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Found 12 results

  1. Between Purple rain to Love***y. Susan Rogers was the premiere sound engineer of Prince, she discusses how He was way to focused into making his own music, given at any time Susan basically lived off of no sleep, cos 3 in the morning the phone could ring, and Prince had an idea to do a song, and unless it's completed . It will not let him to shutdown his brain.. So you had to do it. Get it done, but prince like most musicians eat, sleep breathe Music, him dying alome doesn't surprise her as the artist's of that era was career oriented to the point their partner couldn't work as they were the provider of the family, that you can stay at home while they tout and reap the benefits, sounds nice, but the spouse ends up being alone most of the time.. However I learned one thing while streaming she rarely gets money in the era of pure sales.. The sales of purple rain and sign o' the times basically helped Susan pay her mortgage faster than most people and her student loans when she became a psychologist, cos like she said by the time autotune took over, a sound engineer like Susan was becoming obsolete to a machine cos her job was to make prince sound good to the Music, auto tune and computers made sound engineers basically irrelevant to the landscape especially since they recorded Music on tape. Analog film, which back then if a mistake or an off key note happened it was left there, as you can't re do. Hint demos of demos of the same song exists as it wasn't officially recorded on the album until it was perfected. But sometimes the mistake like in if i was your girlfriend, basically added a cool element even though as Susan said, working with perfectionists, she was scared of getting fired a lot.. The 3 hour interview opens up about the genius and eventually overtime where she saw first hand he needed time off cos the Music started to fail to what he could do. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller And one thing is he and Susan ended up fighting a lot, cos as a fan Susan knew he could do better and needed to deal with the relationship ending of him and Susannah Melvoin, but the industry at that time didnt allow nobody to take time off, if you were due to put out a record, you had to complete it, or face a lawsuit regardless if you weren't in a good head space. Which is why a lot of people including prince is dead, they weren't seen as human beings but money to the business executives and to exploit.
  2. Vicky shared this Prince video on Friday to her Insta stories, but I have kept thinking about how Tri Star and the Azoffs currently run the Prince estate. I’m convinced that Vicky-antis are a misinformation campaign.
  3. In 1993,a name change, and he wrote Slave on his cheek, that was the image of what was the artist formally known as Prince. From industry people and his manager at the time of the 100 million contract, saw an artist who refused to let album's live by two to 3 years, but viewed his music as chapter's once that chapter ended. His next chapter was ready, whether warner liked it or not. Once the name change happened cos of a publishing contract dispute, rolling stone editor said they had to send floppy discs to print the unpronounceable symbol on tv and other forms of Media. He was dubbed crazy, but at the Early infancy stages of the internet to counteract with Napster and rising mp3, services a genius emerged. Prince who went back to being prince when the contract expired January 1, 2000. Launched the npg music group, for 150.00 all the music even before agreements was made, being an independent artist at the time when his competition was still Major labels including one time label mate Madonna, who he felt got better deals than he did, but as his manager said, he never really felt commercial success was that important over artistry and Madonna in terms of business stuff was better at Warner bros eyes than he was, and she was a bigger artist in bigger demand. For one full year all the music you want for free. You get that with Spotify and other platforms now, but he pioneered the artist and consumer relationship in such a revolutionary way, in bigger terms he became the industry in ways that nobody saw, he knew the internet was the fastest way to give Music to the fans.. And by the time the industry shifted to constant touring to make money cos Records aren't being sold he was there and the first artist to give away CDs just for buying a ticket to his show, a tactic billboard allowed until recently (still allowed but only if the consumer is given the option to deny the redemption, if it's a forced redemption it's disqualified, as the consumer was given no choice at all) Enjoy!!! The documentary is really insightful in what happens when Music industry takes a person who understands business like prince and becomes aware of being taken advantage of. One comment said it best. He saw everything coming but he will be denied the credit unlike other acts will cos they fought the fight during the internet era already been full swing, not during it's early day's. @Jordan Miller
  4. So in 1994 with the permission of his label Prince recorded his debut single under her new name an unpronounceable symbol. He gave a valid reason stating his label was using the name his late mom gave to him, to their full advantage and he's changing his name until he's out of both contracts as a recording artist (1996's Chaos and disorder was his last album (though it wasn't studio material, it's explained that Come, the black album (an album he notoriously hates all era recordings is in a vault and this one the estate did say will not be opened as his distaste of this era he deemed satanic will remain unheard of), and Chaos and disorder were actually all material for a 5 disc album called the gold chains of Victor when warner balked at that idea even though they signed a 100 million recording contract eclipsing Janet Jackson, Madonna and Michael Jackson's renewal deals, he stopped recording Music and just gave them scraps and scraps to end the deal.. But one album for Warner he was proud is called The gold experience.. 18 tracks his 16th studio album, critically acclaimed . Starts with P Control, and this npg operator in her interludes takes you on the experience whether revenge, anger, love and the better experience of being a human being in marriage, the most intimate side of s** and Romance only achieved by marriage. He was Married to Mayte, and he wrote the most beautiful girl In the world.. Unfortunately the marriage would end as their son died of a rare disease after birth his heartbeat was heard on s** in the summer, so to say prince was happy he was becoming a dad, was an understatement. However the love song for Mayte, when they were dating became a subject to a plagiarism case in Italy, he won, but lost on their appeal in 2003, he appealed in 2015 and lost. Right there is 20 years this battle lasted.. In 2016, though the self trained musician died of a fentanyl overdose, which shocked everybody as prince wasn't known for that lifestyle or even embracing it.. So in 2018 when the estate announced his post albums from 1995-2010 were being issued on spotify, at first the track was banned only In Italy as most European plagiarism tracks are, that was reversed to a global ban (had no idea that was even a thing). In march of last year a settlement was reached, that the songwriters of Takin' me to paradise will be added as composers worldwide and will receive royalties, though many prince fans still ask outside similarities in melodies, where is this plagiarism coming from. Cos they can't hear it. Its not the first time, frozen by Madonna was banned in Belgium for a decade until their courts deemed it wasn't the only this little track from an act was plagiarized, as of 2015 Frozen is unbanned in Belgium now . Gold experience is part of record store day and cd reissue is coming June 17.
