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Found 3 results

  1. ''Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's ***ual chemistry is super intense''. Britney was born on December 2, 1981, which makes her a Sagittarius through and through. Sam was born on March 4, 1994 in Tehran, Iran, making him a Pisces. But if you know anything about wild, spontaneous and thrill-seeking Sagittarius, it’s that this fire sign isn’t usually compatible with the dreamy, emotional and watery nature of a Pisces. In astrology, these two zodiac signs form a square with each other, which can be a challenging alignment. Fortunately, Sam and Britney’s sun signs are just scratching the surface of their birth charts, which means there are *plenty* of reasons why these two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. If you’re rooting for their relationship to work out, here’s why their synastry is proof that neither of them are losing interest anytime soon: The reason Britney Spears looks so happy with Sam Asghari is because… well… she is! According to their relationship’s synastry chart, their attraction to each other is clear as day. For example, Britney’s Mars—planet of passion—is in Virgo, which is forming an opposition with Sam’s Venus—planet of romance—which happens to be in Pisces. Make no mistake—there’s a lot of raw ***ual chemistry at work here! They’re constantly chasing each other like a cat and mouse game that never ends. Because of the tension simmering between them, these two definitely butt heads once in a while, but the hard times are more than worth it when the good times feel *so* good. In fact, there’s a reason these two have never parted ways since the moment they met! After all, Britney’s Venus in Capricorn forms an exact conjunction with Sam’s Uranus—planet of sudden insight—which proves they had an an instant attraction to one another. The words “love at first sight” come to mind for this pair of newlyweds, because their birth charts indicate that they saw each other and immediately wanted to get to know each other! If you’re wondering whether Sam and Britney’s relationship has the power to last, you’ve come to the right place! And because marriage is not easy, here’s what their relationship is up against: Britney’s sun in Sagittarius forms a square with Sam’s Saturn—planet of karma and longevity—which indicates a strong need for both partners to be willing to compromise and grow *with* each other rather than apart from each other. And because Sam has not yet experienced his Saturn return—which will begin around 2024—the first few years of their marriage might be a bit challenging as they both get used to their new normal. However, there’s a natural magnetism between Britney and Sam, as though they’re drawn to each other by a cosmic force beyond their control! Because Sam’s Venus in Pisces forms a trine with Britney’s North Node of Destiny, he encourages her to become her best self. Sam’s love for Britney has been a key part of her growth and his support is helping her achieve her destiny. This is a man who was always destined to fall in love with the Princess of Pop. And if you’re hoping that children are in the cards for this couple, you’re in luck! Sam’s Mercury, Mars and Saturn all fall into Britney’s fifth house of s**, pleasure and childbearing, which indicates an abundance of fertility in this relationship. Even though they haven’t had a child yet, the stars have made it clear that there’s so much potential for parenthood. After all, Saturn is the planet of fatherhood! And because Sam’s Saturn falls into the most fertile part of Britney’s chart, astrology is making it obvious that he would be an excellent father to their child.
