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  1. Before "Gimme More" leaked online, we 2000s gays were obsessed with Jessica's scrapped, then released dubbed with whispering, "Fired Up". This should have been a huge hit if it had been released in 2005. Do you still bop to this song?
  2. With all the hype and momentum Tate McRae is getting lately (live performances, music videos, chart topping, album release, world tour announcement) I have increasingly seen on media (tiktok, magazines, interviews, you name it) people comparing her to Britney and lots of GenZ touting her as "The Britney of our generation" For older fans like me, it's hard to ignore the parallels between the two - and albeit there will never be another Britney, this kid is pretty talented. I saw Britney fans in social media getting riled up about it...I personally don't mind it. We have to admit Britney used to be dismissed as generic when she was just starting out and it took many many years for people to look back and recognise how iconic she was. Tate is just starting out so only time will tell, but to be honest it was about time we got aspirational pop back in the media and crazy choreos that are not for tiktok. Do you guys have an opinion? Tate McRae fans call singer “the new Britney” after SNL performance - Dexerto WWW.DEXERTO.COM Tate McRae performed her songs "grave" and "greedy" on Saturday Night Life, and fans are calling her the "next Britney" Spears.
  3. I was thinking about Work B-, Circus, Femme Fatale and Britney Jean: all albums that were made during the conservatorship. Let's think about the "artistic" choices behind those. Starting with the first one we had after the conservatorship was put in place: Circus. The whole concept behind it was: Lol, but seriously it was (I think) about the media and general public watching Britney and waiting for a spectacle even when was Brit's personal life struggles that was being exposed. Piece Of Me, the song, was kind of starting from there but POM was way more genuine imo. As the member Princess Mimi @princessmimi mentioned in another topic this week, Britney was treated like a circus animal. Like a f- race horse. Circus: she was trapped inside a circus stage to perform for a bunch of people paying for it. Sick. Isn't it? Okay, let's move foward to the Femme Fatale album: the concept as Britney said was about empowerment of women, confidence, encouraging women to be strong. We watched backdrops of FF tour where Britney acted as a badass femme fatale woman in disguises, beautiful and dangerous, running away from cops and FBI. We know Britney is a force of nature and was always on FIRE on stage. T-Con made it look like she was being that woman. According to TWIM, she wasn't. Or we can see it as an artistic way for Britney to be all what she couldn't be at the time. She needed to be, but couldn't. Maybe Britney was in charge of that artistic choice? It could be. Let's move to the next album. Work B- from Britney Jean. Darn, okay, so we have a video where Britney cracks a whip on a woman's butt... Man, Britney was put on a conservatorship, she had to eat, dress and go only to places people on that team told her to. She wanted a break? Yas. She could, well, no. Work, B! And then we have Britney on a music video where she cracks a whip on a woman?? To get her to work? What? A woman to another woman? What? And then in the song we also hear: You wanna hot body? You wanna bugatti? You wanna maseratti? You better work, be-ech? [...] Look hot in a bikini, you better work b- So here we have the assumption that there's is such a thing like a hot body, of course, we are considering beauty standards and let's be honest: like most of us Britney has always felt the pressure to stay straight in those standards. To work out and to work her S off. And then on BJ we have Britney cracking a whip on the direction of a woman? Why? Why would a woman do that to another? Is it what people did to Britney? Is it BDSM? This is almost the opposite of feminism, perhaps (don't come at me). Also, it was a poor choice to put the word 'beech' on the song and explain it as a term of endearment for gay fans. I love Britney, but she was very alienated about that. But we can't blame her, she really was isolated at that time! Then on the scene where Britney cracks a whip on a woman's butt, Britney's belly/tummy was - supposedly, I think it's true - edited to make it look skinnier (remember the video with the comparisons?). You wanna hot body, you better work, b. Okay, this is unfair. You've got to work your S *** to have a hot body but then they edit Britney to look hot? Do you see what I mean? They should have kept B's body just as it was. On Perfume video we can see that in the scene where she puts perfume all over her body in front of a mirror, she's sucking her tummy in. Britney has always been trying to fit, we all have. It's no different here. She has to look pretty and skinny. By the way, her father never failed to remind her that, right? Look, I know I might be reading into Britney's music and videos too much in a literal way. But for me, the music and the video itself (of that time) doesn't make any sense nor holds a real or true