  5. Prince just basically said If Mariah's terms of her then recording contract gave her only 30 Million for selling 3 Million albums per album, she was screwed as the major record label she signed with, kept 70 Million themselves, basically revealing the labels lie to acts, thinking you will get the bigger deal, but they think you can't do math, and only want fame, so they rob you blind and keep a bigger portion then you realize that you could have gotten a better percentage rate in sales of the albums.
  6. If there's one thing we hope others estate do, is follow princes lead and feed your fans their legacy. So Prince released a free studio album, called 2010, but he also recorded a project titled welcome 2 America. He toured for the unreleased project, but according to his band members he did it before with his legendary Black Album, an album he pulled cos he deemed it evil, and he offered Lovezexy instead, which his manager stated he pulled one album for the right reason, but released a counter album for the wrong reasons. In 2010, prince who is considered an early internet pioneer and even saw in 2000, that selling music directly to the fans via the internet was the best forward move, for 75.00 a year to subscribe to the NPG music club you got a bunch of Music, before the public got it, or didn't get it at all, exclusive. Well all that changed when in 2010, he denounced it saying all these numbers, computers aren't good for you at all. The title track Welcome 2 America seems to be addressing his concerns we are relying too much on technology, and not our actual own strengths. @jordeezy said that was the issue here with his generation. Prince actually agreed in 2010, stating it's probably too late to back out now. Iconic promo happened, on the view he was asked about justin bieber and lady gaga. He wasn't a fan of both. He said shakily, different strokes for different folks. Then Joy asked what does he mean by that. "Well the thing I do is make music". He was also not a fan of Kim Kardashian as we know he removed them from his episode on new girl, and the infamous get off my stage moment at one of his concerts. I wonder if the estate is going to include that footage from the forum show that's going to be included on blu Ray in the deluxe package. Anyway album is out July 30.
  7. Tennessee was a huge hit in 1992, for pioneer hip hop band Arrested Development, yes the band sued The Creators of the TV show of the same name and won, name stayed, but Ron Howard had to pay a license to use the TV show name from the band, as the band bought the copyright back in 1993 to Arrested Development... Prince, However charged the band 100,000 for using one word from his 1988 Hit Alphabet, St from 1988's Lovesexy, Speech Said prince did him a favor, by just charging them, cos if he did take them to Court and If he won, the single and track would have been deleted and shelved. So by charging the band, not only did he do them a favor, but a valuable lesson.
  8. Casey rains a huge Prince fan who does the channel The Violet Realty, Said he grew up in the 90s and 00s hip hop era, He was excited for 8 Mile, but one review stuck out to him and still stands out to him. To this generation it might be the film that defines them but for some of Us. We already had an 8 Mile, for our generation That's none other than 1984's Purple Rain, which Casey says Rock and Roll movie's are nothing new But Purple Rain flipped it upside down and Reinvented the entire film. It's definitely left a legacy in minnesota especially the Music scene and put the first avenue night club just as iconic as Several new York Music themed club's from that era. I watched both film's more of a fan of purple Rain. But I never connected just how similar both premises are actually very similar.
  9. Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite movies featuring great performances from Black pop stars. Obviously the late, great Whitney Houston comes to mind right away. The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher's Wife. Whitney wowed us as a leading lady in The Bodyguard and her performance broke barriers at the time. Even though she faced criticism from film critics, it's safe to say some of her movies have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Mariah has been cast in some very impressive dramatic roles in Lee Daniels films Precious and The Butler. Justice For Glitter! Beyonce in Dreamgirls and The Lion King. Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) in Poetic Justice Diana Ross, Janelle Monae, Aaliyah, Will Smith. The list goes on... I'm curious what some of your fave crossover performances are. Let's discuss!
  10. Both were famous in their own right but prince was talented way pass michael he played os many instruments we broke so many barriers and maintained a career up until he died ..
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