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  1. Here we go again with another twitter rumour, It’s rumoured that Britney Spears is working on her next album and is contacting producers from “Blackout” and wants to release it at the same time as her upcoming autobiography.
  2. Let's discuss about these: 1- New album (B10) 2- New music videos 3- New singles 4- New tours 5- New photoshoots Question to fans: What should or will it be like? Can you imagine new album and new music videos and what do you expect from her this time? Do you want her to come back to music and stage or don't?
  3. It's time to talk gayz and girlies. Britney is making a new Pop Bible and I want us to kiki about it. First all before I continue, all the "B10 haters/naysayers" this is NOT the thread for you, honey. 🍯 I really think that this album will TOP Blackout. She has been through WAY more than when she made Blackout. This will be her Opus. I feel as B is in the studio more she will feel more comfortable and open up to writers and producers, collaborators and artists that she is comfortable with. Selena Gomez, Madonna and Paris Hilton all are there in the studio with her we got a source that said Britney wants to make a song that is very upbeat but talks about her pain and anger towards her family. But it will be a relatable song for those who have family issues (like myself 👍) What are your predictions on the album? I think she will invite Max Martin and Danja back personally, but that's just me. I know some of y'all are gonna call this thread reductive but I wanted to make a new thread to spice it up. That old one is just that, OLD. Thoughts?
  4. We know that as a fanbase, this Legendary album B10 has crossed our minds more than once, it's been over six years since the original release of Glory in 2016. Update: My newest demo Yes, we know Britney just was freed from 14 years of nightmares and bandage, but we know she loves singing and dancing and music is not a gift from her parents or Team Con it's her own gift. She is the voice of Pop alongside Madonna and may other legendary Pop female artists of any generation. I am a producer among an artist and a lot of Britney's fans in here wanted me to produce a few tracks as demo submissions to RCA and Britney as well as her team (though she has zero management or team at the moment). We don't know if B10 is coming now or in 5 years. She is living her life and at this point really does not owe anyone another era but she is only 40 and I believe that's the age when Madonna came out with Confessions which is an Iconic Madonna era. I believe Britney will have a huge Confessions era. Her 40s are her prime! I'm excited to hear the stories she will write and sing about. So let's get down to business. Who would you think Britney would enjoy collaborating with? Producers, songwriters, artists, rappers, etc. What sound do we think Britney herself would want to go for? I feel like she loves urban Pop the most but would include Dance Pop as well making it cohesive. A blend of ITZ, Blackout and Femme Fatale. Producers Max Martin Shellback Billboard Ryan Tedder Mustard Sean Garrett Danja JayTawndré (JayTawndré for B10) Timbaland Hit-Boy Mike Will Made It Diplo Skrillex Bloodshy Calvin Harris Oak Darkchild Collaborations Doja Cat Megan Thee Stallion Ariana Grande Kim Petras Eminem Drake Lil Nas X Saweetie Madonna Christina Aguilera What are your picks for Britney? Also here are some submissions I plan to send to Brit and RCA when B10 is announced, I'll update this thread with more submissions as I go along. Bad Influence (sooooooo HOT 🔥) Galaxy Down (super urban) Grown Woman Anger Issues Fell 4 U Beware 9 Run Morning Rendezvous Produced by JayTawndré New Submission. Dec 31 2021. Happy New Years Eve. @Jordan Miller @Midnight @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Rik @DJBringItBack Thoughts on the Demos, collab or producer ideas to share with Britney? This thread is to inspire Britney whenever she is ready to release the grand opus that will be B10. UPDATE NEW SUBMISSION GENRE: House title: Run producer: JayTawndré @runoncoldfire @ThisMeowBiteback @MadonnaBritneyLove
  5. Brandon tweeted that he pitched this song to Britney’s team which they dismissed. Do you like it?
  6. I have always respected and stanned Britney when she does more mature urban music and she truly shines doing this. That was what was so awesome about Blackout, In the Zone and Glory. They really show that side of her as an artist. Also some tracks off Circus, Femme Fatale and BJ like Tik Tik Boom, Blur, Kill the Lights, Don't Cry, Drop Dead Beautiful and Mannequin to name a few I really want Britney to do the music she wants to make obviously, but there's a part that just wants a **** Dark Pop record with great production, lyrical content and of course Britney's lower register Like if you love Urbanney!
