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  1. So Lourdes leon in an interview for interview magazine with Her Mom's Best friend Debi Mazar interviewing her God Daughter.. Describes Madonna as a strict mom, but honestly That's how most kids Feel including Madonna herself thought her upbringing was strict. That usually changes once you have kids of your own, and you realize they did their best to protect you from the world as it's not as nice as it sounds. Some parents will shelter kids (mostly those like down syndrome or any other developmental disabilities they know the world will not understand or in some cases get bullied, that's one thing I learned in school we are never taught about kids born with special needs and other things, that could save a world of hurt for a lot of people) She also touches How Madonna locks her closets and access to her wardrobe as Lourdes admits she steals from her. Everytime Madonna is gone on tour, the access to the clothes (ironically y'all slam, criticize her but her 25 year old daughter finds her style awesome) She loves her Music as she's gotten older and realizes that there's no other female out there like her mom to be a great act. Madonna taught her hard work and dedication is more appreciated and authentic than the Lazy way.. When asked about Rocco, she said he couldn't do it the Ciccone way. He's his father, just mom by birth, but the other 4 siblings David, Mercy, and The twins are taking after their mom, so Lourdes said outside Rocco, the Legacy of their mom will live on through the 5 of them and she's happy about that.. @MikeHunt @I Always Sing Live @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  2. That's the thread jk, but for real, I was listening to some 2011 playlist, and I remembered how I used to think back then that we were only missing Madonna and Christina Aguilera. Xtina did release Moves like Jagger, but I feel like Your Body, Let There Be Love would've been awesome in 2011 along with everything else that was playing that year. Same with Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin and Girl Gone Wild.
  3. On October 14, 2003, Britney Spears released Me Against the Music, featuring Madonna, as the lead single off her fourth studio album In the Zone. It was written by Britney, Madonna, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Thabiso "Tab" Nikhereanye, Penelope Magnet, Terius Nash and Gary O'Brien and produced by Trixster and Magnet. It went Top 5 in almost every country it charted, including 5 #1's. In the US, though it hit the #1 on the Dance Club Songs chart, it only peaked at #35 on the BBH100, marking also Madonna's 50th entry on this chart, and the first time that she appeared credited as a featured artist. Its music video premiered on Making the Video on October 21, but we'll celebrate that next week. Previously: ============================================================================ Hi guys, It's just me and me against the music this time for best performance battle between all the MATM performances. Cast your vote for your favorite MATM music and tell us why it is your favorite After a few more best of performances, i will do a battle between all the winning performances from the threads
  4. Soundtrack to the underrated Bish I'm Loca from Madame X, for a Very heavy Political and dark album. The Tracks faz Gostaso (Huge hit in Brazil and according to fans, a missed opportunity as a single, never the less it went gold in Brazil.) This track and number one club hit "I don't search, I find" gave us some light hearted stuff that was needed on a heavy album inspired by the 2016 election and the world affairs.. Madonna and Maluma have a conversation the first of many for rolling stone's Musicians on musicians, he credits Madonna for helping him musically and letting him know it's okay to not give a f, about the haters or the low life's that think they have a right to criticize every little thing, without knowing the actual person, outside the spotlight. @MikeHunt @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live @Midnight
  5. Madame X has begun her promo tour for Madame X her movie that is going to be out on Paramount+ Oct 8. She first appeared on Jimmy Fallon tonight. We Stan Madonna talks popularity, regrets, her upcoming visual autobiography and more! Also we love a stoned sis Thoughts @Midnight
  6. Watch Madonna perform her 1990 Global hit, and Billboard winning in a 2021 Poll of the Ultimate pride anthem Vogue. Part of her intimate Theatre tour Madame X. Madonna and Horde of dancers looking like her do Vogue, with The camera shots sounding like gun shots. On play of the can't hit a moving target. The universally acclaimed tour, now special and number one global album on itunes (second live album by a female act after Beyonce's Homecoming). It should be noted even critics and fans who hated the album actually loved the tour and understood that she made the album to accompany for the tour, which is why most fans found a new love for it , as she made it for the stage.. The 2019-2020 trek is the most successful theater tour by a Musical artist grossing close to 60 Million dollars. @Jordan Miller @MikeHunt @I Always Sing Live @JayTawndre
  7. Sir Andrew lloyd webber has slammed the 2019 Big screen adaptation of "cats", saying it made him to buy a dog and ban cats in his household and families households. Sorry Taylor swift. But he praises Madonna's 1996 Take on Evita and calls it the best film adaptation of his musical (much to Patti Lupone's dissatisfaction of that film and Madonna'a Golden globe winning performance, much of that is she has hated Andrew since Glemn close got to do Sunset boulevard in 1994 Broadway debut after Patti was promised she would do both west end and broadway debuts) Yeah to Madonna. Stream Evita for great musical history
  8. Ahead of The upcoming Madame X documentary film (mainly concert, plus her views on the US especially the political climate during the US Leg of the Tour and her hip injury)..Madonna has a new Live album For Madame X tour Paramount + (US, Australia) and MTV for the rest of the world. Who's ready for Madonna and The ultimate theater experience coming to both screens and audio platforms
  9. Madonna still looks amazing so whatever, but I think this filter culture is having a psychological affect on people including myself. Thoughts, Exhale?