  2. This is not a prediction or a judgment, nothing is good or bad, or right or wrong. Based on astrology and for entertainment. I used birth info from Astro.com : December 2, 1981 at 01:30 (= 01:30 AM), McComb, Mississippi, United States. THIS IS ALL COPY / PAST FROM THE AMAZING APP The Pattern Get it now on Google Play (Android) or on the App Store (iPhone) You have to read it as you were Britney herself. Mission Realignment apr. 25, 2020 - oct. 8, 2022 (29 months) PEAK DATES jan. 14 - feb. 11, 2021 feb. 12 - mar. 12, 2021 jun. 16 - jul. 14, 2021 dec. 18, 2021 - jan. 15, 2022 During this once-in-a-lifetime cycle, it could feel like you're being taken into unknown territory. llogical or even irrational events and experiences could affect you and shake your sense of control. Or instead of external events, it might be an internal transformation that's taking place. It could feel like your deepest fears are being realized or that drastic changes are occurring. Although this time may seem uncomfortable, it's meant to be an initiation that will ultimately transform you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime period, during which you'll face events designed to take you deeper. It's a period of intense activation. Events and experiences beyond your control may challenge your idea of who you are and help you align with your intended path. You may feel like your deepest fears or surfacing, possibly believing that you'll never reach your destiny. Or maybe it's a general feeling that something crucial feels missing from your life and you're being made aware of it. You might imagine worst-case scenarios, worrying that you'll be stuck living an unfulfilled life or never get what you want. You may be experiencing feelings and circumstances you've never felt or known before. In this period of transformation, you're being taken where you're intended to go but you can't get to your future without going through this underworld initiation. This energy takes you to a deeper level, forcing you to shed parts of yourself that are no longer necessary. You're facing any shadow or unconscious behavior and uncovering anything you've kept hidden and repressed. These issues are holding you back from aligning with who you are and they need to be dealt with in order to move on. It can be uncomfortable, painful, and trying, but the intention of this time is to overwhelm ordinary reality and cause you to question everything you hold to be true. You may feel motivated to take a much deeper look at your life in the world. There could be a sense that things are getting out of control and buried secrets are being exposed or need to be revealed. You might start to feel that your life is merely being lived on the surface, like there's something inauthentic about it and you're disconnected from your true instincts and genuine feelings. It can seem like an immense gravitational force is making you look inward. On the extreme end, it might appear that everything you know is being destroyed and your entire identity is being dismantled. In response you might have a desire to overturn ordinary reality or even wreck it as a way to speed up your transformation and growth. You may have to face a situation that you can't change or solve. Your will, strength, and logic don't seem to help, and you can't detach from it or pretend it doesn't matter. You try, but you may feel like you cant escape your fears and the feelings that are emerging. But you're being taken out of your depth for a reason. What seems random and chaotic is, in fact, a set of instructions for self-development. You're overwhelmed because it feels impossible to do anything to make it better - so don't try; instead, surrender to what you're feeling. This isn't personal you haven't done anything wrong; this transformation is intentional. You're being asked to courageously experience all the feelings and circumstances that arise without being able to control the outcome. It's a time to embrace the irrational and allow yourself to really feel, even if it's fear, anger, or confusion. You're being forced to sit with deeply buried emotions, and there's no need to do anything but feel them. This time may seem irrational and intense, but it's an important initiation freeing you in order to reach your destiny. If you consciously choose to participate, you'll emerge stronger and more empowered. You're learning what it's like to start from scratch and build yourself anew. In a spiritual sense, you may have to die to be reborn. Let go of any expectations and simply give in to your experiences. Activation of Power jun. 10, 2020 - jan. 15, 2022 (19 months) PEAK DATES - You could feel powerful and especially confident during this time. It's a moment to fully embrace who you are as a woman. This is a period of growth where you can feel especially empowered in your career or relationships. However, if you've struggled coming into your female identity, or are living according to someone else's expectations, you'll have to reckon with yourself - but this is the time when you can expand past these blocks. This may be the most important time in your life to fully accept and embody your genuine femininity. Your power is being activated. Right now, you have yet another opportunity to confidently embrace your identity as a woman. This energy is the leading edge in your life right now; you're being supported to fully embody your feminine self. This cycle can feel uplifting and energizing or it can feel uncertain. It all depends on how comfortable you are with yourself. If you feel fulfilled and whole already, it could feel like all things are possible during this cycle. You might feel more confident and assured - like you're becoming even stronger and more in touch with who you are. In this case, this period can be incredibly empowering - like you're in a period of rapid growth, in both practical and spiritual ways. Or you might just be starting