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Found 18 results

  1. Dear Britney, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! It must be thrilling what is happening right now and makes me feel more comfortable you acknowledging the support of fans and welcoming it! Things WILL be better moving forward! I'm sure many of us are worried about the transition back to (real) LIFE , the one they took away from you. However I have complete faith in you .... I, we always did and will do . What made all of this possible is the love you have -and you so openly share with us which we cant but give it back- , your passion , brains and optimism ! They may have succeeded in stealing some of that confidence by constantly oppressing you but NEVER that heart of GOLD! NEVER! Confidence........its not confidence.. it's PASSION. And passion makes you great! A great mother , lover, artist. Do whatever you need to do and feels right for you B! Whether that's leaving all of this behind for good or coming back for blood and snatch wigs left and right. We will always be here for you NO MATTER WHAT. There's so much more than the Britney Spears Brand in you , we are all very well aware of this, so much worth of our protection! Block those fu**ers out of your life, take what they STOLE and leave them back, in history. As for Sam and his support , I am super grateful he seems to genuinely support you in any ways he can. Live it to the fullest! I will quote Madonna "There are many men worth backing, not because they're men but because they are worthy. So much love!!!! XOXOXOX!!! PS It would be so nice to hear everything from you one day be some means ! Heal and rest!
  2. So today I noticed that Tweet: And this week That Suprise Witness had a very interesting live on her YouTube channel with a lawyer Christopher Melcher that filed a petition to have an online access to be able to listen to Britney's Hearing. He as well is Kanye West's lawyer . And they touched a topic of 'media matters"expenses. And Christopher that has long time experience explained that sometime and he heard about something like that crisis management decides to open social media accounts to push certain agenda in the GP/movement. That being said. I think we all remember pushing "Kingham"agenda. Pushing that CONservatorship is good and Britney's is not abusive one. That all that needs to happen is to have Jamie gone and that Jodi and Bessemer Trust are great. That CONservatorship should go on with them as it is what Britney wants. Additionally,it was discovered that Sam Ingham was following them on Twitter. So it's VERY interesting that now they are gone completely. Although,for a long time they were not that important in the movement. And once Ingham was gone they got shocked.
  3. So Taj Jackson had his live and spoke about similiaties between his uncle and Britney. He especially focused on media treatment,how they were being destroyed by negative coverage. As well he says that all this justice that is being done to Britney and his uncle is only because of love and support of the fans. He as well warned that a lot of people now shows their support towards Britney because it is trendy and I liked how he said that Britney doesn't own anyone anything. She doesn't own media tell all interview once she is free. She can contact and tell her story to fans by herself. And Taj says he doesn't think Britney should do anything once free but just be happy. He as well warns that media can change their narrative based on what sells. And he confirmed that dancers that worked for Britney and his aunt Janet and Janet herself have nothing but love and respect for Britney. And he mentions how he heard nothing but good information from people that worked with Britney. How she treats people kindly. Generally very nice words from Taj and it seems Britney has Jackson's family back,love and support. You can watch it here : https://youtu.be/pnuqLoRILyU
  4. As a oh fan (I know, I know) I did not care for most of blackout in 2006-07, whenever it came out. I recently have been listening to the entirety of the album everyday since June 23rd and I think it was ahead of its time or possibly bc it wasn’t the typical Britney I was used to. Idk but I am obsessed with Blackout rn and listening to it everyday until justice is served! #freebritney*****
  5. So TMZ caught both Lynne and Bryan at Los Angeles airport yesterday. They were alone and when asked Lynne said that Britney is fine. Related:
  6. So as many people know Katherine used to work in the same firm as Andrew Wallet and that firm handled Britney's case. Katherine as well filed some supportive petition to the court since Free Britney started. And now she explains why it is needed first to remove Jamie and get Estate conservator. Skip Ads by × Basically speaking if CONservatorship is removed now they can't track all money and prove any wrongdoing.
  7. So it always seemed that so far they didn't live together and Sam was staying at Britney's house from time to time. Today before posting a video with Britney on his Instagram story he was in his car with a lot of packages inside so it made me wonder and guess maybe he moved into Britney's house finally after being 5 years together as it seems Britney is in full force and does not give a F about anything at that moment. It was so werid that they are so long together and don't live permanently together. Maybe it has just changed ? Plus based on Britney's situation it is brilliant idea to protect her as her team can do something to her again.
  8. I know how to access the docs confirming Satan's Stonebridge involvement and the dates of 'that bum kunt flop sister' ©®TM making her alleged request to the court... I have seen several posts alleging that if the money was moved as alleged without court permission, that that would be money laundering/federal crimessss. ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × I know there are several lawyers in the movement/think there are a couple who post here. My request is simply for anyone that can, to advise what specific laws would have been allegedly broken. I have seen the RICO act mentioned. It is very easy to tip off the FBI. You can do it internationally, not just if you live in US. You do have to provide your full and real details but honestly at this stage of the game IDGAF. I want to do it and it's something we can all do. Bessemer's move just leaves Jamie in control despite highlighting how shambolic it is. Ending the cship is outside the feds jurisdiction, but alleged money laundering/racketeering to the tune of $600 mil is not. We can get them to cause enough heat that the rats might just jump ship. So let's have a discussion about what laws could have allegedly been broken and draft some tips.
