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    Found 14 results

    1. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all
    2. Hey Exhalers, How's everyone doing? I noticed the longing discussion you brought up regarding the B-side 'Can't Make You Love Me', so I decided to go with a proper design similar to the 'Oops!... I Did It Again' single. I must admit that in the 2000's I wasn't feeling the song at all, and it was a skip for me (don't go hard on me) Due to your discussion and after a few plays I fell hard. Now, it's pure gem! I imagine it as the sequel to 'Lucky'. I think it fit pretty good. Don't you think? How would you imagine the music video for it? Do you like the song? Do you agree with the design choices? Let me know your thoughts. Back cover without lyrics: Back cover with lyrics:
    3. Do you guys agree with that list? What's your favorite performance? Credit: Santa Spears
    4. "Hold Me Closer" Y2K Remix by @Trace is HERE! Your thoughts? Credit: Trace Adam
    5. He says: It's upbeat, club vibe but ''viby chill'' at the same time It's comparable to Cold Heart Britney and Elton were both very involved Hit material Britney was so excited to record the song that she quit smoking to do it It's only the beginning and the collab is only the first part, new music from Britney is coming but she still needs time No idea how reliable he is tho.
    6. Hey guys, My heart goes out to Britney. The whole situation of the leaked video sickened me, made me angry but mostly saddened me. I can't imagine how Britney's feeling after all these years of giving her soul out to the people she loves. The nerve, the lack of shame, and the betrayal. It's too much and unfair! 💔 All I can say is that I'm 100% on Britney's side. I'm glad she has Sam and Rosengart as a support system. She deserves the peace of mind, and I hope she will find the power to deal with all of this. I had to share it. How about you guys? Do you feel the same or differently?
    7. Hey Exhalers, Have you ever wondered if Britney will decide to release one of her IG skits as a single? That would be interesting. Don't you think? One thread that I saw here got me inspired to create an artwork. It was one of her 'Ashley' skits (Therapy Questions) that evolved into a brilliant remix by CØULTHARD. I took one of her IG photos from her runway costume fashion show and created a pop-art design with sassy and sarcastic vibes. How would you imagine the music video for the song? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design Credit: CØULTHARD
    8. The main things from his video are: It's similar to the cover Dua Lipa did for Elton John for the 'Cold Heart'. It's a club-upbeat viby chill. Britney was so excited about this project she literally quit smoking to do this. She's in love with the song and the whole result. "I wanted to exclusively dropped this and I'm so lucky I have this person. There's a very lucky sort of connection things. I hope I don't get in trouble". "This song gonna destroy so many doubters, they're gonna be like, oh damn! She's still go it. This is a banger". "She made the song her own". "This is the beginning. There's clearly a plan at place. New music, the book and more". She's leading the meetings. She's in control". Usually, he is legit, but I don't know.... What are your thoughts? Do you believe it? I wonder who the source is
    9. Britney has officially reached 40M followers on Instagram! I still remember when she only had like 20M not too long ago. Pretty impressive when you compare to the other artists who started in the late 90’s/early 00’s, but still way less than jlo/beyonce/gaga. Here is a list of all girls and how they rank: Selena G - 306M Ariana - 301M Beyonce - 245M JLO - 199M Nicki - 180M Miley - 163M Katy - 156M Demi - 128M Rihanna - 124M Dua - 81.2 Shakira - 71.8M Gaga - 51.8M Britney - 40M Mariah - 10.7M Avril 10.6M Pink 8.7M xtina 8.2 Kelly C 5.2M Ava Max - 2.6M
    10. Rapper Boosie calls out Britney for a New Orleans Super Bowl half time show. The spelling though 💀 A for effort. Imagine Britney in an all hip hop lineup. Would be iconic tbh
    11. https://twitter.com/britmebaby/status/1482553602447134721 https://twitter.com/tinadoy88/status/1482537921873854470
    12. With everything going on and more details coming out about the conservatorships level of control, it makes me wonder who’s idea the plastic surgeries really were... From her nose jobs, her surgery to make her smile bigger by slicing her cheeks Joker style, and even the Brest implants that caused so much media scrutiny for her in the beginning. We’re they hear ideas? Or could she had been pressured and eventually forced by the conservatorship to maintain their desired image? After all she has no control over her own medial care... j what do YOU think??
    13. "Before becoming one of the world's most important and influential pop legends, Britney Spears was living life in a small southern town by the name of Kentwood, Louisiana." And with those words, Kassie Thibodeaux opens her petition to replace the confederate statues in New Orleans with statues of Louisiana hero Britney Spears! Is this old news? Because I just caught wind of this. With all the social justice reforms happening, many fans of Britney are signing a petition, to have the Confederate Statues removed, and replaced with a statue of our Princess of Pop in Louisiana. The petition outlines many ways in which Britney has given back to communities in Louisiana over the years, which is true. The petition started by Kassie Thibodeaux, reads as follows: "Before becoming one of the world's most important and influential pop legends, Britney Spears was living life in a small southern town by the name of Kentwood, Louisiana," she wrote in the petition's description. "Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she's proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself. She's an inspiration to millions." At first one might think "Wait, what? A statue of Brit-Brit?" but it makes sense. Britney has done some very importan things, including donating thousands to Hurricane Katrina in 2006, and also more recently, a portion of her ticket sales in Vegas were donated to schools for flood recovery. "Do the right thing: Replace the Confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero and influential human being, Britney Spears," Thibodeaux wrote in conclusion. As of time of writing, the petition has 28,282 signatures + mine now! The goal is 35,000! In a similar manner on the website, another petition is calling for statues of Dolly Parton to be erected in place of Confederate monuments across Tennessee. I'm down for erecting of our fav legendary artists. How does everyone feel about this? I think we should have a statue for every one of her MTV performances. Weigh in below, and head over to change.org to sign that petition and get Miss Britney erected! https://www.change.org/p/john-bel-edwards-replace-confederate-statues-in-new-orleans-with-statues-of-louisiana-hero-britney-spears-a6d887db-e1d4-462b-b0f0-0c553066308a
    14. I have been noticing this about Britney since a very long time.Even though I became a Britney Stan in 2018 after knowing about her and her life struggles.I followed her career and her eras since very beginning! Britney literally nailed every performance she had till 2004.Before her knee injury. Then came blackout era where Britney was a little messy and a little slutty but she still had it.Remember M&M’s tour?! Even after her breakdown,The circus era too had some great performances. Britneys performances had changed during femme fatale era completely.She wasn’t there at all.I feel something odd about that era.Even during Britney jean era she wasn’t giving her full potential. But then she got back during 2015-16 around glory era.Then again in 2018 her performances were completely messy.Her moves weren’t complete. Britney said in an interview that she wanted glory to be her baby.And we all know Britney didn’t had control over femme fatale album and Britney jean album. So is it because she gets drugged and her performances get bad or is it that when she’s releasing her own music she’s super excited about it and thought glory was her last chance and we failed her?? Im saying that about glory since Britney didn’t perform the same at all after glory era and even Jayden said Britney might quit music :((( what do you guys think?? Will Britney ever comeback or will she become a legacy artist..?
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