to tap into this part of yourself. If you're still unsure about your feminine identity or have struggled with embracing this side of you, then it can be a scary and confusing time. This is particularly likely if you're still living your life based on what the culture expects of you instead of honoring yourself. It can feel like your deepest wounds are being unique about this time is that you can actually expand past these blocks right now. You're being given the chance to face yourself and deal with what's been holding you back. It's a period of awakening, so it's crucial to be conscious and take command. You can't ignore the fact that growth and change will happen now - this is what's intended. If you've ignored or dismissed certain sides of yourself, you'll be pushed to recognize them. Have confidence and curiosity in exploring these traits; they'll be at their greatest strength right now. You're reaching the peak of your maturity and understanding of yourself during this cycle, so don't shy away from embracing your full potential. In many ways, this will be the most important time in your life to make sure you're experiencing your authentic feminine identity. Shed old baggage and expectations who you were "supposed to be," and create your own empowered version of femininity. Listen to yourself and let go of any judgments - go with what's true for you. Be wary of conforming to what other people or your culture expect, especially if that means ignoring what you really want and need. Feel confident about embracing your deepest desires and highest potential. Instincts Expanded feb. 6, 2021 - jan. 5, 2022 (10 months) PEAK DATES - Right now, you have an increased ability to get things done. There's energy expanding your interests and talents not only can you do more, but you can also expect measurable results from your efforts. Stay focused and know that your diligence will be rewarded. This is an exciting and extremely productive time that can produce practical and material success. At times, it can seem like there's so much to do and accomplish. You're motivated to take action, and you should.You might be feeling waves of expansion in many of your talents, and opportunities arising in your areas of interest, but at some point, it will become necessary to narrow down where you're going to focus your efforts. Meanwhile, lots of hard work is required. This is the moment to apply yourself, so keep focused and disciplined and expect that success will happen. But you must be willing to show up and work for it. Undoubtedly, this is one of the finest times where diligence can pay off - even if the reward isn't immediate, it will come. You'll feel on track, with some sort of measurable return, such as more respect, greater self-worth, financial gain, or improved stability or security. Don't let this exciting time of practical manifestation pass you by. Letting Go of ldentity apr. 12 - oct. 12, 2021 (6 months) PEAK DATES jun. 29 - jul. 27, 2021 This cycle is about letting something go - a phase in your life is ending right now. A person from your past might appear to help remind you that it's time to move on. If you've been attached to certain ideas, thoughts, or behaviors that are holding you back, now is the time to evaluate what isn't working and leave it behind. It's a time to be aware of what's holding you back or where you've been stuck. You may be overly attached to certain ideas or behaviors that are no longer useful or are outdated. Now is the time to evaluate what isn't working so you can release it. You're being asked to consciously think about how you know and understand yourself. A part of your personality that you've been identified with for the last 19 years is coming to an end. Someone from your past might appear to bring this to your attention. You might now realize that you can let something go because of this encounter. These kinds of realizations help to clear space so you can move on. This period reminds you that time is going by - and it will continue to do so with or without you. You can either adapt and accept the direction in which you're being pushed or you can resist but you're being asked to evolve by letting go of the past. You've come to the end of a universal loop in time; a life phase is finishing. It doesn't mean you'll automatically embrace the ending of this phase - that's up to you. The world is changing and encouraging you to move with it. Adventure Unfolds may 13, 2021 - mar. 21, 2022 (10 months) PEAK DATES may 17 - jun. 14, 2021 oct. 31 - nov. 28, 2021 You can count on a total lack of control right now. You won't be able to express yourself in the usual way: your instincts are being pulled apart. There could be an inner sense of restlessness, or something unexpected might happen and alter your course. This time period could feel inspiring and exciting if you're flexible but if you resist what's happening, the forces around you might grow more intense. You can count on a total lack of control right now. If you're someone who thrives on change, then you'll enjoy this cycle. But if you find it difficult to relinquish your authority, this phase could be uncomfortable. You won't be able to express yourself in the usual way: your instincts are being pulled apart and altered. See this cycle as an initiation meant to blast apart who you thought you were in order to create space for something new to emerge. These changes may come from within you - there could be an inner sense of restlessness. Or, unexpected events might come from the outside and alter the course you're on. You may feel a strong impulse to change, even if it's just for the sake of doing so. You want to do something unexpected, break the boundaries of convention, or act outside of the box. Or you may be used to hiding your eccentric side and just feel like letting it out right now. You might have the urge to switch course or do something different with your life and