  10. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/books/selling-out-on-the-west-end-how-madonna-had-her-way-with-my-play-20210913-p58r94.html No surprise here. It's no secret the only way Madonna can act is if she changes the character to Madonna herself. That's always been the critics problem is Madonna plays Madonna on screen.. Rupert Everett said the next best thing. MADONNA'S character was named Karen, and was a swimming instructor.. But she couldn't relate to her so her whole part was written to fit her as a person. Karen became abby, And the swimming instructor was ditched for a yoga instructor and the gay element was also not there, but Rupert's character was changed from straight to gay. And this fits very much the same story. Changed everything to fit her real life persona. The play was trashed by the way and everybody blames Madonna for being the usual authoritarian person she is,.but the industry is afraid to stand up to her at this point. @Jordan Miller
  11. So While everybody falls in love, but they never change into their partner clothing and attitude. But a friend of mine says well, Madonna actually does. Look at every picture of her ex and her she becomes the identity they want and like.. Madonna and Sean Old School 50s glamour Madonna and Warren Beatty, old school glamour again. Madonna and Adult film star Tony ward, well you know what happened. justify my love, the erotica album and that Book of soft core imagery. . Madonna and Dennis Rodman and 2pac, she looked and acted from the hood. Madonna and Carlos leon, she looked very Latin and demure.. Madonna and Guy Ritchie, he grew up with the lady of the manor, and that was what she was.. Madonna and Jesus Luz, she went full on club kid.. Madonna and that MDNA dancer, she was very feminine and masculine like him. Madonna and Almanak, well he dresses from the hood and guess what so does she. The big problem is She becomes whoever she's dating, meaning she becomes the female version of the person she's dating. If she was to date a man of class, best believe she would be dressing like him So that's her big problem her men she dates takes over her identity and she becomes the female version of her man. I don't know why it's gone over people's eyes for so long .
  12. Madonna's 3rd child David turns 16 today.. Her favorite son, it's well known his adoption is one of the biggest reasons why the marriage between her and Guy came to an end, as Guy wanted kids that are of blood of his parents and not someone else, it's also a factor in which caused Rocco to leave, while David was Ten and Mercy was still in the single digits, the then 15 year old Rocco felt alienated and abandoned by his own mother. Their relationship is better, he went to the premiere of the Madame x documentary concert film this week.. He just needed stability and focus not waking up in one city and another the next night. But as you see David is being supported for all his artistic choices and same with Lourdes and mercy, so it seems because Rocco didn't want to do an artist career or like Lourdes take the privilege of being her child, as many feel being heavy set in a Versace runway model, wouldn't happen if she wasn't Madonna's daughter. So there's also he's the black sheep cos Rocco refuses to carry on her legacy In the entertainment world and carry on her successor on the throne.. But, Happy birthday David, Madonna's favorite son.
