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  1. The Two vocalists of the Spice Girls and the only ones that are still making music (Mel's 9th and 7th independent album is coming next year) To close out Emma's Christmas tour, a mini reunion happened and what better way than The 1997 slice of Tamla-Motown that was tailor made for Emma's vocal style as it's her personal type of music, and one she does best at Hello to 2004's Free Me. Enjoy the reunion of the girls that actually have the vocal talent, thanks to theater school training as kids. Gotta love the uk education system.. @jordeezy @Jordan Miller
  2. In 1999, The Spice Girls relaunched the group in spectacular fashion, some fans said this is where the time for the 3rd album should have come out, as this show proved thus was the magic of the Spice Girls, bright colors. Over the top personality and happy all around to be with each other. Including Melanie C. Waiting a full year hurt them and by one year later, the mood was different and the vibe was to. Wearing black and the more mature image was against everything that made the people loved about them in the first place.. There was a place for then, but Rodney Jerkins high jacking the album and made the most unauthentic move, a British Girl group sounding like every other American girl group out there, meaning a case of lost identity. This show introduces the "Pop" version of Right back at ya, and W.O.M.A.N. , a fan favorite track that Melanie C dissed as a b side. Adding insult to injury, Woman was supposed to be on Forever but was dropped for being too much like Spiceworld. @jordeezy
  3. Emma sounds FABULOUS!!! She performed a solo medley at her sold out Christmas show! There was someone around here saying Emma can't sing - let me prove you wrong. Check it out!
  4. Too Much, the critically acclaimed second single from 1997's Spiceworld was the girls second Christmas number 1 in their native UK, and no shock here, The Doo Wop R&B tinged ballad was the girls 4th and Final US Top ten in the States peaking at #9, obviously out doing the #18 peak of The Latin Dance pop inspired track "Spice up your life" in Canada, It did better, honestly the Spice Girls actually did better in Canada even with Forever,where that album went double platinum and top ten in Canada. The original video had no scenes from Spiceworld, and it had it's premiere in the Spice Girls Only official US television special, airing on the Teen oriented UPN, Spice Girls: Too Much is Never enough was where the video premiere globally. But when The album Greatest Hits Came out and had a version with a DVD of their greatest hits. The video for Too much was different as it had scenes from Spice World: The Movie in it. Of course for 15 years, the fans wanted the original video, alas it's uploaded and remastered but dubbed alternative version. The Spice Girls pay tribute to iconic classic films. Mel B: Mad Max Geri: Gentlemen prefer blondes. Emma The girl from Poltergeist (child actor the late Heather o' Rourke) Victoria Barbella Melanie C Year of the dragon, a classic Bruce Lee film
  5. I have been hearing this everywhere while shopping this year!! Have u noticed it? Do the Spicies have a classic on their hands??? Edit - I have been hearing this version
  6. Mel B teases Spice Girls 2023 Glastonbury reunion WWW.NME.COM The festival is due to return in June next year I saw them in their The Return of the Spice Girls Tour in 2007. I so want to see them again.
  7. I was listening to Midnights in Dolby and got curious to what other music was available n Amazon music. After some digging, I found Spice Girls Spice album in Dolby. I skipped wannabe,SYBT and Mama. 2 become 1 sounded so much better. More raw and vocals didn't feel forced. Who do you think you are, I heard several vocals and sounds, that were new to me. If you can't dance, was perfect. Geris Spanish lyrics are a to lot easier to hear and the beat just hits better. My favorite track in this album (in Dolby) was Na*ed. It sounded vulnerable. I always get half and half with what the girls were saying in this song. (I know) but it was more haunting in a way.
  8. In. 1998, Spice girls, biggest girl group, managing themselves (this would be one of the biggest factors that played into the demise, as the old tensions was gonna erupt over).. But in May 6, they signed a sponsorship deal for a massive fall European 1998 stadium tour. And I guess with the sponsorship deal it had nothing to do but limited Access to the north American and a Japan tour (that didn't get announce nor did the European stadium Leg) cos on May 31. Geri left the group to due to do differences.. Reading Melanie C memoir and listening to her side of things, if it wasn't for Geri leaving and the pregnancies of Mel b and Victoria Beckham, the girls was booked solid with a Disney movie, a live album and a kinda MTV documentary, all cancelled cos of Geri Halliwell leaving.. Geri leaving however, also pissed Aprilla off and they sued the spice girls for false representation, Geri basically in private told them she was leaving at the end of the tour which turned out be not the case. As she said in the return of the Spice girls documentary giving you everything.. "Watching the girls perform at Wembley stadium, made me sick and depressed that I didn't get to enjoy the homecoming with the girls" How did Mel B replied, brutal, shady but she's right in her response "That's her own fault" Unfortunately the spice girls lost this lawsuit, the sponsor dropped, and anything that was supposed to be promo material was not issued, but hey one fellow Spicer, got the campaign stuff and well leaked it for all of us to enjoy.. This would have been amazing but a fight with Mel B, caused Geri to leave Oslo, and the group.. @jordeezy
  9. Is a rivalry emerging? In a new interview, Emma is asked about Britney and she states, "I think she stole the "baby" look, huh?" Check out the comment around the 17:50 mark below: What do you think? It's so cool to hear Spice Girls talk about Britney because us millennial Britney stans started on Spice Girls. Also, it's rumored that Emma and Justin may have had a fling....
