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Found 2 results

  1. It’s official, Britney is done performing live after one lucky fan and contestant is wearing her headset whilst holding his winner trophy of BBC’s celebrity mastermind, a tv show in the UK
  2. Hello @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @Slayer @Puppy I just got flashbacks when I was a member of a different forum like 8 years ago and there were tons of exciting competitions. These competitions were like a gasoline of the forum. Everyone were so excited about them and I had an amazing time participating in them. It was so much fun. One of them, very big one was like every year/6 months edition and it was long. First, users were ''applying for participation'' in a special thread. Then these users were randomly put in groups (like 5 users in one) by the hosts (you don't know the pain when you are in one group with someone on forum you hate and you have to work together ). Every group had their own ''little'' forum that was seen ONLY by the members of that group & hosts. So they could make threads, talk there and do everything they needed to do for this competition. They had to name their groups, make their logos, chose the leader etc. first. Every week hosts give groups new tasks like for example ''Create with your group lyrics to a song about idk free Britney'' or ''Design together outfit for Britney tour'' (every task could be Britney related on this forum) or ''Design your outrageous outfit for red carpet'', some quiz etc, something like that as it's a pop culture forum. In ''design tasks'' IDEAS were judged, not art skills but u had to show them painting or something. Groups work a week to make it look good. So every week there's a ceremony where jury judge groups' work and they pick one winning group after giving them points. The winning group have some time to choose ONE user they want to eliminate from groups that lost. People in winning group are safe. The same ceremony, they announce who is the one ''going home'' Every week = ceremony where groups post their work, jury judges it, jury picks a winning group and the winning group pick ONE user from lost groups that they want to eliminate, hosts announce new task. So u have to win with your group if u don't want to be eliminated. Your group can lose users so it'd get harder to do the tasks. And when your group win, your people are safe but u have to be very strategic about deciding who u wanna sent home from lost groups. When there's like maybe 7 users left in competition groups are destroyed and everyone work on their own, everyone vote and only one person that won the task is safe from elimination. There was a version with a ''liar'' as well. Every rule I mentioned up is still the same but at the beginning of competition one users randomly is chosen by hosts as ''liar''. He can't win the competition but he's here to manipulate everyone but he can be eliminated by others. NO ONE knows who's that. That person has every answers, tips to do the tasks & what to do to impress jury. He has to hide good and act like a normal user. So voting groups have to be even more strategic to vote him off. When a user is eliminated, he always say if he was the liar or not. When the liar is eliminated, host randomly pick new liar that do the same work and has to hide from others well & act normal. In competitions like that u could win points, reputation points, special color of your nickname u chose etc. I participated in tons of competitions like that and even if a lot of people hated me there I was always Top 3 One time I won everything You just have to manipulate people well There was also ''confession forum'' in there where users could post and speak their minds etc. like in reality shows Every users had their own thread there. During the competition ONLY hosts and the person that typed these posts could see them. No one else. During the finale EVERY post from every user from this thread started to be public so everyone could read that It was so funny to read all of the shade and tea there Competitions were sooo much fun, there was a lot of drama, tears and blood And it was so stressful when they were announcing who is going home But everyone had an amazing time. I loved when b tches I hated got eliminated What about making something like that on Exhale? It'd took a lot of work tho.
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