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Found 16 results

  1. On a day like today but two years ago, Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album, 'Folklore'. Taylor Swift took the music scene by storm as she surprisingly announced the release of her eighth body of work just hours prior to it being available and in the middle of a global pandemic. Departing from the friendly and upbeat pop sound in her last three albums and from a big and calculated rollout, Folklore incorporates indie-pop, alternative rock, and chamber pop in its production. Lyrically, themes like escapism, romance, and nostalgia are interwoven with a deeper range in her voice. Furthermore, the lives of fictional characters were part of the inspiration, instead of solely taking her personal experiences as the fuel for the well-known storytelling of her records. The album met universal acclaim, sold a whopping 846,000 units in the first week, and went on to win Album of the Year at the Grammys. 'Folklore' made Taylor gain renewed respect, and while not all listeners might vibe with its relaxed nature, it certainly established a milestone in her prolific career. I will now proceed to a track-by-track discussion. Personally, the album has a lot of meaning for me, and man, I've never been as excited as I was counting down the hours to dive in. The 1: After the very lackluster opening track in 'Lover', Taylor redeems herself. "I'm doing good, I'm on some new shiet, been saying yes instead of no"... what a way to open an epic album. Cardigan: I've always had issues with the way Taylor chooses singles, especially lead ones. However, she aced it with this beautiful song. The melody and the production are haunting and her voice sounds so sweet. The music video was so accomplished for the COVID restrictions that were to be followed at the time. The song is part of the love triangle where Betty, James, and Augustine are tangled. The Last Great American Dynasty: This song is about Rebekah Harkness, whose house Taylor bought. While the storytelling is pretty, I don't go back to it as often. Exile (feat. Bon Iver): the best song of the album is placed on track #4. The way Justin's and Taylor's voices melt is like butter. A tearjerker that has accompanied me ever since. My Tears Ricochet: I've always been on the fence about the way Taylor writes about her feuds and detractors (I can't stand 'Mean', 'Bad Blood' and hate that I bop to LWYMMD). Nevertheless, this is worthy track 5 in which you can feel the pain and the sentiment. I don't have legal situations with any record label, but the way this song resonates with me is scary. Mirrorball: Major Sherly Crow vibes. I love how honest Taylor talks about herself in this song. One of my early favorites, Seven: There is something in her vocal take that made me skip it at times. Once I paid close attention to the lyrics, though, I transcended and never came back. Queer vibes, anyone? August: A MOTHER.F.U.CK.ING masterpiece. Yet again, the way the song resonates with me and the significance that August the month has in my life is just mind-blowing. The song is part of the love triangle where Betty, James, and Augustine are tangled. This Is Me Trying: Probably the biggest example of Taylor's relatability found in this album. The way this song makes me stop and ponder, I... Illicit Affairs: An underrated gem in an acclaimed project. I guess you truly have to have the experience to actually get it Invisible String: a very pretty song about Taylor's relationship with Joe Alwyn. Mad Woman: And this is what Taylor tried to do with 'The Man' but she couldn't. Cursing Taylor makes an entrance Epiphany: ok, nice lyrics but it drags on. Betty: And country Taylor makes a triumphant return. The story told here is funny and entertaining. The song is part of the love triangle where Betty, James, and Augustine are tangled. Peace: I love the lyrics, but there's something in the melody that keeps me from coming back to it. 'You All Over Me' from Fearless - Taylor's version has the same intro almost. Hoax: I really need to be in a mood to listen to this song. The Lakes: This song is poetry... and that's both good and bad. There are so many great and solemn lines, yet I can be overwhelmed by them at times. Hope she had gotten rid of the 'Tweet' lyric What do you think, Exhale? Is this her best project? Is Evermore better than Folklore? Do you want pop Taylor back? Do you have a case of lack of taste? Discuss!
  2. One year ago today, Taylor surprise dropped her eighth studio album, folklore. Today, in celebration, she released the original version of the deluxe bonus track, “the lakes.” Happy anniversary, folklore! Thanks for giving us an escape in the midst of the chaos. Thanks for letting us get lost in the memory while 2020 slipped away. Thanks for making us all feel like somber woodland creatures floating through a forest. We had a marvelous time.
