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Found 8 results

  1. I came across a twitter post saying it isn't talk about enough, and it really isn't. Jason has claimed for quite some time that he has been in contact with Britney. I believe he's been claiming it since 2019/2020ish. Then Billy B got a hold of "Britney's" number and was giving us almost daily updates. I don't know what the latest is with him. He went awfully quiet. So, who the hell is it? They are partly responsible for an absolute sh-t show and need to be held accountable. And, I think it's more than clear now, and has been since the beginning, that Britney is not, and has not, been in contact with Jason Alexander in any capacity for YEARS. If you believe she has been, even after seeing the absolute joy and happiness from her wedding, kindly exit this thread and log out of Exhale altogether.
  2. I know he's been discussed here a few times before but I can't find a specific thread on him, just some mentions in other posts. At first I genuinely believed he was in contact with Britney but as time goes on it makes less and less sense yet he bags interviews and documentaries over it and it just isn't right. Everytime he mentions her (5 posts a day) it's always very generic information - not to mention pretty terrible grammar and too many emojis - but again, never any new or detailed information. He called out the Britney IG on both JL and LS's birthdays for their lack of mention of them saying how Britney loves them unconditionally etc etc. but we know from Britney's own words herself that this isn't the case at all. She literally wants them in jail. And in so many posts he talked about how she's great and doing well yada yada but again, we know that's not the truth now. Apparently he recently did an interview with 60 Minutes Australia or something but that's been removed and cant be found anywhere. I remember someone saying he just talks to an impersonator and that would honestly be sad if he was genuinely being tricked into thinking he's talking to Britney when he isn't. But if he is just making it all up, it's harmful. Every single post on IG has people comment about how good a person he is for giving people the inside scoop about Britney and he eats it up. If he's just making it up he's mentally unstable and he's harming the movement by telling people Britney is great when she most definitely is not. Nothing about her situation is great.
  3. I remember a clip was spread by Billy B featuring Britney live singing matches. Can’t find it anywhere…can you please post it again?
  4. We've discovered that Billy B ( her former makeup artist ) Is really close to her, and they talk in daily basis. Not only on the documentary but in older videos where she shows "captions of conversations with her" !. I personally think THIS will be the final proof that Birtney is not allowed to speak or hang out with anyone she wants. If this guy after showing up on the Documentary is pulled out of her life, We will know what is happening really. What do you guys think ? .
  5. At first I thought Billy B (@billybmakeup on IG) was shedding light on Britney’s situation, and seeking justice. But now it’s clear, he is self serving in an effort to gain more publicity of his own! Today he posted 2 songs that Britney allegedly sent to him personally, in order for him to share with us. Only problem is... those songs have been leaked for years! Then when he started receiving backlash in his comments, he posted alleged screenshots of his text conversation with Britney. Only problem is... those messages are green & white, inconsistent with the blue & white iMessage we all know Apple products use. Billy & Britney BOTH have iPhones, why would their message thread be green? Finally, in a last ditch effort to sway Britney fans, he posted an alleged selfie (which I have attached) of Britney at her vanity. He later deleted it, but the caption read “see guys it’s really her, now you can calm down!” In an effort to make us believe Britney had sent him that selfie. Only problem is... the iPhone she was holding was an OLD model iPhone, and in the recent pictures of her & Sam at the beach (also attached) she has a NEWER iPhone model laying on her towel! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I suggest we all unfollow this opportunist. I called him out in the comments of his IG posts, and let him know I would officially be unfollowing due to his recent increase of sketchy behavior, all he could respond with was “ok bye” just like he does to every other user who questions his legitimacy.
  6. So ... Billy B just had an insta live. He said we should stop being mean to Jason Alexander. That Jason had no bad motives. That he is also a man of flesh and blood. Billy thought we would end up hurting more than doing benefit and that in time they would withdraw from all of free britney if it did not stop. He also said that Britney reads everything here on Breatheheavy .... I do not know if I believe that. I can not figure out what I think about him? I do not really think he has said anything that benefits ..... But is he right? do we end up scaring everyone away who wants to speak out?
  7. Billy, who worked with Britney during the live shows from X Factor, he also did her makeup for Scream and Shout videos (original and remix), spoke up about the #FreeBritney movement. In a few comments on Instagram, Billy wrote: "Oh trust there is plenty of tea to be spilled but only to someone of authority that could possibly help," he wrote. "Fans brining awareness is a start it's insiders that can finish. It's time to not care about being black balled in Hollywood or worrying about career, it's time to stand up and do what's right.... I know so many #brave #women who #stoodup @rosemcgowan and others that sacrificed a career to do what's right #metoomovement I've had my career and although it is terrifying to do what's right when there is so much to lose but, it's a risk worth taking." He also posted the following caption:
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