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  1. 09/18/2023 ...Baby One More Time Baby One More Time - 679,158,841 Sometimes- 163,568,355 (You Drive Me) Crazy - 92,306,502 (You Drive Me) Crazy - The Stop Remix!- 42,658,055 Born To Make You Happy - 52,479,239 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - 21,396,042 Oops!...I Did It Again Oops I Did It Again - 664,323,847 Lucky- 135,458,187 Stronger- 137,202,999 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know- 26,626,248 My Only Wish (This Year)- 261,587,335 Britney I'm A Slave 4 U- 192,518,377 Overprotected - 73,493,592 Overprotected- The Darkchild Remix- 4,132,944 I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - 56,493,688 I Love Rock N Roll - 47,681,507 Boys - 16,659,274 Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)- 26,011,191 In The Zone Me Against The Music- 57,915,084 Toxic- 1,035,951,514 Everytime -138,281,654 Outrageous- 23,057,509 Greatest Hits: My Prerogative My Prerogative - 43,549,019 Do Somethin- 22,619,119 Chaotic Someday (I Will Understand)- 3,277,606 B In The Mix Vol I And Then We Kiss- 1,899,793 Blackout Gimme More- 521,479,670 Piece Of Me- 126,599,391 Break The Ice - 63,935,833 Circus Womanizer - 484,286,653 Circus - 312,427,864 If You Seek Amy - 172,526,427 Radar - 58,376,200 Kill The Lights- 12,494,209 The Singles Collection 3 - 101,267,127 Femme Fatale Hold It Against Me- 70,912,561 Till The World Ends- 159,337,904 Till The World Ends (the Femme Fatale Remix)-10,548,822 S&M Remix- 45,919,834 I Wanna Go -143,606,302 Criminal- 219,115,810 Scream & Shout - 665,772,255 Ooh La La - 19,272,990 Britney Jean Work *****- 305,949,478 Perfume- 36,553,601 Pretty Girls- 83,702,197 Tom's Diner- 9,693,680 Glory Make Me- 129,826,782 Slumber Party - 75,409,680 Swimming In The Stars- 10,103,627 Matches- 20,460,025 Toxic (Y2K & Alexander Lewis Remix)- 20,516,551 Toxic Pony- 87,344,831 Hold Me Closer- 308,677,479 Hold Me Closer (Joel Corry Remix)-18,725,928 Hold Me Closer (Purple Disco Machine Remix)- 3,337,501 Hold Me Closer (Purple Disco Machine Extended Mix)- 1,814,254 Hold Me Closer (Pink Panda Remix)- 1,403,607 Hold Me Closer (Pink Panda Extended Mix)-147,479 Hold Me Closer (Acoustic)- 3,184,811 Toxic Las Vegas-6,272,002 Mind Your Business- 9,474,764 Mind Your Business (David Guetta Remix)- 1,842,819
  2. Will Britney reunite with Justin now that the con is over? Apparently Britney wasnt allowed to see Justin post 2007... I dont really get why. I mean, she wasn't allowed to see anyone without Edan and Robin *** breathing down her neck.... What do you think?
  3. me when @GlitterRain wins Thread of the Year over @PrincessMies at this years Exhale Awards And that’s on purifieT @Rik @SlayOut @Exhale @Henry Torres@i sometimes sing live
  4. "Well, baby, I've been around the world But I ain't seen myself another girl (like you)"
  5. Just some random pictures shared by her in social media between 2013 and 2016
  6. Britney comfirmed that she graduated HS but anyone know when did she graduated ? During Baby Era or Oops Era or even a little bit before.
  7. I was thinking about Britney's carpool karaoke in 2016.. at around the 3:00 mark she talks about men and how she doesn't really see herself in a serious relationship. And she says "I don't believe in marriage anymore" Do you think she meant it? Or she said that because she knew under the conservatorship she wouldn't be able to marry whoever she wanted without her father's consent? Also.. I never quite understood what happened with Jason. She threw an engagement party in late 2011 and I don't know why they broke up in the end. Do you think they were going to get married? Discuss
  8. Laura Wasser has been on a tear of rebranding herself after being removed by the court for Dr Dre's case. This is the attorney who apparently penned the conservatorship and very publicly "fired" Britney. She started a magazine and home good lines this year and has made some digs at Kanye but is saying nothing about Brit. Angelia Jolie retained other council. Meethinks she is keen the the fact that action by the bar association is inevitable and is getting ready for a staged career transition.
