, it was decided the world number one had not provided sufficient evidence to support his medical exemption and his visa was cancelled. "The Australian Border Force will continue to ensure that those who arrive at our border comply with our laws and entry requirements." an ABF statement read. "The ABF can confirm that Mr Djokovic failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements to Australia, and his visa has been subsequently cancelled. "Non-citizens who do not hold a valid visa on entry or who have had their visa cancelled will be detained and removed from Australia. "The ABF can confirm Mr Djokovic had access to his phone." Djokovic was then taken to a quarantine hotel while arrangements for made to remove him from the country, atlthough reports claim he will appeal the decision.'' Djokovic is a nine-time Australian Open champion and another victory in Melbourne this year would have seen him surpass Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the race for the most career major titles. So basically Novak did not get the vaccine due to medical condition (it's known he has asthma and celiac disease), he got the medical pass and went to Australia. There, he couldn't exit the plane when he landed. He was taken by the police and he was under surveillance and with his phone taken away for more than 6 hours. After Serbian and Australian ambacies got their **** together, he was sent back home. The reason: his visa was filled the wrong way and the medical pass does not count (according to Australian prime minister- EVERYONE has to get the vaxx.) https://www.planetsport.com/tennis/news/rules-rules-novak-djokovic-deported-leave-australian-open-hopes-tatters Also, all this happened exactly 2 years after Dokovic made donations to Australia during the 2019s wildfires. UPDATE 01/10/22- Hearing has been postponed. Dokovic lawyers are still trying to appeal UPDATE- '' Novak Djokovic Can Remain in Australia, Judge Rules The court ordered the government to release him from detention and restore a visa. But Australian officials suggested they may make a new attempt to cancel it.'' https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/09/sports/tennis/novak-djokovic-australian-open-vaccine.html FINAL FOR NOW-
  8. As I’ve stated many times on this forum. I am not anti anything or pro anything. I am simply an academic that wants to see both sides of the issues at hand. Everyone, everywhere needs to watch this whole episode of JRE. Dr. McCullough is a medical expert that is trying to explain both sides of vaccines and vaccine hesitancy. If you have an open mind and critical thinking skills (some formal education would also help) you will find this very informative and will most likely see both sides of the topic. We have data now after 2 years that there are major risks associated with the vaccine but also major benefits. But to deny one or the other is ludicrous. People need to be informed that there are other options and actual treatments that are actually approved vs. a vaccine that is not approved in the USA or anywhere else. Again this is not an anti-vaccine post nor is it misinformation, we have the right to see all opinions and a different side to our own beliefs. This episode is 100% based in science.
  9. In 2020, Peloton and the home gym market thrived in the pandemic to become a Billion dollar industry. Then, 2021 and people going back to regular lives caused the home gym to suffer big time, even Peloton slashed prices on their bikes, and a recall on their treadmills caused a lot of damage.. So they signed a Product placement deal (without reading the script) to the highly anticipated follow up to s** and the city (which everybody is calling the series unrealistic for two of the characters lives. Miranda a black lives activist, and Carrie doing a podcast with younger girls has been described as very unrealistic from the original series characters, only mild prudish Charlotte stayed the same) But the death of Mr. Big has caused a huge uproar cause for 23 years this was Carrie true love, and he died on the Peloton bike. Which has lead the giant to have a cardiologist spokesperson basically say Mr. Big was gonna die for living an extravagant lifestyle of cigars, steaks and booze. He was gonna die anyway. This has a mixed reception on one hand people understand that this image was already tarnished and the fictional TV show could hurt more sales, but you have another side saying Peloton really had yo defend themselves from a piece of fiction. But there's a debate saying Should businesses and brands see the scripts to actually see if it is a good thing for product placement or could it hurt them with endorsements
  10. In probably a first ever, the state of Michigan has charged the parents of the 15 year old student, who went in and disguised himself as a sheriff (his fellow students actually had time to prepare for safety as audio shows he said the word "Bro", which let them know something isn't right about this sheriff). Still despite the preparations it wasnt enough, as a few students died and several were injured over what happened this week, even though you wouldn't have known it, due to the news of the new covid 19 variant is everywhere and this story is basically national media coverage is none existent, between covid and CNN suspending Chris Cuomo for actually helping his brother in lawyers and paying the alleged victims silence, you wouldn't have known a school shooting has happened. But in a rare first, due to the parents purchasing the gun on black Friday as a Christmas gift for the shooter, the State of Michigan has basically charged them with involuntary manslaughter, saying you basically helped him and aided him, you're just as guilty and helped commit the crime as well. This will probably be interesting cos it could have a major impact on minors and guns, now that parents are being charged if the kid uses it as a weapon, instead of it's intended purposes. @Jordan Miller @Urbanney @Slayer
  11. Can I we just take a moment to recognise this moment. Formula 1 Motorsport Racing world wide champion who is also straight condemned the anti-gay laws in Saudi Arabia ☺️ In an interview in SA preparing for the race. Lewis Hamilton is officially everything for this. He will not be everything forever.
  12. I genuinely am not one to speculate or fixate on someone’s looks. It’s none of my business however I have to say something…. she looks different than she did in the 2008 news release when she first made it on the scene away from her 3 sports person roster. Prior to this it was alleged that she stalked Britney, prior to entering her life in alleged emails sent to (and leaked by) Sam Lutfi where she asks why he is letting Lou into her life and why he isn’t protecting her (because he wasn’t) She objectively looks more fresh faced these days……… and different tbh Am I rude for making this topic I legitimately would never shame anyone, I think it’s fine tbh. I am just perhaps seeing things
  13. Not everything in life is as presented in the media. So- discuss your thoughts & opinions.
  14. Hey Exhale! I’m on vacation and we just arrived at our destination in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Does anyone live here or has been here before? If so, what sites or restaurants do you recommend visiting? Because Covid cases are surging across the state, we’re looking to do a majority of outdoor and safe indoor activities! Any recommendations are helpful!
  15. The fact is he's the gop front runner in the recall election which many think Newsom will see victory as LA county and other large liberal based counties will put party first before people (sounds familiar both ways), but this probably hurt him. A resurfaced interview that says minimum wage should be 0.00, that's right if you work you shouldn't get paid, nada zip, zilch.
  16. Let’s talk about how the Moab Police and the justice system failed Gabby Petito! The boyfriend is now MIA
  17. Oh baby baby have you seen @Rik tonight? Is he banned from Exhale? Is he smoking up outside? Oh! I literally tagged Rik in a thread last week and there was no response! Like omg where has Exhale famous Rik gone? Discuss.
  18. Justice has Been served for aaliyah and all his victims. But today, a verdict many thought would not happen given his 2008 infamous not guilty verdict. But, today The pied piper of R&B himself R. Kelly has been found guilty on all the charges. He's looking at a life sentence given how serious the crimes were and that all his victims were minors. It's bittersweet given it's taken this long for justice to have been served. Goodbye Robert Kelly. @Jordan Miller @Slayer @Prachi
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