meaning. It sounds silly (or it's just for fun, for work out, for dance). But thinking about Britney's personal life and how people have treated her, well, yes, it makes sense. And it's cruel. But moving foward with the lyrics: spread the word. To spread the word about Britney's situation at the time? It could be Britney trying to tell us that? Maybe not. Maybe yes. Go call the police? That sounds familiar. Go call the governor? You mean, Britney's mom's friend from Louisiana? We also have a Work B- scene with Britney in the center of a pool with three sharks. Are those three sharks: Jamie Spears, Lou Taylor and Robyn Greenhill? Again Britney is trapped. There's dangerous animals outside her, so all she can do is: dance, perform, look pretty, look into the camera, b-. So to finish it: I think we all can appreciate Britney's body of work made during the c-ship. We can appreciate how she managed to make music, shoot videos, be creative (in her way and as she could) and all while she was in a situation you don't want to be, but still, she was fighting to be alive, we could still see glimpses of our Britney here and there. Britney was f-ing strong! This looks like a conspiracy theory, I know. But it's MY perception and analysis as fan and as someone who cares about human rights, freedom and about what Britney has gone through all those years being a woman in the business (and struggling with her own choices, * plays overprotected * ). I think it could happen to anybody. And maybe that's just me trying to find a deep meaning in those songs and videos. Are you with me? It's okay if you're not. But if you disagree, be kind! Bye!
  4. BABYMONSTER is the new girl group of YG Entertainment, the first since BLACKPINK (2016-present) and the fourth since Swi.T (2002-2004) and 2NE1 (2009-2016). The group debuted with their digital single "BATTER UP" with members Ruka (21), Pharita (18), Asa (17), Rami (16), Rora (15) and Chiquita (14). Seventh member Ahyeon (16) took an unexpected hiatus due to health reasons. The group was teased at the end of last year and starting in January 2023, it was introduced through LAST EVALUATION, a reality show on YouTube showing their pre-debut process. At the time, no fixed number of members was announced, as the final members would be revealed at the end of the show. It was revealed that all 7 trainees will debut as BABYMONSTER.
  5. As part of 10 years celebration of In The Zone, here are the songs who were sampled on it : Touch Of My Hand (Direct sample of the drums, 5:35 of 1970's James Brown's song) (Direct sample of multiple elements, 0:38 and 0:25 of 1991's Pan Jing & Ensemble) I Got that Boom Boom (Interpolation/replayed sample of vocals, 0:00 of 1994's The Outhere Brothers' song) Early Mornin' (Interpolation/replayed sample of the hook/riff of 2003's Madonna's Nothing Fails intro) And Britney's unreleased Sippin' On (Interpolation/replayed sample of the vocals and lyrics, 0:49) And the most known used on Toxic, the 1986's indian duet by Lata Mangeshkar and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (interpolation/replayed sample of the hook/riff, parts 0:26 and 0:06): Thoughts? Source: Just a moment... WWW.WHOSAMPLED.COM
  6. So this weekend it's gonna be the 10th anniversary of Britney Jean (but I'll be busy so I'm creating this now lol) It was on November 25, 2013 when it was first available on iTunes and iTunes Radio, then it was released in Australia on November 29, and in the US it came out on December 3rd (so we can keep celebrating every day until then ). Executive produced by will.i.am, Britney Army's godfather, Britney Jean features mostly pop and EDM sounds, with a mixture of up-tempo club bangers and ballads. Announced as her most personal album ever, the lyrics talk about a variety of topics, covering aspects of fame and its effects, in songs such as Work ***** and Alien, heartbreaks and breakups in Perfume or Til It's Gone and even touches more spiritual themes in songs such as Brightest Morning Star and Now That I Found You. The album counts with some collaborations such as will.i.am himself on the track It Should Be Easy and rapper T. I. on Tik Tik Boom. Two official singles were released to promote this album (unlike what Wikipedia claims ): Work Btch and Perfume The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200, spending a total of 11 weeks on the chart. It went #1 in China, #2 in Venezuela (where it keeps charting constantly on iTunes 10 years later) and #5 in South Korea. It also went Top 10 and Top 20 in several more countries. It's been certified Gold in the US, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. A month before it came out, Britney shared an open letter to the fans along with the cover artwork:
  7. Hey, y'all... So I remember these songs that make references to other B's songs (usually the most famous and iconic ones): Stronger [...] My loneliness ain't killing me no more Lonely [...] I wont take your --- no more, don't knock on my door Perfect Lover [...] Baby I must confess you got me (high) [...] Let me drive you crazy Inside Out [...] Hit me one more time it's so amazing [...] You're the only one who ever drove me crazy Do we have more?
