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Found 3 results

  1. After having a mature and private conversation with another user who I will not name, I have realized that I may owe this forum an apology. If any users on here feel that I have been policing their comments or threads, I wanted to sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. It has never been my intention to disrupt the community and I do not think that I am above anyone else. I will say, I am someone who is naturally outspoken and sometimes do not express myself properly. (something that we all can do every once in a while) I guess it’s more of a protection mode that I go into for Britney because of all that she’s gone through. I expect more from her fans and when I see someone trying to ridicule her or control what she does, it somewhat triggers me. Most likely due to the traumas of my own life and I apologize for projecting that onto here. It is also worth noting that there have been comments on here made about Britney that are absolutely trying to control her or just plain ignorant. I want to be very clear when I say that I do believe that we can have different opinions and I agree that we should all be able to express ourselves, our views and our opinions respectfully. I apologize for any hypocrisy that I may have exhibited and I will work on this moving forward. I also apologize for the amount of threads that I have created. I am totally aware of how many threads that I make and it has never been my intentions to take up oxygen on here. We all should be able to make threads and I’m sorry if I have over done it with the thread making, particularly making a lot of threads in one day. I enjoy engaging with you all and having discussions about Britney and that could be why I feel so comfortable asking questions or making threads. I will cut back on the amount of threads that I make and hope that this allows others to be able to post more and engage with this community more comfortably. I hope this message is received as genuine and I wish everyone on here the best 🤍 Ps, making this apology does not mean that I will allow others to disrespect me or harass me freely. I will continue to defend myself.
  2. Why is my girl @GlitterRain so unappreciated? He deserves some love He's working hard to make Exhale a better place. You just simply can't deny that he puts his heart into this site He really cares about Exhalers, he's literally doing his job, he tries to keep everything as positive as possible. Thank you for that, Glitter Jordan definitely made a good decision. Love u and stay with us forever
  3. Dear @GlitterRain, This is a PSA to inform you from a previous thread that got locked to let you know that some people enjoy being single and you should stop shaming those for making the decision to do so if that’s their prerogative. I know I personally enjoyed being single for a good part of my mid-20s after being in several relationships prior to that and since I was a teenager. Again, not everyone is dying to jump into a relationship. Some would rather take the time to figure themselves out or explore other ventures before recommitting, or making that commitment. Some are also busy with their personal lives and may not have the desire to jump into a relationship right away. Again, being married or in a relationship does not presumably mean one is happy. I have friends who are married, single, divorced, in open relationships, etc. and I don’t shame any of them for what their journey of life has provided or offered them. Like… what kind of backwards mentality is this? That being said, I don’t care nor have the desire to discuss with you my intimate affairs, particularly with someone like yourself who does nothing but thrive off of preconceived notions. That is all and have a good rest of your day, LVR. Hope you gained something from this backwards mentality you displayed that showcased your true colors.
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