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  1. Now that we got some time with the song out, a brand new music video and remixes to come... could Britney get a Grammy nomination? even win it? What does it take? Let's discuss Also I wanna read about VMA thoughts
  2. I watched it when it first came out and genuinely can’t remember how they addressed this. I primarily remember a really embarrassing showdown between the Justin and Britney characters, and britney performing that Elvis song at the 07 VMAs and then her saying thank y’all on some Vegas stage or whatever. but genuinely how do they address it? I feel like they don’t?? Not Hollywood legitimately erasing all of that for so long
  3. Just watch it and you can tell Britney is the new Marilyn only she’s still alive. The movie leave me hopeless, sad, dark ****. Even when this it’s more a fictional script I think this kind of movie could be amazing if it’s with Britney authorization. And she use it to tell everything. Portrait the dark days before the free Britney movement and show how the industry as with Marilyn duck up her life. How the ppl trate her like a stupid blonde bombshell when she is so much more and how her family used that to control her use her and look ok for everyone.
  4. Now that we know the suffering that was all, do you think she cried out of sadness or relief that everything was ending?
  5. HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that despite her absence onscreen, she was heavily involved in the production. “Britney did have an active role in the production of the ‘Hold Me Closer’ video and she is so proud of it and the way that it turned out,” a source close to the Everytime songstress said. “She got super emotional and cried happy tears when she saw the final version. The interpretive dancers were flawless and, being a dancer herself, she feels that they conveyed the feeling that she wanted the video to have, which is hope, love, and triumph.” Brit also loved the video’s colorful aspects, the source added. “She loved the colorful element of the video and how every color of the rainbow is represented. She is very grateful to Elton for asking her to be a part of this, as it was eye-opening for her. Even though neither of them appeared, it was a very costly production.” Britney’s absence onscreen, the source clarified, was because of “scheduling conflict and timing,” making it impossible for either her or the “Rocket Man” singer to appear in the dance video filmed in Mexico City locales. Originally, a separate source told HL in earlier comments that they’d planned for the production to be a big one, with Britney involved from the outset, and that remains true. “Of course, it is going to be a huge production, but Britney is now ready for this,” the source told us back in August. “She is ready for this video, and she is now ready to get back to her music. ‘Hold Me Closer’ has given her a voice again and she is ready to use it.”
  6. Private Show is one of my faves from Glory Yesterday I made a thread saying Touch of My Hand is overrated (which ofc no one agreed with me) And someone told me to stream Private Show and Chillin With You since that's my taste in my music No one likes Chillin With You but Private Show is like 100x better and it doesn't deserve to be put with Chillin With You Why do so many people hate this song?
  7. Jordan Alexander @ jojoalexander: "She was enjoying her free time out and about I didn’t want to bug her for a pic . But I did tell her I loved her and that she’s a queen. she smiled and said thank you" the last picture:
  8. For some reason I like this artwork and back cover - this is literally artsy fartsy!!! If she will release something, she can do the same and use some random photo as good artwork. Someone just crop a photo from that moment and made from this something totally different with design, what nobody can't connect with that moment. Do you understand now me what I mean now? This is reason why I like this one, somebody crossed the line and turned a tragic photo into something that would sell well and be engaging and original hard to connect with britney without hair because she is not there with face. Every Britney Spears Album Cover, Reimagined | by Tag W.R. Hartman-Simkins | Medium MEDIUM.COM All nine of them, front to back, because I love pop. Then I packaged them up as vinyl records because... It's not hate post, but that sometimes you can use something what nobody likes to something original and interesting as artwork. This font and everything works well here. Creator note from web: This album was the hardest for me. Going into this project, Britney Jean was the record I was the least familiar with beyond its singles. I listen to each record over and over as I design the covers, so my thoughts while growing familiar with Britney Jean was that it was strange to have two eponymous albums in your catalog with only a middle name distinction. Was the addition of “Jean” supposed to make it more real? Was this a reflection of who Britney was? In 2001 Britney might have depicted a young woman embracing her burgeoning ***uality and the flattening nature of celebrity at the dawn of the new millennium, but Britney Jean came after the frustrating ups and downs following 2007. What better way to strip **** back and be real than using paparazzi photos of you literally beating the **** out of a vehicle with an umbrella? I dunno. That’s what a record with “Work *****” deserves, I think.
  9. 10 best pop albums of the 21st century | British GQ T.CO From Britney Spears to Taylor Swift, these albums have helped define the last 20 years
  10. God Me Closer keeps growing and now it's back at #2 on iTunes WW after a month of release When will any of your faves?
  11. On September 28, 2016, Britney Spears was interviewed at The Jonathan Ross show, and she also performed Make Me..., the lead single off Glory. The show didn't air until October 1st, though. In the interview she talked about her love for rice, dating lizard people, admitted to farting onstage and also played some games, including singing Shake It Off after inhaling helium from a balloon. Most noteworthy, people who attended the filming of the episode revealed she also talked about drug use and the party scene in Vegas, but most importantly, that she allegedly talked about her conservatorship and the restrictions it has when it comes to recording her music. Such declarations were cut from the show when it aired on October 1st. In 2021, someone contacted Jonathan Ross about this subject, and he responded that the cut content most likely doesn't exist anymore since the tv network only keeps the edited shows.
