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Found 7 results

  1. Hi y’all! So I’m unhinged at the moment and unlike the gays the dye their hair platinum blonde during these moments, I’m going a different route and experimenting with my facial hair. Specifically, I’m in the early stages of growing a mustache! I’ve never let any of my facial hair get too long, and keep it cleaned up with an electric razor, which never makes my face completely smooth. AnTyways , I’m trying to find celebrity inspirations to model my mustache after. I’m not looking to get too crazy (no handle bar mustache here) but I’m curious if a.) you have a mustache or have grown one, b.) what grooming tips you have to maintain it, and c.) is there a celebrity whose mustache makes you *****? Discuss.
  2. Who are some famous faces who are here on exhale and are publicly out.( I don’t want anyone outing celebrities who have anonymous accounts.) For example I only want you to say Demi lovato is here if she has an account and goes by Demi lovato and makes it clear she is Demi lovato. I don’t want anyone to say like “scenequeen69 is Selena Gomez’s secret exhale account”.
  3. There's a lot of people that are rating celebrities they met. They obvi can lie etc. but when a celebrity has tons of ''bad reviews'' from different people, insiders etc. it can mean only one thing. So what are celebrities that you often see being considered as ''mean''? I definitely remember Ariana having bad reputation in mid 2010s - acting like a diva, being mean to people etc. Now I don't really see people having bad experiences w/ her. It seems that it has changed since the Manchester bombing. Beyonce. I heard a lot of stuff that she's mean and she thinks she's a God or something. Kendall Jenner. She's reportedly mean as hell. Just like Kylie. People have really bad experiences with them. Demi Lovato obviously with her dumb ''woke'' comments Justin Bieber. He seemed like a jerk in the past. Idk about now. Naomi Campbell... she once hit a maid in a head with a cellphone. Alarming but iconic Kim Kardashian. Like whole Kardashian-Jenner family, they reportedly care only about themselves, not in a ''healthy'' way. Not gonna mention Britney that had a horrible reputation in 2007 for personal problems that were reportedly affecting her neighbors at that time. She didn't deserve it obviously. She has never done anything problematic. Taylor Swift obvi with that whole Kanye thing.
  4. Hello The rules of the game are simple. I'm starting the game with a celebrity I chose and I'm typing here a sentence that the celebrity would never say in real life, then I'm choosing celebrity for another person that will be under me. And they do the same thing. You make a sentence that celebrity I chose would never say and then u choose a celebrity for another person that will be under you (when someone forgets to choose a celebrity, another person has to do the last celebrity that was mentioned) etc. I'm starting: Ariana Grande would never say something like: ''I want to do something totally different, that I've never done before with my next album, I want to experiment with my music'' (It's a good game to shade a celebrity in a respectful way ) Celebrity for another person: Taylor Swift - she would never say...?
  5. Does anyone know any other celebs that has wished Britney a Happy Birthday today other than Mariah Carey?
  6. I can't be the only one in this situation. Is there any celebrities or just people in general you follow who have been quiet since the pandemic that you worry about? I am very worried about Kylie Minogue (already sense the "Just shut up about Kylie you stupid stan" comments coming) but she has not posted anything on social media since this mess started and have been worried sick what that could mean. Thankfully I know the situation of all my family members, so that's a relief, but I don't want to lose a figure that is very special to me, even though yes I know she's a celebrity and I don't know her personally, whatever. I can't be the only one with a situation like this, so please vent out your worries, we are in this together
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