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Found 7 results

  1. You are my guilty pleasure so intoxicating when you know it isn't right I don't even listen to her but I randomly know this song, such a bop
  2. Hello all. As you know, every now and then (annually) I like to make an Ashley Tisdale appreciation thread. Why? Because I think she has an important place in the pop culture and I think she is a very talented and a very sweet girl (well, woman now). In this thread, I like to remind people of her and how she grew up into an amazing woman who still records music dear and close to her heart and shares it with her fans. Her current music portrays true maturity and wisdom Let's start from the beginning. Ashley acted as Sharpay in the iconic High School Musical, and she basically stole the show from the main characters (Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron). She gave us these amazing bops: And many more. Ashley then released a couple of her own singles and albums that were pure bops and did great on the charts. She was predicted to be the next main pop girl: For her next album, Ashley went the more mature route, and people loved it: After Crank it Up, people said that Ashley is the perfect mixture of Britney and Christina (and they were not wrong). And here's my personal fave from her album Guilty Pleasure: It would be 10 years before Ashley would release her 3rd album. In the meantime, she disappeared from the spotlight. In one interview she said she realized how damaging immense fame and all the good things it brings to the table simply do not outweigh the bad. In the meantime, Ashley found love, married, and even got a kid. Hence her latest music that truly shows in what a good place in life she truly is. I strongly suggest streaming her album "Symptoms," it's pop perfection filled with songs with amazing lyrics and Ashley's soothing vocals Thanks for appreciating Ashley Tisdale!
  3. I was a big Ashley Tisdale's fan when I was like 8. She released two albums in late 2000s and they actually are really good. So influenced by Britney. Some of her best songs: It screams BLACKOUT.
  4. Its Really Freaky how These two sound so similar. Like when i first heard Tik Tok i thought it was Ashley
  5. I don't know how it's going to do in terms of chart performance. I think she just does it for fun though. She's going up against Chromatica and Mood Ring. Sounds like it's going to be a bop though. #LEMONS Out 5.29
  6. Quarantine life. Ashley Tisdale slayed some of the choreography from the High School Musical song “We’re All in This Together.” Vanessa Hudgens, who is in some hot water right now for her remarks on the Coronavirus, joined in as well. This is our lives now.
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