  9. For the newest britards, who's Neyde? A fashionista THE DANCER. Periodt. Musical genius An unapologetic nudist S.e..x enthusiast Besties with various celebs! And enemies with some...
  10. I recently bought Midnight Fantasy and I'm absolutely loving it, it's so sweet! I def wanna buy more stuff from her, but they don't really have her stuff in stores near me, so I have to order them online which means blind buying. I trusted Midnight Fantasy cause it was the one I saw most people saying is really good and a safe blind buy, but the opinions on the rest are pretty mixed. I'm also thinking of ordering the original Fantasy but I've heard they reformulated it and now it's sour so I'm kinda torn on that. Anyways, back to my original question, what's your favorite and least favorite fragrance by Britney?
  11. Knowing that it's my favorite unreleased and looks so underrated... I'd love to know what the rest of the fandom thinks about it
  12. What is your favorite and least favorite Britney single cover? Those from early 2000s look really dope, such a vibe idk they are just cool I really like Toxic, Slumber Party, Pretty Girls, Stronger, Oops!, MATM
  13. (This is just for new songs, not demos, remixes, etc.) It's Britney Spears, Baby - ??? It Feels Nice - September 4, 2004 Get It - January 4, 2006 Little Me (Snippet) - April 7, 2006 Luv The Hurt Away - May 7, 2006 Rebellion (Snippet) - June 20, 2006 Untitled Lullaby - August 23, 2007 Hooked On - October 5, 2007 Pull Out - October 5, 2007 State of Grace - October 5, 2007 Kiss You All Over - October 17, 2007 To Love Let Go - December 26, 2007 All That She Wants - January 22, 2008 She'll Never Be Me - July 25, 2008 Dramatic - April 16, 2010 Telephone - May 2, 2010 Am I A Sinner - July 28, 2010 When I Say So - July 28, 2010 Mad Love - July 29, 2010 And Then We Kiss - September 2, 2011 Sippin' On - September 2, 2011 911 - October 6, 2011 Abroad - October 6, 2011 Dangerous - October 6, 2011 Every Day - October 6, 2011 Rockstar - October 6, 2011 Just Let Me Go - December 2, 2011 Strangest Love - December 25, 2011 My Big Secret (Snippet) - January 1, 2012 Look Who's Talking Now - January 9, 2012 Peep Show (Snippet) - February 21, 2012 Money, Love & Happiness - April 5, 2012 Ouch - April 11, 2012 This Kiss - April 29, 2012 Pleasure You - July 4, 2012 Unbroken - February 17, 2014 Burning Up - March 26, 2014 Welcome To Me - May 11, 2014 Conscience - January 22, 2015 Guilty - February 22, 2015 Instant Déjà Vu - January 31, 2017 Take Off - May 21, 2017 Hey Ma - December 21, 2017 Red Hot Lipstick - March 13, 2018 I Have Nothing (Snippet) - May 11, 2018 Let Me Take You There - July 9, 2018 I've Been Loving You Too Long - April 9, 2019 Trouble (Snippet) - April 25, 2019 Tom's Diner (2019 Remix) - July 13, 2019 I Feel So Free With You - October 28, 2019 Exaholic - February 2, 2021 Tilt Ya Head Back - June 24, 2021 King Of My Castle - June 25, 2021 DYFO - December 8, 2021 Sucker For Pain - August 23, 2022 Dem Chicks Be Like - October 4, 2022 I Can Bang - October 18, 2022 Also some honorable mentions to the released, but unacknowledged commercial songs: I've Got The Urge (To Herbal) - ??? The Joy Of Pepsi - March 25, 2001 Now and Then - February 3, 2002 Right Now (Taste The Victory) - March 18, 2002 We Will Rock You - January 26, 2004 All info taken from the iconic @BraveNewSeth and their equally iconic tracker for leaked songs, demos, remixes, etc. Britney Spears Unreleased Tracker - Google Sheets DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Guide The Official Unreleased Britney Spears Tracker Available Not Available Partially Available,(I consider a song "partially available" if a snippet has leaked, it was performed live but...
