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Found 19 results

  1. Mel C stopped by Zach Sang show, they talked like how huge the Spice girls, and how global domination and being overworked actually led to the break up.. Mariah Carey and even Melanie C said artists are very lucky today, they have more rights to say no, or I'm tired.. In the 90s, that was never the option, it was well that's money gone, cancelled shows, sponsorship deals, that's like 8 Million dollars gone. Even Both MC's said, these days you can't do those deals behind the artists back, without them present. They also touched how Victoria Beckham actually loves being a performer but the British press saying David deserved better than a pop star wife actually hurt her and made her hate Music. Victoria skipped the 2019 tour as an audience member, despite saying she was gonna go (it earned the wrath of Mel B, as usual), but Melanie C stated it was to painful for her. She wants to be up on stage with us, but she's mentally afraid the British press will attack her and remind everyone that David could have married anybody but married a pop star.. So it's a tug at her heart strings. As a fashion designer, she wasn't attacked by the press as his wife compared to being a pop star. @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  2. Too many clues, plus she's the only Spice girl that's a capricorn.. Even Insiders said ABC made it too easy..it was obvious that all signs pointed to the Spice girls love of athletics and lifting weights. @Jordan Miller @Slayer Melanie C goes to the competition 14 years after Her other Spice Mel B went all the way to second place in 2007.
  3. To celebrate her critically acclaimed, 3rd UK top ten album as a solo artist (the most for any solo Spice, breaking a 2 album tie by Both Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell obviously.) The Spice girl dawned Sporty reissued Melanie C with the deluxe edition.. However one of the bonus tracks "Self Love" is still only available on cd, Touch Me is the main single to promote the digital deluxe edition. Enjoy. @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @Slayer
  4. Perhaps celebrating the 22nd anniversary of her iconic club Hit "I turn to you" which the remixes took the track to the top of the US Billboard hot dance club play charts, and the hex hector won the Grammy for best remixed recording, the fan favorite track from "northern star" which is considered one of the 3 best Spice girl solo albums of all time along with Schizophonic by Geri Halliwell and Free Me by Emma Bunton of course.. So I've been saying this with her critically acclaimed and third UK top ten Album turning 1 in October, I bet Melanie C would be turning the electronic dance album into her more usual singer songwriter Acoustic sound that she's well known for, for the fans who don't like the Spice girls or pop Music in general, instead of a single watch a 7 track ep with all the previous recordings from the acoustic sessions get uploaded again. She's well known despite having just one known song, tackling all the previous recordings under the ep with the new song as the first track.
  5. Congrats To Melanie C, the Spice girl is nominated for best British Celebrity Ally of the year at this years British LGBT awards. She's not the only Spice girl to be recognized as an ally on 2016, Geri Halliwell was presented with the attitude Honoary British gay icon award presented to Geri, by None other than Emma Bunton, who Emma said without her, I wouldn't have known about this amazing people that existed. And in a 00s British LGBT poll. Victoria Beckham placed #47 while Geri Halliwell was #12 of the greatest British gay icons of all time. Stream high Heels Mel's collaboration with Sink the Pink in honor of this great nomination..
  6. Melanie C released an acoustic version of the Spice Girls UK Christmas #1 platinum hit and US Top ten Gold certified hit Too Much. Enjoy, and happy 25 years of Girl power
  7. https://youtu.be/V7fuYHKBzxA In an interview with Zane Lowe. Melanie C talks Spice Girls, 25th anniversary plan, how social media changed the groups fad status into 90s pop culture icons. She discussed in the 90s, it was one thing to deal with the critics, the industry.. But if you would tell me one day everybody gets to be a critic and for free. I would laugh and said who cares about a bunch of nobodies that isn't industry people. They also talk about how while Mariah and Britney did their big movie. But, Zane said none of them grossed close to 200 Million like Spiceworld did and people are wanting Spiceworld on Netflix, Versus the other two movies. Enjoy the nostalgic trip. Melanie C says Victoria Beckham, will go on tour next time, once she saw the press it actually hit her how much she missed the family unit of her sisters. She also hints if every girl is down. There is a possibility of new Spice girls music.
  8. Melanie C drops one of the 3 Bonus Tracks from the 2 CD Deluxe edition of her Critically acclaimed Album "Melanie C" which was released via Her own Record label "Red Girl media" Her 3Rd top ten Album in the UK #8. The deluxe edition was Release in a 2 CD Format. The original Album and the 28 minutes second disc which states on Both CD and the sleeve it's housed in "not to be sold separately" if someone tries to resell it at CD shops that sells second hand music. Well one of the 3 Bonus Tracks is Available now everywhere except the US. But youtube it's live. Into you is written by Chisholm, Samuel Brennan, Tom hollins and NIAMH with Production by Billen Ted. There's two more Studio tracks remains to be released digitally. They are Self love written by Chisholm, Tom Neville & Poppy Bascomb (which I'm sure is the pop star poppy as well) And a cover track called Touch me written by Rui Da, Silva , Gary Kemp, and Cassandra Fox. Enjoy the bonus track finally getting a digital wide Release
  9. I don't know German TV or it's entertainment outside of Nena of course. She was around since I was born, my family served in the air force in germany when that band and Nena herself took off there in 1983. But a German TV show that involves puppets and duets is actually a big success there. Well with a distinctive voice that gives it away. Melanie C aka Sporty Spice Performed shallow as the big celebrity puppet guest.. Unfortunately it's noted despite the vocal chops she posses. She struggled with Gaga's long notes herself proving that Gaga Music is best for gaga herself. As it's written in her range. Enjoy
  10. In an interview with Philippines radio station for promotion of Her 8th studio album "Melanie C" She was asked what song would she give away to another artist, What song by another artist is actually a Spice Girls song in disguise, and out of her iconic girl groups catalog which one is the most Melanie C track the most Lizzo would get a deluxe track From her new album. The deluxe edition is only available in physical form. It took 4 years for the deluxe of version of me to go streaming and digital global. Justin Timberlake's Can't stop the feeling is basically A spice girls track in terms of the production and the overall message that's positive Melanie C would take Let love lead the way from the Spice girls catalog and basically call it a Melanie C track.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157988869029563&id=122021789562 The UK official chart's have announced their midweek chart's. Queen is aiming for their first number one Album in 25 years, and since it's billed as Queen and Adam lambert. Adam lambert will also have his first UK #1 album as well thx to the live album. One thing that looks promising is Melanie C could end up getting her third UK top ten Album with the universal acclaimed self titled album which sees Melanie C going back to her pop roots no Thx In short to the massively successful stadium tour with the Spice girls last year. She was finally able to embrace that yes she's melanie c and she's also a Spice girl, if this does happen. It's her first top ten UK album since 2003's Reason and will make Melanie C the first Spice girl to have 3 solo UK top ten albums. She's tied in a three way with Emma and Geri as both have two UK top ten Albums with melanie c.. I can honestly see it happening. The Album has been praised and seen as a return to form and viewed as her best Solo album since 1999's Northern Star. Which that right there says a lot as that album is regarded by serious music critics as the best of the Spice girls Solo albums.