  8. I always skip "Early Mornin" and "He About To Lose Me" because Britney doesn't sing the choruses. They sound unfinished, like demos. Britney can easily sing those choruses, so why the hell they didn't ask her to sing them or let her sing them? She also doesn't sing some parts of "The Hook Up" it's so annoying tbh I wanna hear other's opinion on this. let me know what y'all think down below
  9. In honor of Britney Jean being released, what are your favorite songs and the worst songs from the album? Mine: Fav: Don't cry, Now that I found you, Alien, Work B, and Perfume Worst: It should be easy, Chillin with you, Body ache, Hold on tight What's yours!
  10. Design credit goes to: @Promo Spears Due to Tik Tok, Get Back is one of most popular Britney songs now. History of its rise in streams, September onward: Currently it has 6,714,421 streams. It's now most streamed Britney's non-single (replaced Get Naked!) of Blackout and in general! Related: STREAM:
  11. A thread ran by me and the good sisters @Moscow & @princessmimi @Promo Spears and @BUWYGF Milestones will be added to:
  12. Due to the event that happened 10 years ago, I decided to isolate the vocals of our queen Myah and her sister Britney Jean again. Hold on tight, enjoy the riiiiiiiiiiiiide! My most personal upload
  13. Last night, I was sitting in the bar and "Perfume" started playing. The video was on the TV. I realized it had been TEN WHOLE YEARS since this song was released. Literally, 10 years ago I was driving across country with "work bytch", "perfume" and "passenger" on repeat in my little car with my cat. I cried and cried because it was my first time moving away from home and I was moving over 1,000 miles away. "Perfume" aged so well IMO. It's Britney's last solo single while being an active artist. It has a slight 80s feel for me. Do you think this song aged well??? Does it have any nostalgic meaning for you?
  14. I'm gonna list some great Britney Spears' fans YouTube channels - among many good ones - that I know which always bring something interesting up. If you know others (even if it's not from YouTube), please, feel comfortable to leave it here, let's spread it out. In no particular order: 1 - JackSProductions, awesome re-works of Britney's songs and other rare versions (@JackSProductions) 2 - SpeedS, great compilations 3 - Britney Pulse, they have subtitles in portuguese 4 - Pokémon Spears, good to watch Britney's IG vids (@PokemonSpears) 5 - BRITNEYSVAULT 6 - BSMichelle 7 - Britneyadmiring 8 - BritneyOnline, it was the one that posted that rehearsal of Toxic at Avalon club this week (@CJMCH) WEBSITES (there's so many, these are just the ones I could found mostly thanks to Exhale) 1 - X-Ray: Home - Your #1 Source For Britney Spears Pictures | Welcome to XRAY XRAY.BRITSPEARS.NET 2 - BritneyOnline Britney-Online.net BRITNEY-ONLINE.NET Britney Spears Biggest Fansite 3 - BritneySpearsmedia.ru Britney Spears Media | The largest media content to download BRITNEYSPEARSMEDIA.RU Do YOU have one? Please share with us below!