  12. Hi! I'm Natasha Lasky, and I just wrote a book about Blackout for Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 series, putting it in conversation with the rest of Britney's career, the context of the time, and the trajectory of pop music and fan culture more broadly. Would love to answer any questions about the book and talk about all things Britney/the pop bible. I'll come back on Wednesday and respond to your questions!
  13. Tanu said, "This was an emotional one for me as I grew up with Britney. After seeing "Slave For You," I decided that I wanted to become a video director. Elton John is an icon that I and the world grew up listening to,” On the creative direction, Muino continued, "Going into this video, I knew there would be a lot of emotional expectations the audience and fans would have. With this responsibility, I had to do something different and unexpected. The dance had to be forward-thinking to raise eyebrows and make Elton and Britney proud. To capture this magic, we shot around all my favorite architectural locations in Mexico City and brought on choreographer Jacob Jonas who does the best contemporary choreography today. Getting the best dancers, crew, and access to some of the most private locations in the world was simple as everyone wanted to work with Elton John and be part of his legacy." This stunning dance video for Hold Me Closer, shot in Mexico City by the award winning director Tanu Muino beautifully capturing an immeasurable feeling of intimacy so missing from the world through the turmoil and chaos of recent times.
  14. Based on how things are going post conservatorship, and how she is done performing, what would you like to see Britney realistically do in the rest of her life, related to her career? Not personal life. Go! For me: Christmas 2022: release the circus tour as a streaming special on Netflix to promote her upcoming book. At the end of the special is a short video message to fans where Britney teases her book to get the real story of what was going on during the circus Era, and thanks her fans and explains why the circus tour never got released at the time. Q1 2023: book release. No promo besides Instagram. *break in social media* Q4 2023: Britney releases an album of unreleased tracks. Part 1 of several parts to be released years apart. She records one promo music video in Hawaii featuring Sam and some dancers. But no live performances of the song. This song becomes a hit for her even with no promo besides the video. She accepts awards for the song remotely but doesn't attend any events. Q1 2024: a 2 hour documentary comes out with Britney helping change conservatorship laws and showing her healing process. It's a very serious and respectable documentary and is nominated for awards. Q4 2024: another album of unreleased tracks and a few new remixes of her biggest hits. No video or promo other than a new megamix video featuring rare footage from previous video projects. Q4 2025: last album of unreleased and rare tracks. We all know the record label has songs in the vault to use after an artists death. In this case Britney has decided to retire so they are putting the rest and some of the best songs on this final album. Britney records one new music video which she announces will be her last. She attends the vma's to collect awards for the songs. Lastly, at some point later in life, Britney writes one final book reflecting upon her life. This book has a lighter tone than her first book and has many funny stories about her experience in the business, dating life, and creating music. It also provides an update on her personal life, marriage, and family since her life has been so far out of the public eye. She explains to her fans how she is unable to work in the industry anymore and this is the last time we will hear from her. This is just what I hope for based on her not wanting to perform anymore. But she would still be able to fulfill her contracts and make some money for herself.
  15. A fresh but true to the original remix of Britney’s song ‘Man On The Moon’ from her 2016 album ‘Glory’. I wanted to keep this remix close to the original, to elevate the already stunning production, instead of a completely new sound. This remix features more of the hidden vocals from the multitrack, and a new bouncy beat to jam along to. Let’s go to the moon…🧑🏼‍🚀🌙
  16. i see a lot of britney fans talking about lou taylor but i would love to know who she is
  17. Hold me closer is useless. I hate the song and I don't understand why britney chose to make a comeback with this bad song. Plus, she did no promo or music video for this music. i think she loved cold heart from Elton and Dua, that's why she wanted a song with elton, but the result is bad, sorry Bloodshy and avant know how to treat Britney voice, perfect songs for her voice. Love them so much. They made great songs for B
  18. Hands down if Britney release her (for me) the best album as anniversary edition
  19. Britney Spears' first husband, Jason Alexander, posted videos about the pop star weeks after being hit with a three-year restraining order, Radaronline can confirm. Alexander was subsequently ordered not to contact his ex after prosecutors in Ventura County hit him with a felony stalking charge in addition to battery, trespassing, and vandalism. He later pleaded not guilty at his arraignment following his arrest at her multimillion-dollar home, ultimately changing his plea to no contest while his felony stalking and misdemeanor vandalism charges were dismissed. Although a judge ruled that Alexander cannot reach out to his ex or contact her, he took to his Instagram Stories with throwback videos that he previously shared about Spears on Monday. Alexander, who Spears was married to for 55 hours before their annulment in 2004, re-posted a clip shared in April, showing carvings of their names in wood that he did while gazing out at the ocean. Another re-posted clip showed their names written in the sand before the water washed it away. Alexander also recently appeared on PodcastOne's One Degree of Scandalous, claiming the singer called him on the phone just days before she tied the knot.
  20. Please follow these steps to request for her missing bonus tracks to be uploaded to streaming services (takes seconds for each one!!) Visit popmusicactivism.com/requests Choose a missing song from the list below (hidden in the Spoiler tag!!) Fill out the info provided & click submit! Repeat this process for each missing song you'd like to request There are currently 10 released bonus tracks that are completely missing from streaming. Plus an additional 6 that are missing from their respective albums. I'm hoping the more people who request, the more likely Pop Music Activism are going to respond! Thank you to @Isla for suggesting this website. You can follow @pop_activism on Twitter to support their work. MISSING SONGS LIST:
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