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Found 2 results

  1. The beginning of 1997's Scream 2 starts out on an innocent movie date Between Maureen Evan's and Her Boyfriend Steve (Jada Pinkett and Tyson Beckford), But Maureen hates Scary movies due to the fact that African American ratios are uneven (while it's not woke, it's a pretty much damning truth on entertainment in society commentary), this was 1997 and most entertainment in the mainstream just catered to white folks. So they go for free, unexpecting that within 12 minutes they would start the chain of events that would be known in a book by Gale weathers Courteney Cox called The Windsor college Murders..with their untimely deaths. What makes the opening scary is Maureen death is happening and her blood is splattering everywhere, and people think it's a prank cos their watching a movie based off of the original 1996 Scream called "Stab", it wasnt until she was dying in agony did people realize it wasnt a stunt. 1996, Horror is dead, much like heavy metal is today, But one film was able to successfully revive a direct to video genre. While it might not be scary today, but given the context as not everybody had called id, that was like 8 bucks extra on your phone bill as it was it's own machine. But one phone call set off a sleepy small town and turned it into Nightmare. Casey's death was planned by Billy Loomis as Sidney said to Tatum, the she sat next to her in English class. Her Boyfriend not really in love with her actually rapeed and murdered her mom for an affair wity his dad, For sidney two things acceptable then, but no longer today always happened. Mom was constantly sl/ut shamed and Sidney was blamed for the massacre even in Scream 4, Sidney was dubbed the angel of death and was told to go home cos everywhere she goes people die. But Sidney even with PTSD of what happened moved on, but Casey's death was a way to purposely remind her of what losing someone felt like, and to freak her out which Billy did perfectly. After this film, sales and demand of Caller ID went through the roof and copycat wannabe murders and real life crime actually did happen. Here is the opening that many said to kill the biggest star in movies, that was a sure way to say If we kill Drew Barrymore off in the first 10 Minutes is anybody really safe at all. Hell Scream theatrical poster tricked moviegoers with just Drew's image. Here's one of the controversial openings that almost Got Scream an NC-17 due to the violent content.. @JayTawndre @Jordan Miller
  2. 1997's Scream 2 was the most successful film to follow the original 1996. Just how successful was the Scream 2. It only made one million less to the original Scream made 173 million Scream 2 made 172 million globally. But one fatal mistake ruined the franchise. Killing Jamie Kennedy's Fan favorite Randy. Everybody has said. Randy was too smart in the horror genre rules he would have never backed to the van. He would never set himself up to be murdered. Many people still to this day said. Randy's death was in vein of the character he was. But the reason why he was murdered is simple. Since a lot of us grew up with the film series. Mickey did most of the murders. Randy was the only murder Mrs. Loomis did
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