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  1. Besides Renaissance, which I've been blasting on repeat, I've been obsessed with the following tunes. It's summer, so POP it is.. Any fans of Kehlani? I stumbled upon this on Spotify and I absolutely loved it! 90s/2000s vibes with the vocals, chorus, ad-libs. I'd love to hear more from her and I'm open to suggestions. I've followed Zach for years and he helped me a lot during the pandemic with his videos. He finally released his first single a while ago and while the video could be more polished, the song slaps hard. Some pop girls can't pull such a hit. Give him a listen. Kat Deluna's vocals here are underrated. The bridge... Random song I saw on Spotify and omg! One of their best! Cheesy song but very summery Also, there's this Balkan singer who has this suoer catchy song 'Thunder' How about your recent obsessions? @Slayer @Midnight @SlayOut @GODNA IS A QUEEN @Style. @rennen @rennen2.0 @BUWYGF @Adriannn@CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Blackout2006
  2. ALGO PA' RECORDAR (2020) "Algo Pa' Recordar" is between the 3rd album and 1st Greatest Hits of Agustín. It contains early demos from Agustín (2015-2017) remasterized (that may land as new tracks as well), radio video version and 5 previously unreleased songs. This album was out after the scrapped "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" proyect, an album recorded in pandemic times which Agustín decided to scrap because of the personal events he went through that time. The previously unreleased songs had a pop/edm & disco sound, who was the main theme from the scrapped album as well. The remasterized songs had a mix of sounds of each era of Agustín previous of publishing his work: mainly pop. It had 1 promo single and 3 official singles: 00 - Hoy Toca (Radio Mix) - the original track is on the previous album, GEMINI, but it was remastered and re edited. 03 - Ser De Luz - this song is dedicated to her grandma who passed away through pandemic times (more info in the documentary) 01 - Love Is Not In The Air - Is the official fist single of the era, it contains scenes from the docummentary 02 - Shattered Heart - Last Single from the era The era also had singles out of albums, such as: 00 - MANIFIESTO (2019) 00 - Cronicas Extrañas (2019) ("Strange Chronicles" Latin American Version) 00 - Entre Nubes Con Los Pies En La Tierra (Radio Mix) (2020) ---- The album was promoted along a homemade documentary "ALGO PA' RECORDAR: EL DOCUMENTAL" where Agustín touches personal themes such as how music saved his life and how he found a way to express them feelings, family issues, love issues, pandemic anxianty, her grandmother passing away (who was like a mother for him). Also it features live homemade performances throughout the whole docummentary. one of the promo performances incluided on the docummentary: 00 - Bow Down / Liberación Es / Manifiesto (Remix) [Live] 00 - Lo Hiciste Otra Vez (Sol En Géminis Remix) [Live] Also, the docummentary was published with a OST incluiding remixes of the documentary, live performance, 2 new songs (from Upbeat Pandemic Sadness scrapped project) and a early demo remastered and re edited. Videos of the "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" Scrapped album, the vaporwave theme was very present: 01 - TQFND - a chill edm 02 - Upbeat Pandemic Sadness 03 - Together Then ---- to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. PREVIOUS POSTS: rePUTAción (2021) GEMINI (2020)
  3. I actually really like it! It’s giving 2000’s vibes and the nostalgia is real. Can she save pop music? Also not me making up choreography in my living room right now to this song
  4. GEMINI (2020) "GEMINI" is the 3rth Studio album by Agustín Malandra. It was written, recorded and produced between may 2019 to March 2020. It is fully written by me and produced by Agustín, BlackRose, Eskry, Sean T, among others. The album has indie pop influences and it's divided into 4 main themes: Horoscope (1 to 4), Pride (5 to 7), S3x & Fun (8 to 11) and Love & Life (12 to 15). It's the most well recieved work from Agustin to date. Its promotion was cancelled due to the begining of the pandemic, but it has some live performances and streaming performances as well. The first official single "Thirsty" is the most watched work from Agustin and "Bien Orgullosas" is the fan favorite song. The single "Lo Hiciste Otra Vez" is a re-imagined cover of Kylie's Minogue "Did It Again" Singles: 010. Queer Powa (2019) - Promo Single 01. Thirsty (2019) 02. Sol en Géminis (2020) 03. Lo Hiciste Otra Vez (2020) 04. Bajo Sábanas (2020) 05. Bien Orgullosas (2020) 06. Entre Nubes Con Los Pies En La Tierra (2021) 00. Esa Perra (2020) - Promo Single to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. Promo Performances: Sol En Géminis / Lo Hiciste Otra Vez (Live) - This performance was one of the 50 chosen by the Buenos Aires Province Government to get a prize for the underground artists of the province. Thirsty / you shoud see me in a crown (Billie Eilish Cover) AGUSTÍN TALKING EACH SONG OFF "GEMINI" ALBUM promo video: DEMO VS FINAL VERSION
  5. According to a source close to Britney, “Although she loved being back in the studio, she isn’t jumping headfirst into a full-fledged music career just yet. She wants to see how everyone reacts to this song before moving forward with more.” Although specific details on the actual track itself are sparse, the source added, “Everyone who has heard rough cuts from it says it is going to be phenomenal. She sang from her heart, and it is still her unique sound but with more of her own real voice.” “The idea for the song was Elton’s idea and he reached out to Britney to personally ask her,” they said. “After giving it some thought, Britney was not able to say no to this opportunity. It is also something that she wanted to do for her fans who have done so much for her,” they added, referring to the #FreeBritney army who fought vigorously to have her released from the 13-year conservatorship. SOURCE: https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/07/25/britney-spears-music-career-elton-john-song/
