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Found 7 results

  1. I know that she was part of the worlds best selling girl group and she is an icon on her own. There was a time though that she went solo and her performing style gives me Britney vibes! Her solo music was also pretty good!
  2. I had never seen this interview but it popped up in my recommended. Geri asks Avril about Britney and Hillary Duff while overshadowing her with charisma lol #leothings
  3. Born on August 6,1972 Geraldine (Geri) Estelle Halliwell, A British singer songwriter who rose to fame in the mid 90s as a member of The Spice Girls, Nicknamed Ginger Spice for her flaming red hair, and very opinionated attitude. Geri was a no holds bar kinda girl, She is seen as the image of Cool Britannia, which was seen as a liberal era in great Britain which after years of Conservative politics, the arrival of the labour party, and Tony Blair being prime minister, made being British cool again in the eyes of the youth, and what seemed to be the biggest representation of British music, a girl group of 5 girls with attitude, in February of 97, just as the Spice girls topped the US charts with wannabe, geri wearing a tea towel, draped with a Britisg flag in the front, seemed to be the main image of this British generation X era. I did research the 90s Brits compared to today was a bit anarchy, anything can happen attitude vs. The classy affair it represents today, most of the 90s British pop culture is basically off this era of the Brits which is a far shadow of the version today. Geri is and was seen as the boss and the brainchild of the Spice girls, her solo debut album is also seen by a majority of Spice fans as the proper spice girls 3rd album (sorry Holler). Here's a clip where emma says most of 97 was because of Geri's goals.. You also see Victoria and Mel B shade her during the Forever era, saying they're much better off without her, which is untrue as Melanie C told Zane Lowe of Apple Music. Geri leaving the Spice girls kinda really was the end of the Spice girls, Our single Goodbye was seen by critics and fans as our farewell song and it probably should have ended right with Goodbye. And we shouldn't have had done Forever, cos we sounded like every other girl group with that album, it really wasn't a Spice girls album at all.. Geri's biggest hit is her cover of The weather girls it's raining men, which the original failed in the UK, where Geri's cover went in at number one as it should. Happy Birthday Geri Halliwell. Even though most of the Spice girls fans hate the women you became today, calling you a former shadow of the girl they fell in love with, and even declared adopting your husband's last name is the least girl power statement ever.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2019/10/28/geri-horner-almost-booted-spice-girls-original-manager-tone-deaf-claims-new-book-10996754/amp/ With 25 years of the Spice girls, we need to talk about how one of the girl power troops was actually booted and according to the original managers, she sensed it which led her to mastermind the now or never let's leave. Well if the Herbert's had there way Geri Halliwell would have been replaced, it's no secret she's not the best singer, Tone deaf was how they described her, couldn't dance, the 4 Piece of the Spiceworld tour, Christmas in Spiceworld and 2000 Brits and MTV EMAS proved without Geri the girls could do more tighter choreography. So sensing, that her time was coming, she got the other girls and influenced them to leave the herbert's, which they did and stoled, their master recordings as Touch. They signed with Simon fuller who understood them and their vision. But, Can you imagine the Spice girls without The fearless, Feisty Red head named Ginger. That's like TLC without Chilli, or The Jackson 5 without Michael Jackson. They needed Geri Halliwell in the group.
  5. When Geri Halliwell said P.S. I'll be back she meant it big time.. In June of 1999 roughly one year after leaving the Spice girls just a week ahead of their 40 Date north American sold out Spiceworld trek. She released "Schizophonic" her debut album. Probably the gayest album of the Spice solo albums is perhaps why in a British poll and LGBT British media, she was awarded and honored as the biggest gay icon out of her girl group. First single Look at Me, started off strong in the UK, but couldn't peak higher than #2, initial sales of the album started off strong, but Started to wane. Look at Me video is perhaps best remembered as critics joked the funeral scene of Ginger Spice probably was a parents worst nightmare as the kids were having bad dreams of Geri "Killing" off Ginger. However once sales in the UK, started to slip as Mentioned in Pod of the Pops, Openly gay comedian Aaron Twitchen, brilliantly said "Probably in a board meeting at EMI and parlophone, Geri said you guys got the whole marketing strategy wrong. Market the album to the gays, watch it be huge" She was right. 3 number one singles followed, and two huge chart battles with Emma Bunton and Melanie C resulted in her former band mates settling for #2 in the singles charts. The videos are even aimed at gay men, particularly the Campy "Bag it up" The album sold close to a million albums in the UK alone with a triple platinum cert, it's also gold in the US and peaked with in the top 50 of the US Billboard 200, making it in the states the most successful spice girls solo album . In the UK, it would outsell the Spice girls 2000 album " Forever", it's still beloved and in some degrees dubbed by fans as the proper 3rd Spice girls album. She worked with Absolute who is one half of the girls 90s hit making production team. As a Bonus, watch Geri outperform and steal her former girl group at the 2000 Brits. The British media stated her former group was receiving the nights highest honor, but it was Geri who delivered the best performance of the night.
  6. Geri uploaded a lyric video for Man on the Moon Mountain. Last Sunday she uploaded a new video for her YouTube series Rainbow Woman Related:
  7. Geri Halliwell has launched her new YouTube series Rainbow Woman. An introductory video on her channel talks a little bit about what we can expect to see on the weekly episodes she'll be uploading. The first episode of the series, The Queen Speaks, is about Queen Elizabeth I of England. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Previously: Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, is teasing something!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CHAZVJdADXR/?igshid=1asbdnhuiywjm I am here for it!! I love this visual! Geri and Victoria should have been actresses, tbh
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