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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/9561507/dr-luke-not-a-public-figure-kesha-libel-suit/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook We will not here an outcome on the long going battle for Dr. Luke vs. Kesha, in what can be seen as a victory to Luke for privacy, since a tweet basically a guy posted him holding a gun, and saying Kesha's freedom is worth spending a lifetime in jail, that was the key point in making him not a public figure by courts, thus preventing the media and the public knowing anything, and according to the Billboard business article, Kesha is even on a gag order for his safety and his family's safety..
  2. Fiona Apple is nominated in three categories at the 2021 Grammys. She thought about boycotting the show altogether. She's also contemplated smashing her Grammy award with a sledgehammer should she win. Apple is protesting the Grammys because they nominated producer Dr. Luke, who was nominated under the pseudonym Tyson Trax. Kesha claims Dr. Luke s**ually assaulted her and is currently still fighting him in court over it. Here's what she told The Guardian: She added: “I’m waiting to hear more about what Deborah Dugan has to say [about the culture at the Recording Academy] because that all reeks to me,” she said. “When you hire somebody and they raise questions and then they get fired? There’s a lot of things that she brought up that make it so that I can’t vet that situation and I don’t really wanna go there and support it.” Apple smashing her Grammy on stage would be a total mood. Exhale, are we gonna help her break it or nah? Related:
  3. Avril Lavigne just followed Dr. Luke on Instagram, and fans are not thrilled about it. Avril came to Kesha's defense in the past regarding the lawsuit against, so it's curious why she has any connection with him now. Fans are worried they're working together on new music. They previously collaborated together, including "Hot." Thoughts?
  4. Katy Perry says she and producer Dr. Luke, who's entangled in a years-long ****** assault lawsuit with Kesha, says she always had good encounters with him while recording together. In 2017, Katy was deposed for the lawsuit. In the unsealed transcripts, Katy said she feared speaking up in defense of Dr. Luke because she worried she'd be labeled “the one woman that is against women.” In a new interview with the LA Times, Katy said: “I knew both of them at the time. It sucks when you know both of the players I can only speak for my own experience, and my own experience [with Gottwald] was a healthy one. I believe in due process. And I also believe that only they know the truth.” Thoughts, Exhale? Should Katy have spoken up no matter how people perceived her? Related:
  5. Might be controversial but unlike Kesha, he has been found innocent several times by a court of law. Regardless, the court of public opinion cancelled him. Dr. Luke lost his label as Sony paid him out of his imprint Kemosabe and fired him. Though he has been found not guilty several times. My big question: did #MeToo, cancelling Dr. Luke and the take down of the manly-man kill pop music? It does seem the gays went to rap since it is ratchet, sleazy and proud to be slutty and ******. Where pop music and the females feel like they have something to say, the party is over til the patriarch is over and men are no longer needed in music. It does seem the male bashing in female pop music did turn off the gays by killing the genre. Since it has become part of the new version of feminist movement where men aren't celebrated but seen as evil.
  6. In 2013, Britney Jean was released, and we as painfully know, it was a rushed, incoherent mess full of background vocalists getting far too brave. Noticeably, the production was just awful at many times. Where did the high quality production from her past albums go? In particular...why is Dr. Luke only on one song? Dr. Luke had been all up in Britney's career for some like, 5-6 years, and had just produced the really lovely and well produced Ooh La La for Britney in June of 2013. Come November 2013, Britney Jean is released, and Luke is found only on the bonus track Brightest Morning Star. Something I want to point out is that the Dr. Luke v. Kesha situation first got public notice in September of 2013. Wikipedia says BJ was still being recorded until October. Now, the sound of Britney Jean leads me to believe that the album was intended to draw inspiration from legendary pop albums from her idols, like Ray of Light, with references to things like spirituality and sense of self prominent. William Orbit, producer of Ray of Light, is even credited for Alien. Ooh La La sounds a lot like Dr. Luke's take on Orbit-style production. It's structure reminds me of the title track of Ray of Light. Why does that matter? I have a theory that Dr. Luke may have been more heavily present on Britney Jean, and may have been crafting a sound more like Alien, Ooh La La, Brightest Morning Star, etc. I think it could be possible that people in the industry had heard of Dr. Luke's behavior and once the first rumblings came public, maybe they knew more was coming, and as a result Britney's team jumped ship before it hit the fan, nixed work done with Dr. Luke, and rushed to get replacement filler thrown in. I think the album was being rushed regardless, hence back up vocalists on tracks like Passenger, but I think this could possibly be some kind of factor in why Britney Jean was what it was. What do ya'll think?
  7. Dr. Luke's reputation is in the bin amidst his ongoing legal battle with Kesha, who accuses him of ****** abuse. She, along with Kim Petras and Doja Cat, are currently signed to Luke's label, Kemosabe Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music/RCA. Luke is the producer behind Doja Cat's new #1 song, "Say So." Doja actually expressed in the past wanting to be rid of Luke, but he just helped her achieve a career milestone. There's no denying he is talented, but there's a real possibility he's a monster. However, Kesha's claims have never been proven in a court of law (a sad road block to justice many women and men who've been ******** abused encounter). “The guy’s a genius,” Britney Spears and Kim Petras' manager, Larry Rudolph, tells Variety. “He’s incredible at what he does and always has been. He got into an ugly and unfortunate public situation with an artist — but it’s not like his talent went away.” Another top industry insider said, “Luke’s an ---hole. Everybody knows it, but I don’t think he’s a ******.” Luke produced a lot of songs off Britney's Femme Fatale album. He also plays a heavy hand in shaping Kim's budding pop career. Pretty much every song she's released was produced by him (under the pseudonym MADE IN CHINA). I once asked Kim in an interview if she'd like to comment on the Luke allegations, and she plead the fifth. However, the Internet will NOT let Kim forget she's working with an alleged ****** predator. Luke is literally brought up every time Kim posts something new or conducts an interview - the comments go IN on her. Why doesn't Doja Cat get that same backlash? I have seen some outrage regarding Doja and Luke, but not in the same way it's been aimed at Kim. It feels like the world of music celebrated Doja Cat's #1 with Nicki Minaj and few cared to point out that behind the hit is someone potentially ominous. Variety's new headline even says he's back despite hiding in plain sight. Why do you think that is? And are you able to separate Dr. Luke the producer from Dr. Luke the alleged abuser? Can you listen to songs he creates without the thoughts of his Kesha lawsuit coming to mind? Sound off. Related:
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