  7. When MTV asked Paris what artist should put out an album in 2022, Paris said “Britney, she’s an icon and a legend” I mean we don’t disagree 👑
  8. A new britney song called Blackout has been published by ASCAP! It's written by Britney, Claude Kelly and new songwriters. Songwriter Chelcee responded using with three face emojis, what does it mean????
  9. Britney is all about the good vibes, sunshine, palm trees, beaches, fun and dance. So how was there no tropical house era and pitched with DJ artists like Sigala, Calvin Harris and Kygo. We got a taste of it on glory with Better and mood ring which are fan favourites. I can already hear it in my head and it sounds fire 🔥 If Britney wasn’t staying clear of the industry like she says she is, would this direction be a no brainer?
  10. You listen to me... We don't know when Britney is going to release a new studio album, but it's too early in her career for her not to, and she recently said she has many projects on the way, so we better prepare. We already know how much an album costs (10-15 dollars), so START SAVING THE MONEY FOR IT, US fans above all! I don't usually care about numbers, especially when I'm already used to Britney being an icon 24/7, but we cannot let it sell mere 111,000 copies the first week of release like it happened with "Glory", that was disgraceful, she does not deserve that, nor does such a fantastic album! So PREPARE YOURSELF! Eat rice for a week or two if you have to, but save those coins for when the time comes! Britney is not the kind of artist who surprise-releases stuff but she IS hardworking and quick at recording so as soon as she announces that she's working on a new album, be ready for it. We already proved to her and to the world, with the #FreeBritney movement, that we're real, committed fans. Now let's pay respect to her and her work! If you're poor, start with little, that will motivate you to keep going! If not, then sell a kidney. Clear, United States of America?
  11. Before my Exhale hiatus I had to leave some bops! This is a small taste of what's to come on my album and hopefully Britney will tell everyone about B10 and I'll be called up to do a bop The two new Britney B10 demo submissions Beware of Heartbreak And Fell 4 U Finally here are the 3 NEW DELUXE TRACKS from Warrior Crystal Ball Fashion Island PLAYGROUND Favorites, Exhale? Discuss EDIT: On January 23, 2022 Exhale’s own @SlayOut discovered Exhale’s JayTawndré plagiarized songs by other unknown artists passing them off as his own. What is the truth?
  12. Does this mean she was being sarcastic and the "I'm gonna let you know what I mean" was going off what she's was riffing in the video? There's many articles running with the headline "Britney is working on new music" which she never announced and may have took her words out of context. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/britney-spears-new-song-1235142538/ https://edition.cnn.com/2021/12/23/entertainment/britney-spears-new-music/index.html Comment below you thoughts
  13. I want a mix of the edgy visuals of Michael Thompson's W Magazine and artsy fartsy of David Lachapelle's Glory. Show me your B10 mood boards you catholic *****!
  14. Although Britney's name is credited as performer in ASCAP, the unused song is in fact is by the fictional band Julie and the Phantoms and Jeremy Shads who plays Reggie Peters in the TV series of the same name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julie_and_the_Phantoms Just thought I'd put it out there for those who aren't aware, have a nice day
  15. In 2020, Danja revealed 4 titles for the 2018 version of B10 on his Twitter, now 2 more titles have surfaced. "Beauty Is A Beast" and "Be Yourself" were written by Melanie Fontana (Mood Ring writer) and Danja in 2018 but were scrapped. According to music insiders these were not recorded by Britney but were going to be submitted. They are also on BMI. Make of that what you will.