  15. I’ve purchased 7 so far. One for me, one for each sister, for my mom, my boss and coworkers How many have you bought? PSA right now Amazon and Target have buy 2 books get 1 free so a great time to buy for the holidays!!
  16. FOLLOW THE CURRENT CHARTS THROUGH THE THREAD (usually last page for the newest ones) As of November 1st, the song is still charting worldwide Records broken in October: - Most views for the MV on October 19th (652,713) -Most views in a month for the video (ever since it was released on You Tube) ~4,500,000 -Everytime-The EP hitting No 2 in Norway -Everytime the song hitting No 1 in Brazil on October 19th iTunes USA: Sales General songs chart: #69 - "Everytime" (from ITZ album) #109 - "Everytime" (from GH:MP compilation album) General album chart: #108 - Crossroads: Special Edition (soundtrack) #185 - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Music Videos General chart: #06 - "Everytime", Britney Spears #21 - "Scream and Shout Remix", will.i.am feat. Britney Spears, Hit-Boy, others #43 - "Circus", Britney Spears #49 - "Piece of Me", Britney Spears #54 - "Womanizer" (Director's Cut), Britney Spears #60 - "Toxic", Britney Spears Stream it, play the video and cry along. *when Im not here @princessmimi has it covered and updated* STREAMING PARTY LINK:
  17. Dolly Parton rocked the Thanksgiving NFL halftime show, looking HOT in a Cheerleader costume at the age of 77. The NFL has blocked the performance from being posted. Ugh.
  18. The book effect! Follow the charts through the thread Blackout has become Britney's 5th album over 900 million streams on Spotify. (1 ITZ, 2 Circus 3 BOMT 4 OIDIA) Albums mentioned the above already have more than 1 billion streams and Blackout is joining soon! Most streamed song is Gimme More, least streamed Gimme more remix. Most streamed non single (has its own thread) is Get Back. https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/827948-the-rise-of-get-back-tracking-thread-most-streamed-non-single-month-2-yesterdays-peak-456k-pg-7/ This will continue to be both charting and tracking thread. UPDATE (The reason why this thread is also the Road to 1 billion) The milestones Blackout has reached through the years: As you can see, the streams have risen so much, it takes 5 months (7 max.) to hit +100 million milestone. Therefore, you can expect 1 billion streams around mid March. I will update Spotify numbers just several times a month (and when the songs hit mini milestones or something similar) And as long the album is charting, the thread will remain opened. CREDITS: Being taken care of (when I'm absent): @princessmimi @BUWYGF Special milestones designs: @Promo Spears
  19. i know its a question again but leave me be maybe i like asking things instead of all this mind boggling drama i can do what i like right? within rules??? but not within everyone's personal rules... FOR ME: 1st album Baby One More Time itz "Thinkin' About You" 2nd album Oops... I Did It Again "Where Are You Now" 3rd album Britney "Slave 4 u" 4th album In The Zone "Touch of My Hand" 5th album Blackout "Heaven on Earth"...:/ sad because i obviously do not have heaven on earth right now, a very big problem troubling me. pray for me or something. 6th album Circus "Womanizer" 7th album Femme Fatale "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" (featuring Sabi) 8th album Britney JeanXD "Passenger" and I love Katy Perry's demo too 9th album Glory "Hard To Forget Ya!" pick urs now!!
  20. Toy Soldier added to the mini milestones collection! This is Britney's 7th track to hit over 10 million steams on Blackout! It has hit Today after midnight so I'm not sure will the date will be today, should be. Anyways, songs over 10 million streams on Blackout: 1 Gimme More 2 Piece of Me 3 Break the Iceđ 4 Radar 5 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 6 Freakshow 7 Toy Soldier Credits Design credit: @Promo Spears Help with organizing this: @princessmimi and @BUWYGF Next to expect to hit 10 million streams are: 1 Hot As Ice (9.4m) 2 Ooh Ooh Baby (8.9m) 3 Get Back (most streamed non single-6.5 m) Added to:
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