  3. With the previous tweet from Taylor below, everyone was expecting her to announce something about her re-recorded music. However, looks like we are getting a Disney+ folklore Unplugged session instead. I can't complain, but at the same time I'm very disappointed
  4. Taylor Swift's folklore will be Billboard's top album by the end of the year. It's already the third biggest seller, unless Ariana comes out with the same strategy as signing autographs, and such. But Taylor is expected to go back to #1 in the US, thx to an additional 80,000 copied sold via her website and all autographed and it's not a bundle. So she won't be denied congrats to the queen of pop of this year. Related:
  5. Update 7: Not folklore becoming TayTays biggest record since 1989 Update 6: Seems after Taylors record-breaking album Folklore staying No.1 for 6 weeks tying with Whitney Houston for most weeks at No.1 Among women, the album is finally letting up The album is predicted to be outsold by Big Sean’s new album which is predicted to debut at No.1 for selling 1120-111k units Update 5: Folklore spends a sixth consecutive week at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. She now ties Whitney Houston for most weeks at #1 among women in Billboard 200's history. It's almost the the first album to spend this many weeks at #1 in the last four years. Update 4: Folklore spends a fifth consecutive week at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. She ties Lil Baby’s My Turn for the most weeks atop the list in 2020. Folklore becomes the first album to rule for five weeks in a row at No. 1 since Drake’s Scorpion also logged its first frames at #1, Billboard reports. In its fifth week, Folklore earned 98,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Aug. 27 (down 3%). From Billboard: Update 3: She did it again! Taylor Swift's new album folklore stays put at #1 on the Billboard 200 for a fourth consecutive week with 101,000 album units sold (-26%). It's the first album by a female to spend its first four weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 in nearly five years, since Adele’s 25. Update 2: Swift's new album folklore stays put at #1 on the Billboard 200 for a third consecutive week selling 136,000 equivalent album units (up 1% from last week). Update 1: It seems that republic records inflated their numbers for WW first week sales! According to Mediatraffic, Folklore has sold 1.013 million units, not 1.3 million units. The album sold 169k copies outside of the US, which are...okay numbers, for Taylor, but r pretty good judging the circumstances internationally. Taylor Swift's new album folklore blasted to #1 with 844K in sales, Hits Daily Double reports. The album racked up 175m streams on Spotify alone. Queen of sales omg Earlier: Republic Records announces Taylor Swift's new album folklore sold more than 1.3 million units worldwide in its first day, eclipsing earlier predictions (down below). It sets Spotify's global record for first day album streams by a female artist with 80.6 million, is the most streamed pop album on Apple Music within 24 hours with 35.47 million streams and sets the US and worldwide Amazon Music Indie/Alternative streaming record. Incredible! Earlier: Predictions have come in for Taylor Swifts new critically acclaimed record "Folklore"! The album is now being predicted to sell 450k-650k units; confirmed by Hits Daily Double. The album officially is the #1 most streamed female album within 24 hours (it’s debut)! Earlier: Now that Taylor has pulled a Beyonce card, and surprised everyone's wigs that didn't yet book their appointment to Saturn, What do you think under these circumstances will the album sell in its first week? A few weeks ago, i and some other people were talking about where Taylors career would go to when she releases #TS8 and whether it will be a success or not. Now that she has suprised releasing a new album, under all of this consequences like: Qurantine and COVID-19- Many people (especially in the US) are fearing of going outside amidst the rising amount of cases of corona every day, so less people would be going to the stores to buy the new album Taylor swift is 30 years old- Not meant to be ****** remark, but when a woman in the industry reaches her 30+ era, the industry becomes very discriminating and ****** towards such women. For example- Britney released BJ when she was 32 years, Gaga released Joanne when she was 30 years old, Katy perry released witness when she was 33, and all of these albums underperformed. So, would there be a decrease in sales? Protest- In the US or WW, people are busy protesting against the problems of their country and fighting, such as #BLM . So since many people would be protesting, would they care if TS dropped a new album or not? Billboard has stopped considering bundles So with all of these problems, how much do you think at most will Taylor swift be able to sell in her first week? I personally think that the album will obviously debut at No.1 in the billboard charts, but i think Folklore will sell around 250k-350k in its first week. In the UK, i think she will sell 43k over there and probably debut at No.1 or No.2. Internationally, i predict that the album will shift around 540k-670k What do you think? Let me know
  6. Folklore went to #5 after the six consecutive weeks on top. In its seventh week, the album sold 48,000 units (she's not a streaming force) to be honest. Several articles claim Taylor put her catalog online the day Witness came out simply to sabotage Katy Perry. Several saw this as a villain strategy. But now it's all love. Anyway, Taylor is no longer #1, but come Christmas season when she releases and ships physical units estimated in the US to be about 3,000,000 total of the vinyl pre orders, once all 8 covers with different bar codes (UPC) ship and scan she will be back on top. The only woman who could end her is Adele. And until Covid is over... reports from actual scientists with degrees suggest a huge and more deadly second wave is expected this holiday season and should last until February. I already plan on going to my grandparents and staying there til the second wave is over. Christmas will not be cancelled and we shouldn't separate ourselves from family Xmas traditions, cos serious depression from the holidays kick in cos loneliness is at a higher peek during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays cos we grew up with that one time of the year. The whole family came together under one roof to celebrate the holidays. Whether ski lodge and such. But business perspective Taylor knows Billboard doesn't count pre orders. She knows her fans have unlimited line of Platinum and Diamond credit, have all bills paid cause most of her fans are from loaded families or have trust funds they are set for life. Don't need to work, everything is paid for. So by having two different ship dates: one for CDs and cassette, the other with the vinyl and digital download with no clothes set for November... she made sure to top the charts during the holidays and stay there. Related:
  7. Interesting that Folklore album tracks are already overtaking. I wonder how much longer Changes can stay ahead for. Ooopppp Intentions - 553,869,419 Yummy - 469,733,853 Forever - 131,466,816 cardigan - 116,320,184 exile - 98,378,451 the 1 - 78,317,343 Get Me - 68,899,671 the last great american dynasty - 59,665,031 august - 57,998,013 my tears ricochet - 57,605,483 Come Around Me - 55,772,217 mirrorball - 48,757,539 seven - 47,994,676 invisible string - 47,566,662 this is me trying - 45,001,824 illicit affairs - 44,122,774 betty - 43,477,231 Habitual - 42,026,816 All Around Me - 38,480,637 mad woman - 38,175,289 epiphany - 34,855,566 peace - 34,213,346 Available - 32,781,687 Changes - 32,318,422 Running Over - 31,869,462 Second Emotion - 31,752,437 hoax - 30,990,345 Confirmation - 28,548,605 ETA - 26,080,709 That's What Love Is - 23,312,210 Take It Out On Me - 22,001,668 At Least For Now - 19,570,439
  8. Several record stores across the country found packages on their doorsteps from the one and only Taylor Swift that included autographed folklore cds. Taylor has been a huge advocate for the music industry and a HUGE supporter of physical albums and record stores in the past. Several record stores posted photos on twitter with the hashtag "#recordstorefolklore" Angie Roloff, owner of Strictly Discs in Madison, Wisconsin, told Billboard: "Yesterday, I got an email from our Universal rep that we were one of the stores that had been chosen to receive 30 autographed Taylor Swift CDs," she said. "We weren't permitted to talk about it until the CDs were in hand, and then we could post socially about it so folks could come and find us. And the other requirement was it has to be just local customers, not just shipping them to people outside of our immediate area. So today has been the day of Taylor Swift frenzy, which was actually quite fun." She obviously did this to help out stores that have been struggling during the pandemic. GENEROUS QUEEN! Related:
  9. Taylor Swift announced Thursday morning she was releasing a new album titled folklore... TONIGHT. Well my friends, that time has arrived. The new record features 16 songs, including a collaboration with Bon Iver. Stream the new album, plus check out the music video for "cardigan," below. Exhale, as you listen to the new songs, please comment! Stream: "cardigan" music video:
  10. Taylor Swift's folklore bonus track, "The Lakes," which lands exclusively on the physical edition of the album, is out now. The physical issue dropped today. If you've been enjoying folklore, you're in for a real treat. "The Lakes" is another gorgeous addition to an already impeccable album. The song details Taylor's swift upheaval to the England’s scenic Lake District in an effort to run and hide from naysayers and haters. It also appears to touch on her label drama with Scooter Braun. “Take me to the lakes, where all the poets went to die,” she sings. “Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry / I’ve come too far to watch some name-dropping sleaze / Tell me what are my words worth.” So excited to dive into "The Lakes." Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  11. Stan culture is powerful in that it can move the needle and create unstoppable momentum for their fav, but it has its downsides. A few die-hard Taylor Swift fans started sending writers death threats for not giving folklore a perfect score in their review. Take music giant Pitchfork for example. Their senior editor, Jill Mapes, gave it an 8/10. That's actually a pretty phenomenal score, but it opened the door for scary backlash. She said folklore “could use some selective pruning” and isn’t “tangible proof” that Tay Tay can do “anything” and the fans will adore it either way. She started receiving ‘hexing’ tweets with satanic images of Taylor and death threats. The NY Times also gave a moderately decent review of folklore, which threatens Swift's Metacritic score, and thus they went in for the kill. Thoughts? Stan culture is both incredible and super toxic. Swifties, I personally give folklore a 150 out of 100.
  12. Taylor Swift has sold over 500,000 units of her new album folklore in just three days. The album already surpassed the biggest week of 2020 for any album, previously set by Juice WRLD’s Legends Never Die (497K). This isn't counting the limited week of physical pre-orders which ends Thursday at 11:59 PM EST. In 2014, Barbara Walters said it best, and this just proves her comments were valid and accurate. "Taylor Alison Swift is the music industry." She's half way to a million! Let's place bets. I think she's gonna outdo Lovers numbers because she has won over fans that normally don't check for her at all with this album. Related:
  13. Taylor Swift's new album folklore is critically acclaimed. It has a metascore of 96 based off of 11 reviews, according to Metacritic. That's actually amazing. The Telegraph UK: 100 MusicOMH: 100 Entertainment Weekly: 100 Consequence of Sound: 91 LA Times: 90 The line of Best Fit: 90 The Independent: 80 The Guardian: 100 Variety: 95 Rolling Stone: 90 Spin: 80 NME: 80 Queen of music strikes like a scorpion. What would YOU rate folklore, Exhale?
  14. The video is out! The special effects are amazing... Related:
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