  10. The Kardashians Photoshop world meets the 90s you got, what would the Spice girls look like if they were doing music in 2022. The video is that. The original spice up your life was a tongue in cheek Blade runner world, where the spice girls was actually the ruler. From Spice megastore (a take on Virgin, record label and the record shop), Spice invaders , Spice Sonic, Spice girls coffee,most critics state that video is a reminder in 1997, that was reality, they were everywhere to the point it felt like we we're gonna live in spiceworld for the rest of our lives . also today in honor of the singles 25th anniversary they issued a live audio from The 1998 Spiceworld tour of the Netherlands. However, the spice girls fans called it out saying it's literally a YouTube rip. Due to one fan getting a copyrights strike of a soundboard recording, but the videos of the performance was never copyrights by universal music group. @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears
  11. This is my fav Mel B "solo song" but Emma is on backing vocals. They served.
  12. Melanie C went on The highest rated daytime talk show, The View to promote Her memoir out now in e book or pretty much the more preferred with todays generation and my generation, the millenials , audiobook, narrated by melanie C herself with actual acapella moments of her singing weaved in. While mainly criticism by fans is how the title is completely different in the states, compared to every where else. The Sporty one: My life as a Spice girl, was the smartest way to market it in the US, as opposed to Who I Am, as it's known outside the US. To see the new Conservative host (which oddly, joy and whoopi like her along with Ana Navarro), fan girl over Melanie C is extremely cute saying in a household of only sister's, playing spice girls was a bonding experience as a family Memoir is out now..
  13. It's here, after 25 years. I had a bigger story but the copied link fail and I couldn't delete the original video..
  14. Despite being heavily hinted, especially with the updated Spiceworld 25 Logo of the album logo. Turning the ring silver and adding 25. So from what was going by the planned time of teases and hints, we were supposed to get an announcement on the 9th, however It was quietly abruptly cancelled cos of Queen Elizabeth's death, and for a couple of weeks, I definitely notice all these music releases outside the US was also quietly delayed out of respects.. Now that the mourning period is done and, universal music group gave people time to adjust back to their regular lives. it's confirmed next Friday the 7th will see the fan favorite and very infamous track "Step to Me" get a global release.. Outside the genius Pepsi campaign, if you drank 20 cans of Pepsi and pulled off the pink tabs, send it in an envelope, you got a new Spice girls CD, containing the song and Remixes to that song. However, outside Japan Step to me wasn't issued in any version of Spiceworld. Well. Now it's coming. It's lyrically about the girl's telling a man, they've heard some stuff, but the fact is you're to scared to tell me. So if it's true why don't you step to me, but your looking like a fool cos I caught you by surprise.. who's the dummy now.
  15. There are so many amazing girl groups out there, which five girl groups are your favourites?!
  16. Victoria Beckham says that trying to be as thin as a rail is totally passé in her line of business. The fashion designer said in an interview with Grazia that today's customers are looking for clothing that accentuates their natural physique rather than something that demands they become the smallest possible version of themselves. “It’s an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin,” she explained. “I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some ***** and a bum.” When her interviewer points out that Beckham is and has always been extremely slender herself, she shrugged, replying, “It’s not about being a certain size. It’s about knowing who you are and being happy with who you are. I have found my own balance between wanting to have fun and being disciplined about eating healthily and working out. When you’re younger you fight against that balance, but through being older I’ve reached a place where I know what that balance looks like. I just know what works for me.” And what works for her seems to be a whole lot of exercise. Not only does the former Spice Girl do “tons of cardio” and the Tracy Anderson method, she also lifts heavy weights five or six days a week and does “a lot” of squats every morning all in the hopes of achieving “as good a bottom as I can get.” Beckham says that this new outlook on dressing and the female body all began last year when she was living in Miami with her family and started going out again post-COVID. “I wanted a change. I wanted to feel **** again,” she confessed. “There are a lot of really curvy women in Miami, and they really own it, you know? They walk along Miami beach with not a lot of clothes on, and they look fantastic. They show their bodies off with such confidence. I found both their attitude and their style really liberating. And as a mother, I loved that [her daughter] Harper was around women who were really celebrating their curves and enjoying how they look.” So when creating her latest VB Body collection, Beckham started with clothing that would accentuate that perky posterior. She explained of her design perspective, “Every woman wants a nice, round, curvy bottom, right? For that, you need a really tight knit that nips you in at the waist and holds you in all the right places. You need fully fashioned details, considered and perfectly placed to create a really flattering silhouette.” All of which, Beckham concludes, is how you create her signature look, something she's dubbed “the sucky-sucky dress.” Source: Vanity Fair website https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2022/05/victoria-beckham-really-thin-old-fashioned-women-want-curves-grazia-interview
  17. This song is so beautiful and the lyrics get me everytime! Love my Mom
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