somehow stand out from the crowd, perhaps to the point of being innovative or outrageous. You may want to be completely free of any restrictions. Or instead of an inner drive to change it could be some external event or unpredictable circumstance that radically alters your life - or forces your viewpoint to shift. This time period could feel inspiring and exciting like a welcome change. Or, if you're stubbornly holding onto a certain mindset or way of life, you might feel disrupted by the changes. In this case it can feel like the rug is being pulled out under you, but what's happening isn't personal and you've done nothing wrong. Things that seem "bad" may be the best thing for you, so don't judge the changes. Embrace the unexpected. If you dig your heels in and resist what's happening, the forces around you might grow stronger and more intense. The intention of this time is to overwhelm ordinary reality and cause you to question everything you once held to be true. You're being asked to be courageously open to experiencing and even creating new worlds for yourself, without knowing or influencing the final outcome. Instead of sticking to what you know, surrender your need to define yourself in a specific way. These changes are taking you where you need to go. If you consciously choose to participate in this wild time, you have the opportunity to break old habits and emerge a stronger and more complete person. Look Within jun, 25, 2021 - jan. 20, 2023 (18 months) PEAK DATES mar. 10 - apr. 7, 2022 You have a tendency to idealize the people in your life - especially your romantic partners but also friends, people you respect, and authority figures. You may be looking outside yourself for validation, or hoping that others will provide answers instead of trusting yourself. At times, you might fantasize that someone will come along and "save" you and fix whatever isn't working in your life. During this cycle, any illusions you have around others and any codependent relationship behaviors will be magnified. It can feel confusing, but the intention is to help you move past these patterns. You could meet someone and project onto them qualities that they don't have, or rely on them to fulfill you possibly giving your power away. ldeally you'll realize no one has the answers but you, and you'll start looking for them within yourself. This can be an incredibly spiritual and inspiring time, or it may feel very confusing. In either case, the purpose of this moment is to help you to stop looking outside of yourself for wholeness. You have a tendency to idealize the people you're attracted to. You often see your romantic partners - and also friends, people you respect, and authority figures as kinder and gentler than they really are, potentially ignoring their downsides. A part of you wants to lose yourself in a connection that transcends your ordinary senses and brings something ecstatic to your life. During this cycle, any illusions you currently have around your relationships will be magnified. This can be an incredibly spiritual and inspiring time, or it may feel very confusing. This initiation is transforming your ideas about relationships and helping you confront any issues around idealizing the people in your life. At times you may seek validation outside yourself, or believe that others will provide answers instead of trusting yourself. You could often look for fulfillment outside yourself, fantasizing that someone will come along and "save" you from the monotony of life. If your partner doesn't bring this captivating energy, you might feel that something's missing. The intention of this time is to reveal the source of your struggle and help you to stop looking outside of yourself for wholeness. You're being pushed to embody an important part of who you are instead. This cycle is opening you up and removing your usual defenses, making you less certain of who you're attracted to and what you want. You may start to examine your own relationship behavior or focus on your partner's patterns. By the time it's over, you'll likely have a very different idea about the kind of person you want to be with. This can happen in various ways. A longing might set in to connect with someone in a deeper way. You could have a desire to experience something ecstatic, romantic, and beyond what you've ever felt before. If you're in a relationship and unable to connect deeply, what's lacking will feel accentuated possibly becoming intolerable, like you can't live without it anymore. Someone new might enter your life who has the qualities that you're looking for and have denied yourself. If you're single, the same feelings and situations can arise you might meet someone new who's the model for what you desire. But you could project onto them qualities that they don't have or rely on them to fulfill you - possibly giving your power away. In either case, it's often a confusing time and it's important to know that you're not always seeing things clearly. Any tendency to get lost in fantasy is magnified in this moment. You may have an incredibly mystical and profound experience that taps you into your own spiritual side. When this happens, it activates your ability to finally connect deeply with yourself and curbs the need to find transcendence in another. ldeally you'll realize no one has the answers but you, and you'll start looking for them within yourself. You might work through an issue with a parent that allows you to stop idealizing them. They're taken off their pedestal and you're finally able to connect in a more balanced, realistic way. If you're in a relationship, give each other lots of space - things are meant to feel uncertain during this cycle. Don't force things to happen; learn to let go by accepting this momentary lack of control. You could spend 100 hours or 10 hours working on your relationship issues and get the same results. There can be a lot of illusions during this