  12. Fall is getting good now thanks to the veterans. First Kylie announces Disco, Now Sporty Spice (the only vocalist in the Spice Girls that had vocals) announces her eighth solo album (sixth independent release in her own label) titled Melanie C. Digital pre saves are up and live. Her store offers physical items, such as a limited edition vinyl pressing, cassette tape, A 3 LP Vinyl Super deluxe edition with a 500 page photo book, vinyl in assorted of colors, a 2 CD deluxe edition with remixes and hard to find vault material, plus a standard 10 track CD. New Single "In And Out Of Love" EP available now as well. Melanie C comes Out October 2, 2020 via Red Girl Media, Inc. So it's definitely her first dance pop solo album, she finally embraced she's a pop star as well.
  13. https://www.enfieldindependent.co.uk/leisure/showbiz/18516516.spice-girls-reunion-inspired-empowering-new-album-says-mel-c/ The Spice girls reunion Stadium tour of 2019 fully inspired the Upcoming 8th Solo studio album from Sporty Spice herself. Stating before the tour launched she was extremely nervous about becoming a woman she desperately distanced herself from. But once the tour started "I didn't become Sporty Spice, I am her, that's part of who I am". It definitely sounds like it took her 20+ years to fully come full circle. Can't wait for the album. Meanwhile Stream the best of Melanie C to hear and get to know the artistry and the vocalist of what critics say is the best and talented singer of the five Spice girls. And also. While your at it. Stream the official Best of Spice girls by the iconic fab fuve.
  14. It's the weekend. Enjoy a scandal free remix that has more talent than two rats.
  15. Melanie C was given the opposite *** Faceapp. Let's just This should give Andy Cohen a run for his money. He definitely looks good and versatile unlike the Britney ones which screamed Bottom. I truly believe Madonna as a man would be accurate to her Grindr profile that she used during the Rebel heart era. Dominate Top.
  16. I guess you can say I was way to happy to have a third Spice Girls album. I think in my gay teen mind I could address the bullies: You all were wrong. We got our third album. Take that. I was also 16 and very naive to understand what was was going on Melanie C was serious. I thought it was all for show.. Later I found out all the fame got to her and she suffered a depression, a mental breakdown and an eating disorder. There was a weight gain. That was also a struggle. She said I ate normally and exercised, but my body reacted differently and I gained more than I thought. This just breaks my heart. She was obviously not ready to promote a Spice Girls project, but the mentality of the job and the music industry of the past basically was like, get out there and do it.. Related:
  17. https://www.celebretainment.com/celebrities/mel-c-spice-girls-could-not-have-coped-with-twitter-trolls/article_243b1328-8859-5c08-93d4-085b500ebebf.html Melanie C says she's glad The Spice girls didn't have social media during their fame. Especially Twitter. Saying we were young and we made mistakes. But thank god we did it at a time where none of it is documented. She even feels for acts like Billie eilish.. She says seeing the younger acts keeo working, working. Reminds me of the Spice girls days. All we did was work. Then one day it was gone. Billie echoes that statement. Right now I'm at the height of my career. But Melanie C is right. Are any of us prepared for when it's all gone and it's back to reality. I think none of us artists are prepared for when that day comes. That's what's scary. We don't have a what's next plan. Especially if it disappears one day..
  18. In a 90 minute chat with Spice girls hitmaker Biff. Melanie C addressed a fan favorite track WOMAN. It was only performed on the 1999 Christmas in Spiceworld tour and was a fan favorite track. It was rumored to be included on "Forever" but the Spiceworld esque production didn't match the overall **** and Mature Vibe that was Forever. Finally revealed by Both Melanie C and Biff. It didn't evolve outside the demo form. It was just an idea. As for the album of B sides. Melanie C said. " A B side is a b side for a reason" In the original single days to get cash. Most labels included one or two songs that didn't make the cut. Therefore it was a b side. And the Spice girls are one of a few acts that took advantage of the non album track medium. Only Kylie beat them. As from 1987 to 2011's Put your hands up if you feel love all had a b side
  19. Melanie C might have gave it away. But there are talks after the coronavirus pandemic and once the touring industry starts business again. The Spice girls coming to bring some much positivity for every boy and Girl. Honestly I think the coronavirus epidemic and pandemic probably did inspire Mother Teresa in Geri again to make The US gay and colorful
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