  13. If there ever was a debate of who is the princess of pop in the UK Market, most would say given chart statistics and how she survived the indie phase it would be Kylie Ann Minogue. Who literally is basically on the OCC is The UK'a biggest pop royalty outside the queen herself Madonna.. Most industry insiders would laugh if you said Britney, given how she really can't compare to the chart statistics of Madonna and Kylie in the UK, and they'll even mention Both of these acts never saw an album that didn't debut outside the top 20, Britney jean debuted at #34. Here's a side by side of the two biggest pop icons in the British Music market. Kylie is truly Madonna's top competition in this market.. @Jordan Miller @Prachi @Slayer
  14. Madonna opened the 40th anniversary 2021 VMA's and with an introduction that STOLE.THE.SHOW. The ceremony led with a historic intro laying out her career and it's alignment with MTV. Then surprised the entire venue with her presence. An immediate standing ovation and roaring applause ushered in the Queen of Pop! First appearing in a sophisticated trench coat, which soon led the controversial artist to strip out of her coat to reveal a se.xy leather outfit. After she opened the show, she turned around to reveal a plump apple bottom bum! The Queen of Pop always leaves an audience stunned! Madonna is just THAT B.ITCH! We Stan! Ageist to the left, to the left!
  15. Matt Walsh says today's new rebels is wearing your clothes, worshipping jesus christ and celebrating patriotism. He says what Madonna and the VMAS are doing is running out of ideas cos people are bored with celebrating satan, celebrating s** and celebrating being an outdated rebel.
  16. Madonna is coming to MTV (in markets that don't have Paramount+) and Paramount + (the Americas and Australia), and looks like she kept the intimate tour a great secret.. From what I See Madonna made the concert film looked like she actually did an arena tour instead of the highly secretive locked up cell phones intimate tour, which was very controversial and angered fans that this was the only way to view the residency tour..as the dates in markets like New york, Chicago and Miami and the entire European tour made you think she was doing residencies but as a tour instead of city to city.. Madame X premiere October 8.. @Jordan Miller
  17. Mae west and Madonna have a lot in common, when they got older and refused to accept it. It drove the public insane, both treated getting older as close to dying. Same comments and attitudes, both dated younger men cos like Madonna told Ellen in 2015, why would I wanna date a man that needs a Walker or medication to get it up, when I date someone younger they don't need any of that. Mae west the same way.. We do have our very own Mae west it's Madonna.
  18. Kathy Griffin defends Madonna and says dragging her is a reflection of you being ageist. "If you're dragging Madonna online tonight, you can't really call yourself a feminist. If the reason you're dragging her is because she committed the crime of still being alive (Madonna herself addressed this in 2016, as most of her competition is dead or has beens) and behaving in a way that you personally don't approve of, you are most certainly ageist." Sealed it with a kiss. @Slayer @Jordan Miller Main page this as I'm sure this will be a huge debate is it really ageism and not feminism because we're uncomfortable with this.
  19. Madonna has a message to all the haters. @Slayer @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live
  20. I don't know how to say it, but I knew the 1995 stalking incident was gonna cause a huge wall between Madonna and us fans. She didn't even want to testify. But like everybody said. He spent ten years in prison for what happened to Madonna, her bodyguard had to shoot him twice, cos he attacked the bodyguard and he knew his client was I'm actual danger, she was filming her most acclaimed film "Evita", he even testified that Madonna wasn't safe when she got back home, he jumped the 12 foot fence twice, that's actually scary. He went to a mental institution after his mandated prison sentence and the reports said, the fact he escaped you know Madonna is actually freaking out. But we know she doesn't show it as one of the reasons why people loved her was she created this super woman can nobody get me down persona, but kept her vulnerability and her more humanity side private, but that was the celebrity culture back then as we didn't like relating to them.as human beings and they were represented as god like figures in Hollywood.
  21. On August 28, 2003, the VMA's were hosted at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. To open the show, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera performed together Madonna's classic hit Like a Virgin, and were later joined by Madonna herself to perform Hollywood. In the middle of the performance, Madonna kissed Britney and then Christina, going down in history as one of the most iconic moments of the VMA's and awards shows in general. Missy Elliott then appeared onstage to perform her song Work It, and then the four together will close the performance with Hollywood again. Sadly, MTV's YouTube channel has made the official video private amid the upcoming 2020 ceremony, so here's another low quality version of the performance: Britney also had a nomination that night for Best Video from a Film, for Boys (Co-Ed Remix) ft. Pharrell Williams, but lost to Eminem's Lose Yourself.
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