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  1. Why is it paid dust? I’ll never forget where I was when it first came out. I was in eighth grade and they were getting ready for a brand new era. I was in a car near a gas station waiting for my parents to finish putting the gas in the car. Suddenly the radio commercials cut and the host talked about how it was Britney’s first single in 2 years to prepare for the follow up to Circus. They started talking about Britney having a whole new sound. It was honestly so interesting the first time I heard it. Given, I was also not as familiar with In the Zone at the time because I would’ve been a bit young when that came out. I often would listen to radio on my alarm clock (idk why) in my bathroom as I got ready for school and that was also the first time I ever heard Till the World Ends. Once that came out I noticed HAIM just disappear from the radio and even from my mind. In general, I know the record Femme Fatale can be deemed as lifeless which I can agree as it was forced for her and she should have been living her life on her own terms. But the production is very sleek. so my question for everyone is why is it forgotten and do you agree that once the era really started the single kind of just disappeared?
  2. I can and I’ve been told that I can do it very well Who else can? Post a video of yourself doing the choreography if you dare
  3. Be wary of others The ones closest to you The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion, there's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do You'll find it in rebellion You'll finally start breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling With everyone yelling 'Cause your soul you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion Why do I care about this song ? Because of the lyrics, it feels like she knew something was about to happen to her. It's like Mona Lisa. I don't really care if it's a "good" or "bad" song. It's such a symbolic song and era. It'll be a salvation, an enfranchisement, a redemption ! #BritneyLeakRebellion
  4. I always wondered why she didn’t appear in $€x & The City? She loved that show and could have even appeared as herself What show would you have wanted to see her on back in the day?
  5. Will you be getting it? Do you have any?
  6. Personally I think the beat is cool and faded 💃 Fans on Reddit in 2013 hated this song and I'm like why? There were Twitter stans that loved it and some of Banon! 💋 This song is perfect for clubs. I made choreo to it it was so hot and heavy 💃💋 This song makes me sweat 💦
  7. On September 12th of 2022, I wrote in response to Exhale user @/AmandaLick: “Again, she can do whatever she pleases. If Britney decides to wake up tomorrow and **** in a pool as her newfound form of expressing herself, then may it be. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to blindly accept and agree with everything she does.” Nearly two weeks later on September 26th (in a now deleted Instagram post), Britney writes: “…I’d rather stay home and **** in my ******* pool than join the entertainment business…” I also made a thread on Jennifer Lopez’s accolades/achievements just a couple weeks prior, which now seems ironic considering that her September 26th post also seems to be addressing this thread: Well? Are you also surprised? I always had my doubts about whether or not Britney is lurking on Exhale but this might actually seal the deal for me. What are your overall thoughts? Shocked? Also surprised? Confused? Is she keeping tabs on me? Let us know in the comments below.
  8. Private Show is one of my faves from Glory Yesterday I made a thread saying Touch of My Hand is overrated (which ofc no one agreed with me) And someone told me to stream Private Show and Chillin With You since that's my taste in my music No one likes Chillin With You but Private Show is like 100x better and it doesn't deserve to be put with Chillin With You Why do so many people hate this song?
  9. All I see is post after post dragging other female artists. I’ve never been to a forum like this that’s so ridiculously vile and hateful, some of you are just really sad and petty tbh. What is it about other female artists that get you so pressed? Are you jealous of the success of other artists? Do you feel Britney can’t measure up to the talent that other singers possess and thus feel a need to attack them? What exactly is the problem here? Why is this so fanbase so vile and hateful?
  10. Personally I’m a fan of both Queen Beyoncé as well as Britney. Yet all I see in this forum is constant uncalled for shade towards Beyoncé for no apparent reason. Both are great artists imo and can co exist peacefully. It’s weird to see so much hate towards Beyoncé when Britney herself looks up to the Queen, often dancing and miming to Beyoncé’s music on Instagram. What is it about Beyoncé that gets this fan base so pressed? Is it jealousy? Racism? Please discuss and let’s keep this thread civil please!
  11. 3-8-10-12-15 We love a stable UK hit The streams are growing too!
  12. On September 28, 2016, Britney Spears was interviewed at The Jonathan Ross show, and she also performed Make Me..., the lead single off Glory. The show didn't air until October 1st, though. In the interview she talked about her love for rice, dating lizard people, admitted to farting onstage and also played some games, including singing Shake It Off after inhaling helium from a balloon. Most noteworthy, people who attended the filming of the episode revealed she also talked about drug use and the party scene in Vegas, but most importantly, that she allegedly talked about her conservatorship and the restrictions it has when it comes to recording her music. Such declarations were cut from the show when it aired on October 1st. In 2021, someone contacted Jonathan Ross about this subject, and he responded that the cut content most likely doesn't exist anymore since the tv network only keeps the edited shows.
  13. To me both song is similar vocally, both is aesthetic and cute and I think they're both recorded around the same time. which one is better and should have been on the album? (TBH The guitar solo on Red Hot Lipstick gave me chills I love it) https://youtu.be/L2ybFiKXLKY https://youtu.be/NrCfzjSkUEY
  14. Here it is ! Best gainer of the day (comparison : Super Freaky Girl +1.06) Best gainer of the day (comparison : Me Porto Bonito +1.82, Super Freaky Girl +1.35) Best gainer of the day (comparison : With A Woman You Love +1.26, Super Freaky Girl +1.09) Still best gainer "The "rolling 8th day effect" occurs once the 8th day of airplay has been reached, where the rolling 7-day cumulative audience drops because of first day radio deals. On the first day, big songs debut with high audience impressions but daily increases are much lower afterward. The 8th day will invariably be lower than the first day, and so the song loses a lot of cumulative audience." ________________________________ Check this thread !!! with this : Also request here : https://britney.zone/ Feel free to help this thread in the making !
  15. No one seems to acknowledge it. Even when it was released people would pay it dust.
  16. Do we want a revenge album? 😱 I think a possible new body of work where Britney is in control of her own narrative as an artist in Pop would-be amazing. I believe she has not released her grand opus yet. 💯 Britney is a great songwriter and storyteller. She could create something like Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' which is Pop magic. Rihanna also had her moody dark unapologetic record with 'Rated R' era which spawned hits Russian Roulette and Rude Boy which are extremely personal. Britney could speak about the trauma musically and it could be a part of her healing from that trauma. We don't need interviews and performances, just the music and some well directed Britney music videos where she chooses her backup dancers!!! I see her working with Ilya, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Sia, Danja, Andrew Watt, Oak, Darkchild, JayTawndré and many more to eat up a dark, moody record 🔪🔪🔪 What do you guys think? We didn't think she would ever make a new song and then we get Hold Me Closer! So I believe if she's ready the door to a new album (not a tour) is possible. Thoughts my beautiful Exhalers? 👄
  17. Do you think a version of this music exists with britney's voice ?? Because it is so great and timeless that I would so much like to listen to britney's version
  18. Hi! I'm Natasha Lasky, and I just wrote a book about Blackout for Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 series, putting it in conversation with the rest of Britney's career, the context of the time, and the trajectory of pop music and fan culture more broadly. Would love to answer any questions about the book and talk about all things Britney/the pop bible. I'll come back on Wednesday and respond to your questions!
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