  6. Hi y'all, I wanna share my music so far, so I'm going backwards from the most recent to the first one. rePUTAción (2021) "rePUTAción" is the 4th studio album from me, Agustín Malandra. It was fully written by me and produced mainly by Agustín, Astoria and BlackRose (among others). It was written during the pandemic times and it's an upbeat album with some jazz, edm & indie influences mixed with the main genre: pop. Recording sessions for the album began in November 2020 and it was published April 2021. As a new, autogestive and underground artist, the album had a good review. The album has a regular edition with 12 tracks and a Deluxe edition with 18 tracks The first single was "Todes Estamos En Una". The song is about the fake "awakening ones" and how their lack of emphatism is one of the worst things in the humanity nowadays. The video is one of their favorites one to date. The second single is "Ser Feliz" which talks about a relationship that goes toxic because of being dependent of the other person The third single is "Canchero de Cabotaje" a song about a show-off man who is a stupid one tbh. The song itself has 3 languages in them lyrics: Español, English and Japanese. Fourth single is "Marica" a song about embracing the word (it would be faggxt) and empowering it, apropiate it. Cuz we all maricas had more strenght than any str8. The video was recorded in the 3rd LGBTQ+ Pride of Salto, Buenos Aires. Orgullo Salto is the organization that made it and Agustín is the creator.* 5th single was only spotify and is "The Witch in Me"... the scrapped video should be the continuation of "Todes Estamos En Una" The era "rePUTAción" has some promo live performances (from home, because of pandemic) and an interview to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. Thank you so much! * Orgullo Salto is an organization that fights for the rights and supports the LGBTQ+ community in the town "Salto, Buenos Aires, Argentina" Where Agustín is from. This is a quick docummentary made by Agustín for the history of the LGBTQ+ fight in Argentina and Salto, Buenos Aires (a small town)
  7. Deadline has reported that "Top Gun: Maverick" has grossed over $1,208,000,000 worldwide. 👑👏
  8. For me personally, I am loving YouTube sensation Zach Campbell's debut new single "Away from You" it's a bop! Destiny Rogers is also super dope! Check her **** out 💅 Nelccia is a cool spin! What are YOUR picks???
  9. Rihanna revealed in the her recent Vogue cover story that she’s been looking at her next project differently since becoming pregnant. It’s possible that a lot of the songs that were recorded in the past 5 years might not end up in the final product. Here’s how Rihanna described her Anti follow up
  10. The sugababes were asked in this Glastonbury interview if there’s new music coming and Siobhan said they’re still figuring it out because everything’s been back to back. We need something 🙏
  11. Britney is "very happy" and enjoying her life with husband Sam Asghari right now and has no plans to work at the moment. "Britney loves her new house. She picked it out with Sam," an insider tells People. "She wanted a fresh start with Sam. It's been very important to her to have a home that she picked up without having to ask for approval from [dad Jamie Spears]." "She still can't believe she is married," the source continued. "She enjoys it very much and loves calling Sam her husband." They added: "Britney has no desire right now to have a career," the source says. "She is not opposed to working in the future, but right now, she just wants to enjoy her life." Related:
  12. She makes really good contributions to the music industry (more than Sharon Osbourne) and I hope she releases new material soon! Even If it just a single !
  13. As far I do music for fun and give a message to whoever wants to listen to my songs, every year/pride month I give a song/video to celebrate pride or address a subject. So I wanted to share with y'all some of my work, Of course if you subscribe to my YouTube and Spotify Channels I thank you so much! 2022 - Bi***ual Gay: My lastest single where I speak about being a gender fluid person, loving to go from masc to fem and al in between manerisms, clothes and s3xual desire. 2021 - Marica: This video was recorded on the 3rd LGBTQ+ Pride Parade of my hometown (a little town with 40K ppl) where I (try to) run an organization called "Orgullo Salto" to fight and visibilize for our rights as a community. It's celebrated every december. This song empowers you to fight, to be queer, to show your queerness. 2020 - Bien Orgullosas - As y'all know 2020 was a sh1tty year cuz that fkng pandemia. Well, from home I recorded a video of one of my most liked songs, "Bien Orgullosas", where I talk about our strengh and power as fighters of life. Celebrating being proud of who we are. 2019 - Queer Powa - this video has te +18 restriction showing body and serving tea. 2018 - Bow Down - This live performance features my trans sis, Sheba Queer. Big round of applause, please ---- other pride related songs: Hope y'all have a happy pride, keep fighting for our rights and let's hug each other, if we're united no one can stop us from getting what we deserve: rights and freedom to be ---- My Spotify:
  14. Los Mesoneros is a rock band from Caracas, Venezuela and they just released their brand new song "No terminamos de terminar" and it sounds like 'Toxic' by Britney Spears. What do you think? Can you hear the resemblance? https://youtu.be/rQQnJD_3bzE
  15. 12 years ago today, Miley Cyrus released her third studio album ‘Can’t Be Tamed.’ The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the title track, which went on to become a Top 10 hit. It earned a Silver certification in the UK. What’s your favourite song?
  16. Hi! My name is Agustín Malandra and I do music for fun and hobby. I wanted to share with y'all and if you like it or want to support me, you can subscribe and like my YouTube & Spotify Channels SPOTIFY: Thank you in advance. Everything is autogestive ;)
  17. Demi rockin’ & rollin’ with a guitar 🎸 it’s everything I wanted to see in 2022. I’m very pleased with the song and I can’t wait for #HolyFvck 🩸This genre suits her best!
  18. 2000s when it comes to me Obviously, Britney through the whole decade and I also love 2000s R&B
  19. The song is for Fifty50 highlighting women’s journey towards equality.
  20. According to Deadline, Selena is currently working on her next album in Los Angeles. What sound do you want to hear from her?
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