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  1. *smiling happily then stops immediately when noticing the filter* “ Is there a filter on that? Oh my God, what have you done to my face?! Woah, get that filter off my face! What’s your name and why do you use filters like that? We don’t look like that darling.” There is a part of the show where Adele walks through the audience and interacts with them. This fan was lucky enough to get super close to Adele during her walk through. So close in fact, Adele noticed the filter while being recorded. Adele said to the fan that they didn’t really look like the filter and asked to have it taken off. She’s clearly joking around with the fan but something tells me Adele wasn’t feeling that filter I’m hoping that the fan is handling all of this well and has learned their lesson
  2. Since right now on this site it's the trend of useless threads that is in fashion here is a new useless thanks for idea : https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/817152-pumpkin-pie-or-apple-pie/ @CrazyButItFeelsAllright
  3. Adele show got 5/5 of stars from Telegraph. Adele's Las Vegas show is as great as anything I have ever seen on stage WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Adele's intimate, emotional and spectacular postponed Vegas residency, complete with flaming...
  4. Adele is nominated 7 times at the 2023 Grammys. Rolling Stone predicts she'll sweep the main categories. Exhale, do you agree? Album of the Year Who Will Win: Adele, '30' Who Should Win: Beyoncé, 'Renaissance' Record of the Year Who Will Win: Adele, "Easy On Me" Who Should Win: Taylor Swift, "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" Song of the Year Who Will Win: Adele, "Easy On Me" Who Should Win: Bad Bunny, "Tití Me Preguntó" Related:
  5. These visuals are stunning! Definitely her best video in a long time. Do you like it, Exhale?
  6. Adele says she would love to end her 30 tour in Brazil when answering a question when she would come to the South America country. She even jokes that she wouldn’t be able to sing and hear herself (because of crazy brazilian fans on FF tour that I always bring it up, LOL). Watch below:
  7. The new Amazon Prime video about the music of 007 is out so what’s your favorite song of the hit movie franchise? My favorite? Adele’s Skyfall and Madonna’s Die Another Day. What’s yours? Tell us in the comments. Watch The Sound of 007 online – Prime Video WWW.PRIMEVIDEO.COM Mat Whitecross’s new documentary,
  8. Adele’s 'One Night Only' won the Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded)' 👑
  9. Who said Adele has an EGO? With five wins tonight for her TV special 'One Night Only', Adele is just one award away to become an EGOT(Recipient of winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony) but for now she is only an EGO. Adele's TV special won five awards for: Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special; Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Special; Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety Series or Special; Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special and Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded).
  10. Adele is reflecting on the "worst moment in my career." A little more than six months after the Grammy winner announced she would have to postpone her 2022 Las Vegas residency tour dates, the singer has opened up about the behind-the-scenes debacles that led to the decision. (ICYMI, in January, Adele shared a tearful video explaining the decision, one day before the concert was set to open at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace). "It was the worst moment in my career, by far," she told Elle in a cover story published Aug. 15. "I was so excited about those shows. It was devastating." As the "Easy on Me" singer explained, her show didn't feel quite up to par with what she wanted to give her fans. "There was just no soul in it," she continued. "The stage setup wasn't right. It was very disconnected from me and my band, and it lacked intimacy. And maybe I tried too hard to give it those things in such a controlled environment." After announcing her postponement earlier this year, the 34-year-old said she experienced a range of emotions—but noted that the decision was helpful in more ways than one. "The first couple of months was really, really hard," she shared. "I was embarrassed. But it actually made my confidence in myself grow, because it was a very brave thing to do. And I don't think many people would have done what I did. I'm very proud of myself for standing by my artistic needs."
  11. It's Adele’s fourth & fastest female songs to achieve this milestone on the platform.
  12. Earlier this year Adele bought a new home in Beverly Park in the Los Angeles area from Sylvester Stallone for $58 million and with that comes a huge $37.7 million in mortgage, according to documents obtained by DailyMail. Her monthly bill is about $227K for the next 30 years. The UK born singer net worth is estimated at $183 million. Soon, Adele will be headlining her long awaited and highly anticipated Las Vegas residency and she will be earning $1 million per night so $227K a month is just another everyday bill, right? Adele confirmed in May that her beau Rich Paul moved in with her after one year of dating. So my lovely Exhalers, any thoughts? No wonder Adele left the UK with their big inflation and Brexit mess, after all America is the land of opportunities. You can see photos from her mansion here: DailyMail
  13. Adele Las Vegas Residency is back!!!! The singer sets dates for the postponed "The Weekends with Adele" shows which now will take place from November 18, 2022 to March 25, 2023 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. In addition to the previously 24 dates, more 8 dates were added. The new dates were announced today by Ticketmaster.
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