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    Found 6 results

    1. Then they were agaisn't Xtina, Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, even Ricky Martin and of in a more level Britney but now nobody said nothing about Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ariana, Justin Beiber... Is because society change
    2. Hi y'all, wanna share what is your favourite food from your country/area and a foreign dish? I'm from Argentina, and I recommend 2 things: 1 the typical "Asado" (sorry vegans/vegetarians) and the "Empanadas Tucumanas" as for the foreign food, I love me some sushi what are yours?
    3. This twitter account is questioning whether Britney is in charge of her captions and says they’re contradictory on the subject of Britney using computers. Recently Britney said she never opened computer in her life and it made me re-think 🤔 and I thought I’d bring the debate here. I remember a radio interview from 2011 where Britney is asked what she does when she’s not working and she quotes “I love my home, I have a little routine & I like my computer, cause you know I’m nerd” and there’s a moment in I am Britney Jean where she describes herself as very studious and she one time printed out show ideas on paper 📄 and there’s a scene which looks staged where she’s writing a song ✍️ Then on Instagram from October She said she was on her computer checking out songs she didn’t release as singles and chose brave new girl for a fashion show showing off her cat suits. Comment below if you recall any other moments where she uses one 👩🏼‍💻
    4. The snippet of the song sounds so fresh and new and more related to 2017 releases like Bad Liar by Selena, Nervous by Shawn and more. Moreover, the comeback of the Backstreet Boys was in 2019 so it's most likely a song recorded for the B10 Sessions. What do you think? It's a 2017-18 song? Leave your comments!
    5. Heyy, has anyone had the chance to listen to her demo? How does it sound? i've always been curious on this!
    6. You guys just pretend that it wasn't because the video was so well done. And the people who hate Tinashe on the song are just as delusional because she sings it exactly like Britney. #JusticeForAlmostAnyOtherSongOnGlory #TimeTravelToMakeDoYouWannaComeOverAsFirstSingle
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