  14. Hey all! Its been about 6 years since I have made a thread like this but since our gorl is back AT it with Hold Me Closer, I thought I would spread the word about radio station text to request! Texting directly into radio stations to request is the easiest and most effective way to get radio spins! Americans: Step 1: From your phone, make a group chat with all of the radio station's numbers below. Step 2: Send ONE message that hits up the all the biggest stations across America. Step 3: DO THIS OFTEN! Tip: Be sweet in your text. Say you love the station, say please and thanks.. real people read these and we need them to want to play the song. NON Americans (like me, baby): Step 1: Sign up for www.textnow.com - Sign up for a completely free, fully functioning American phone number that you choose. I chose Area Code (917) - New York and text stations from my browser and from the App on my iPhone. It works and its so easy! (You can mess with your friends too!) Step 2: Text all the numbers below once to open a conversation. You can send your message to more than one station to get started. Just enter each radio station code, hit enter, and enter another until you are through the list. You will see a toggle that says "Create separate conversations".. make sure you do that! Hit send and it will create all the new conversations. Step 3: Going forward, you need to repeat Step 2. The web based Text Now seems to not send messages that are copied and pasted. Switch to the phone app to copy and paste messages 1 by 1. This has been tested and works. Takes about 5 min. STATION NUMBERS: I cant be certain that all these numbers are 100% valid but some will text you back thanking you for your request. Even if the number is not valid.. it certainly cant hurt! 95500 - 95.5 Detroit 888 456 9970 77100 37337 53921 71005 - Q100.5 51539 - Star 94 29696 - B96 97720 - 93.3 FLZ 69923 - 92.3 NOW 31035 - 103.5 KTU 75759 - Hot97 41051 - Power105 71021 - Q102 41061 - KIIS 106.1 97373 - KUBE 93 43952 - Hot 95.7 97421 - Hot 99.5 31452 - 106.1 BLI (Type BLI ahead of your request) 22997 - MOViN 69923 37530 41027 - 102.7 KISS LA 55100 - Z100 NY 69106 - Power106 21015 - Jamz 101.5 69148 99338 51539 29696 - B96 38828 - Kiss 107 96148 - Power 96 82985 - KLUC FM 267971 - 97.1 AMP 31043 - 104.3 MyFM 52963 - 96.3 Latino 68255 - Q104.7 99550 - Channel 995 62582 - WIOG FM 49330 - Jamz 96.3 35440 - Wild 94.9 41552 - Star 102.1 39142 - Z104 I know I am missing the station data for some of the text codes but yhe numbers are, most definitely, the biggest stations across the states and Z100, KIIS, KRBE, B96 etc. are in that list! PS: Feel free to toss in your local stations number and I will update the OP!
  15. There's at least three 2014 Era interviews that haven't been archived anywhere. I'm especially curious to these because in an interview from this time, Britney was apparently stopped from answering a question by someone off-camera. One reporter (2TV) said her interview was confiscated & heavily edited before returned. In any case, this one isn't online: Video: Britney Spears has seriously intimate chat with Xpose's Glenda Gilson - Irish Mirror Online WWW.IRISHMIRROR.IE The pop superstar sat down with the glam Irish presenter to chat about her lingerie line - - - - - This one isn't archived either, where Britney reportedly mentions being put in rehab (jokingly) and that she has no regrets "despite everything that's happened". This one appears to still be online, but requires an account on the German site. Britney Spears über ihre neue Unterwäsche-Kollektion, Karrierepläne und Familie | Unterhaltung | BILD.de WWW.BILD.DE Britney Spears (32) hat jetzt eine eigene Unterwäsche-Kollektion entworfen! Mit BILD sprach die Sängerin und Doppel-Mama über ihre neuen Karrierepläne – und ihren Kinderwunsch! - - - - - Finally, there's evidence of an Estonian interview, which I suspect may be the one everyone is referring to...: Britney Spears' one and only Estonian interview :) (For Pealtnägija) WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG Britney Spears andis "Ringvaatele" eksklusiivintervjuu | ETV | ERR WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG Strangely, the below link shows the YouTube video as the Irish interview, but the article text supports it being the Estonian one: Next Britney Album Titled: "let's Have A Good Day" - The Britney Spears Forum - Exhale WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG Page 1 of 9 - Next Britney Album Titled: "let's Have A Good Day" - posted in The Britney Spears Forum: Keep it movin, buddy! Britney had a plethora of sit-downs during her The Intimate...