  16. I was listening to Rose McGowan's Planet 9 on Termination Day, it's really good and I was thinking Britney could've definitely appeared on the tracks. Imagine Britney's letters of truth like Remembrance of who I am or just her Instagram captions overlaid with ethereal music, would you be interested in this for B10? Comment below your thoughts
  17. Was the theme of B10 going to pay homage to Spears' iconic I'm A Slave 4 U VMA Performance? We have a Julia Michaels demo that demonstrated this with Danja's "Welcome To The Jungle". We know Britney loves tigers and has posted them online since her Rebellion promo days and her fiancé calls her his Lioness. It sounds like it could've been the fierce Britney era we haven't had for so long. Could I be onto something? Comment below your thoughts
  18. Let's be real, Britney secretly started working on the Glory follow-up in early 2017 but then stopped around 2019 due to the conservatorship and her refusing to work until her dad is out of creative control and control in general. Several producers confirmed they sent tracks at Britney's request Danja, Darkchild, Oak, Pharrell and Rock Mafia. I'm curious as to what songs she was inspired for B10 when she started recording. And what vibe she would want for her tenth record which is a huge deal. I do say though if she comes back, (she is, once freed) that she could make this next album era be the final retirement to music. Now when she releases B10 what are some album theme, ideas, titles that some of you have that would be interesting enough for Britney to use? I see Britney doing a personal intimate super fun record with a Pop sound mixed with some R&B/Hip-Hop. Like if Glory and In the Zone had a baby. My album title is "Phoenix Rising" due to her being post conservatorship. Thoughts and Ideas?
  19. There's new information that's resurfaced in regards to Apple Pie. There's a song titled "Bad Apple" that's registered on publishing sites ASCAP and it's rumoured it was pitched for Glory but was also intended for B10 in 2017. It's written by Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher. https://britneyspears.fandom.com/wiki/Bad_Apple https://twitter.com/BSRegistered/status/1420882478953377792
  20. Rapunzel is a young blonde hair girl, imprisoned at the top of a tower by a vengeful witch. She spends many years of her life locked up inside this tower in the middle of the woods, with neither stairs nor a door, and only one room and one window. imagine knee representing her conservatorship in artistic ways when shes finally free I can imagine a music video of Rapunzelney in a small tower
  21. Am I the only person who read Britney's Instagram post tonight & wondered if she'll want to put her anger into her music once she's free? I started thinking about it & wondered if she might have her very own "Lemonade" album... 🤔 Keep in mind it's just a question. If she doesn't want to record again then that is fine...I want her to do whatever SHE wants to do.
  22. So this idea popped in my head and I wanted to share. When Britney is free, I think it would be epic if she released a single titled “Free From U” with amazing verses, but then the chorus samples the music from S4U and flips the lyrics to a different meaning: I’m a slave for you I’m free from you I cannot hold it, I cannot control it You cannot hold me, you cannot control me I’m a slave for you Cuz now I’m free from you I won’t deny it, I’m not tryna hide it No one can deny me, you can’t try to hide me I think it would be amazing and epic and would obviously never happen in a million years… but anyways. It’s kind of fun to daydream about Britney’s career after the conservatorship (if she wants one). I’ll be happy with whatever she chooses, but after all of this, her next era would probably be her biggest yet if she wanted. Has anyone else tried to cheer themselves up lately by daydreaming about a possible next era? If so— what were some of your hopes or ideas?
  23. The snippet of the song sounds so fresh and new and more related to 2017 releases like Bad Liar by Selena, Nervous by Shawn and more. Moreover, the comeback of the Backstreet Boys was in 2019 so it's most likely a song recorded for the B10 Sessions. What do you think? It's a 2017-18 song? Leave your comments!
  24. Britney Spears' label RCA is releasing a Deluxe edition of "Glory." El Corte Inglés (a Spanish store) leaked the tracklist of the re-Release. Their tracklist includes "Mood Ring" + Remixes + "Swimming In The Stars" and ANOTHER new song called "Matches." It's rumored to feature the Backstreet Boys. Update: Rumored lyrics courtesy of Britney-Online: The songs will be out on December 4th. Are you guys ready for the serves? Glory Deluxe tracklist: Invitation Do You Wanna Come Over? Make Me. Private Show Man On The Moon Just Luv Me Clumsy Slumber Party Just Like Me Loe Me Down Hard To Forget Ya What You Need Better Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Liar If I'm Dancing Coupure Êlectrique Mood Ring Swimming In The Stars Matches Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand)
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