  9. So People just added new article: https://people.com/music/britney-spears-conservator-jodi-montgomery-giving-tools-eventually-end-conservatorship/ Britney Spears' Conservator Jodi Montgomery Is 'Concentrated on Giving Her the Tools to Get Better': Source "The hope is that Britney can eventually get out of the conservatorship," a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE exclusively Days after Britney Spears pleaded with an L.A. court to terminate her long-held conservatorship, a source close to the situation insists her conservatorship team has been listening. The source tells PEOPLE exclusively that Jodi Montgomery — the singer's longtime care manager who temporarily took over as Spears' personal conservator in September 2019 after her father Jamie Spears stepped down — has been "working with a team of experts concentrated on giving Britney the tools to get better." Spears, 39, has never revealed a mental health diagnosis and her medical records are sealed, but "the hope is that she can eventually get out of the conservatorship," adds the source. Following Spears' emotional 23-minute speech during a conservatorship hearing last week in which she alleged "abusive" behavior from her conservators (which includes Montgomery, and her dad Jamie Spears who oversees her finances as co-conservator of her estate), fans angrily questioned the motives behind the entertainer's legal situation. However, "under California law, all conservators have to be investigated secretly by the court," insists the source. "Progress has to be reported. Conservators are all closely monitored to assure nothing shady is happening." During the hearing, Spears alleged Montgomery — who the singer requested in March to be appointed her permanent conservator, according to a legal filing obtained by PEOPLE — "made me feel like my dad does. Very similar, her behavior and my dad, but just a different dynamic." While Jamie no longer has legal control over his daughter's personal affairs, the source close to the situation claims he is still heavily involved in Spears' day-to-day. (Lawyers for Jamie have not commented despite multiple requests from PEOPLE.) "Even though Jamie is in charge of her finances, he still has to approve everything because everything is related to finances at the end of the day," says the source. "If she wants to go to Hawaii, he has to approve that, because it costs money. If she wants to take her friends to dinner, he has to approve that, because it costs money. Jamie has the right to say no to certain things." After Spears addressed the court, Jamie released a brief statement read by his lawyer Vivian Thoreen. "[Jamie] is sorry to see his daughter in so much pain," read Thoreen. "[He] loves his daughter and misses her very much." Britney's June 23 court hearing was the first time she has publicly spoken about her 13-year conservatorship, which was put in place in 2008 following a period of troubling behavior. "I've never said it openly - I never thought anyone would believe me," said Britney, who is mom to sons Sean Preston, 15, and Jayden James, 14 (with ex-husband Kevin Federline). "I'm not lying. I just want my life back. It's been 13 years, and it's been enough. I want to be able to be heard. I've kept this in for so long - it's not good for my heart." "I've been so angry and I cry every day. For my sanity ... I need to get it off my heart. The anger, all of it," she added. "The main reason why I'm here today is I want to end the conservatorship without being evaluated." During the hearing, Spears was not questioned by her conservators' lawyers, nor have they had the opportunity to rebut her allegations in court. As stated by the judge on Wednesday, Spears still needs to file a formal motion to end the conservatorship. So we had Jamie Watosn,Jamie Lynn and now source to defend Jodie. Wonder who will be next...
  10. Samuel Ingham III has been a bit of a double agent over the past 13 years. He has been advocating for Britney for some things while simultaneously not informing her that she could file to terminate the conservatorship or allowing her to see documents. Can we compile a list of the things that he did advocate for? For instance, he does not appear to be afraid of Lou Taylor — otherwise he wouldn't have requested items such as the Tri-Star contract. Yet at the same time, it took him six months to file a document officially requesting for Bessemer Trust to come on board — which indicates that he has been buying time for Jamie, Lou, and the new business manager to hide whatever needed to be hidden. So which of the players is Ingham afraid of? And which of the players in Ingham not afraid of? Can we dissect his actions a bit to see if they reveal any clues?
  11. So Larry Rudolph was not so quiet while Free Britney is going on! He made a baby ! https://instagram.com/jenbarnetmovement?utm_medium=copy_link THis is a profile of his wife(he does not have his own profile) and now she is pregnant with a baby boy. SO everyone can have a baby but Britney and Sam....
  12. So Lynne's friend that supports our movement just posted this : https://www.instagram.com/p/CQi_8MbH1OwVORFQOERjZ3AdAKOQXkj7U7Vf7M0/?utm_medium=copy_link WHat Britney said that she would like to sue her family really made already effect👏
  13. This might be kinda obvi, but it just occurred to me that Britney has been held captive under this for an entire 1/3 of her life. She’s going to be 40 this year, that’s sickening. This poor woman has done nothing but make people happy and smile. She deserves the freedom and peace to enjoy her life as she wishes to. #FreeBritney #BritneyIsHeard
  14. I really enjoyed this. Starting 27:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjE85Og2AQs&feature=youtu.be&t=1660 Among other things, they're physically stopping her from having a baby * Britney has more control over her social media now *Conservatorship is controlling her ability to have a baby, get married and have friends. He says without the con she would be married with a baby. *They are physically stopping her from having a baby *She secretly interacts with fans but Maxi wants fans to realise if someone's telling you they're Britney, then they are definitely not *She makes her IG posts and a social media team approves them. *She dosent see her kids as much as she wants to *The #freebritney movement and the fans supporting her at the rallies makes her happy and feel empowered *Britney will definitely release new music and perform new live shows and perhaps a new vegas residency *Britney of course has love for her dad but is now starting to realise he's ruined and taken away a large part of her life *Maxi says Jamie Lynn and Lynne love Britney the most *Britney cancelled the domination residency and was planning on continuing at a later date *He first said he didn't know who Lou Taylor was but later said he did know but he didn't want to talk about her Maxi has been a long time friend of Sam A. (much time before Slumber Party mv). Sam posted with him a couple weeks ago Related:
  15. So guys I was checking Los Angeles Court's website, exactly I was checking Britney's case and it seems she will take part in today's Hearing and next status hearing! It's great to see nowadays she appears to Hearings! And I am positive but don't dare to have my hopes high! 08/05/2020 Remote Appearance - Scheduled Filed by Subject 08/05/2020 Remote Appearance - Scheduled Filed by Subject
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