  17. I would really love someone to advise Britney like this: “At one point Instagram became my whole world, and it was really dangerous. In my early 20s, I felt like I wasn‘t pretty enough,” Gomez told InStyle. “Taking a break from social media was the best decision that I’ve ever made for my mental health. I created a system where I still don‘t have my passwords. And the unnecessary hate and comparisons went away once I put my phone down.” Gomez was once the most followed person on Instagram and the pressure of such a public persona started to affect the young star. Her battle with mental health and social media opened her eyes to the need for unapologetic self-care. Selena Gomez Explains Why She Took Social Media Break — & We Get It REMEZCLA.COM Selena Gomez opened up about the toxicity of social media and why she prioritized her mental health and took a break from Instagram. Selena Gomez Says Not Being on the Internet in Over 4 Years ‘Changed’ Her ‘Life Completely’ Selena Gomez Says She Hasn’t Used the Internet in Over 4 Years | Complex WWW.COMPLEX.COM It may come as a surprise to her over 300 million Instagram followers, but Selena Gomez hasn’t used the social media app herself in over 4 years.
  18. Be wary of others The ones closest to you The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion, there's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do You'll find it in rebellion You'll finally start breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling With everyone yelling 'Cause your soul you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion Why do I care about this song ? Because of the lyrics, it feels like she knew something was about to happen to her. It's like Mona Lisa. I don't really care if it's a "good" or "bad" song. It's such a symbolic song and era. It'll be a salvation, an enfranchisement, a redemption ! #BritneyLeakRebellion
  19. The time where some people was losing their mind about a Britney Spears track about falling in love with a girl [Long Thread] Around 2010 and 2011, a supposed track sung by princess of Pop Britney Spears titled "Turn It Up" appeared on the internet. The track talks about a person falling in love with another girl in a party, where they tries to talk and meet more of her by asking the DJ to turn the volume up of their favorite song. The track was a supposed outtake from Britney's 2011 album "Femme Fatale" (while others sources citing the album as the 2008 release "Circus"). Following its apparition, various sources actually believed it was Britney singing the song, while others thought it was another person, usually pointing to singer and former backing vocalist Myah Marie. Actually she's not and was not involved in any way on the track. Since the time the track popped up, i don't think nobody even knew what was the person behind it, i was only able to find that someone here did the track by pitching the audio but i was not able to find any thread or something about it. (it's probably buried somewhere if that actually exist). Then i found that the name of the real artist was "Richard", which doesn't really help with a lot of people called Richard in the world. Recently, i decided to hear the track because despite sounding like a unmastered mess i thought it was somehow good. And i went to check the comments in the video up and found an account called "richluv0715" claiming to be the one who sent the song to Britney's team and that Britney wanted it in its original state (aka the original lyrics about a girl). Of course this is not true and this track was never sent to her and probably to any singer. Searching in their channel i found that is name is Richard Valley (also known as Richie Valley), and that they had a SoundCloud account linked there. So i went there in hope to find the original version of the song, and eventually, there it was. First of all, the "Britney" version (released on December 2, 2011) is actually a re-recording of the original song (released on March 11), since both songs have differences on how the words are pronounced and some minor lyrics can be noticed. Also it seems that this Richard guy was the one who created (and probably sung following a theory about the vocalist being a male voice pitched up to sound Britney) the Britney version since the song can be also found on their SoundCloud account: At the end, Richard should have been choosen instead of Myah on Britney Jean, jk "Turn It Up" ends in the void of fake songs and fake demos involving the name of Britney Spears, but this unmastered mess sounds way better that certain chill track you need to agree.