time, so go slowly and avoid making major decisions, like a marriage or breakup. And if you do meet someone new, don't immediately think of them as a long-term partner or hold on too tightly. However short-lived, the experience you have together has a purpose to help you see things differently. It's an opportunity to reframe your view of what a partner means for you and how much of your happiness relies on having one in your life. As much as possible, take time to reflect and work on finding wholeness independent of a partner. New Beginnings jun. 25, 2021 - feb. 14, 2023 (19 months) PEAK DATES mar. 31 - apr. 28, 2022 During this time, you may feel confused about who you are, this cycle typically occurs around age 40-41. All of a sudden, multiple choices and opportunities could pop up - or you might just feel a longing to go beyond ordinary, routine life. Don't expect to find clarity around which path to take. It's not a time to make major life choices, but to open yourself up to possibilities and new ways of thinking. This once-in-a-lifetime period generally occurs around age 40-41. This cycle is opening you up and dissolving your usual defenses, making you less certain of the person you are and how you define yourself. This can be incredibly inspiring or it can be very confusing, but your heart is meant to soften and your sensitivity heighten right now. You may feel like you're in a dream state or that the world doesn't have a solid basis and your reality is dissolving. All of a sudden, there are many different paths to take - it can feel like you're in a time outside of time. During this time frame it's okay to be confused about who you are. It's not the moment to solidify your direction - instead be open to all the possibilities. You're intended to embrace your idealism right now and let your boundaries break down. You might have the urge to connect in ways you would normally be closed off to or have an experience that's mystical and beyond your ordinary senses. There's likely a hunger to feel something more. If your life feels truly meaningful and in service to something greater, you'll find your efforts are supported and new opportunities are opening up. If you've become lost in a life that is superficial and that isn't right for you that will be made clear. If you're feeling stuck or unhappy then you might feel disillusioned and uncommitted to the path you're on. You're undergoing a transformation - this energy is initiating real changes, altering the direction your life will take. You're being opened up to other ways of defining yourself in the world - aligning you with your intended life purpose. Because this pattern obscures how you understand yourself, it can feel confusing. But out of this uncertainty, you're more open to rethink your priorities and imagine new possibilities for your future. This influence is leading you to think about a life that allows you to tap into your higher ideals and spiritual values. There's something intoxicating about this dynamic; it's steering you away from taking the conventional path or pursuing materialistic goals. Right now you'll be pushed to shed old habits, creating space for something new. If you feel limited in some way, this energy will help you see beyond your blocks. It may be difficult to do the practical things, focus on work, or get through the day to day seem irrelevant now. Don't force things to happen. Any attempts to control what you're feeling will leave you spinning your wheels. You could spend 100 hours or 10 hours trying to see things more clearly and get the same results. It's beyond your ability to solve right now. Instead of resisting, learn to embrace the momentary lack of control in your life. In the long run, this time will give you a new perspective and make you less focused on traditional ideas of success, the material world, or always trying to achieve. This experience is giving you a renewed vision for your life and the person you're becoming. Upcoming Let Go of Chaos oct. 4, 2021 - apr. 5, 2022 (6 months) PEAK DATES dec. 21, 2021 - jan. 18, 2022 It's a time to let go of your need to rebel. Perhaps there's a part of you that feels compelled to be separate and distinct - or to make waves and disrupt others. But at some point, this kind of behavior will hold you back from progressing in life. This cycle is pushing you to examine your actions. You may also be seeing instability in the world right now - it's a reminder to address what's untamed within yourself. If what you're doing isn't helping in practical ways, or you rely on constant change to cope, it's time to try a new approach. Let go of needing to rebel for rebellion's sake right now. You're being asked to consciously think about how erratic or disruptive behavior is preventing your growth. Where you're seeing instability in the world is serving as a reminder to think about what's chaotic within you and how it's contributing to the collective volatility. Perhaps you're strongly attached to the part of you that needs to be separate or wild; think about how this is holding you back from evolving and moving forward. You're being reminded that time is going by - with or without you. You can either adapt by growing and accept the direction in which you're being pushed, or you can resist but you're being asked to rely less on your desire for constant change or your need to be different. Ask yourself how you're misaligned with progress and the flow of humanity. It's time to let go of needing to make waves or chaotic changes that are disruptive and not helping in practical ways. Take this moment to identify what's holding you back right now from joining the forward motion taking place in the world. __________________________________________ Please don't let this thread flop, I deeply believe that we can learn a lot about her current and future situation. #FreeBritney & #FreeExhale
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