  20. Do you like Cade Hudson ? (Britney Spears best friend) BRITNEY SPEARS BFF / AGENT CADE HUDSON SPEAKS OUT... Time to #FreeBritney!!! Cade Hudson -- one of Britney Spears' best friends and longtime agent -- is finally breaking his silence on her conservatorship sitch ... agreeing with what many have already demanded -- and that would be, #FreeBritney. The career talent agent just posted a message on social media that is sure to give the #FreeBritney crowd a vote of confidence -- because he says it is, indeed, time to release her from the clutches of the conservatorship ... which he suggests has been a long time coming. Cade writes, "I've kept my mouth shut for 12 + years on Britney. Enough is enough. After getting thousands of death threats, getting water bottles thrown at my head in bars from bystanders telling me I'm brainwashing her - Britney I'm now speaking up." He goes on to detail what led up to Britney's breakdown back in '07 ... saying, "Britney who was accused of some errors as a new mom at 26 with 100 cameras in her face daily waiting to document any wrong move she did gets placed under a never-ending conservatorship?" To that he says ... "***ism at its best." CH goes all in, writing ... "This is a violation of someone's basic human rights that were taken away. I've kept my mouth shut out of the fear of losing my job as her agent and losing the career I worked my *** off for 15 years to build, out of threats from the man we all know who, but I won't even dignify mentioning his name. I’m officially done being quiet." He says he knows the real Britney Spears -- the one who's spent Xmas with him, who's volunteered at dance classes for underprivileged kids, and adds ... "The system and the public failed her. Her new attorney is the best of the best and knows that the work has just begun but it’s progress & hope and that’s all we can ask for now until action can be taken." Cade finishes his thoughts this way ... "I'll end with a few things, one person who was in her life (again legally can't name names) was also silenced by the people around her. You silencers know who you are. This person has her best interest at heart." It's unclear who exactly Cade is referring to here, but our best guess ... it may well be her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, who has since resigned from his post. Brit's BFF adds one more warning shot to people he considered against Britney. He says, "Even if people don't see it now, it will come out. To the ones who should be worried, you know who you are too. The nonsense needs to end, and the healing process needs to begin. The lord tends to pay those people back in his own ways. So for the first time I'm publicly saying #FREEBRITNEY." He also says it's "Time to get my girl and best friend back" and caps it off with a plea to his old pal, writing ... "@Britneyspears it's your time - the world is listening and is on your side. The world NEEDS you freed and back." This is mega, BTW ... Cade is someone who's in Britney's inner circle -- and if he feels this way, it seems like the dynamic in the conservatorship is shifting -- at least in the court of public opinion, anyway. Source: https://www.tmz.com/2021/07/24/britney-spears-longtime-agent-cade-hudson-bff-freebritney/
  21. In the Netflix film Britney vs Spears Adnan Ghalib said he was with Britney one day at Starbucks and saw her write song lyrics on a napkin but which song was it? We know Britney has two writing credits on the songs that made the album "Freakshow" & "Ooh Ooh Baby". Comment below your thoughts, could Adnan be referring to those 2 songs or one that's unreleased?
  22. I'm talking about where it's Britney who needs the feature on her own record, not other artists featuring her. Personally, I prefer solo Britney songs especially on her singles. Looking back, her features didn't help her all that much. Boys (Coed Remix) - Pharell didn't add any value nor gave the song a push Me Against the Music - while I love a Queen of Pop and Princess of Pop tandem, Britney alone would have made this song a hit. Pretty Girls - I know they brought Iggy on this song for a Fancy size like hit but she didn't add anything to the song, even ruin it for some. A solo version would have more chances. Make me - G eazy ruined the song for me, and they thought he would bring in some streams. The features I approve are: I Will Still Love You - They blended their voices quite beautifully here. Slumber Party - Tinashe made this song her own that I can't listen to the solo version anymore or at least get the same satisfaction. Meanwhile, artists who collaborated with Britney helped them achieve success. Britney gave Will.I.am his biggest hit (not including BEP) Britney helped Rihanna score her 10th #1 Britney helped Elton achieve his highest peak on hot 100 since 1997 Should she include features on her next record? Whatever purpose it may serve.
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