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  1. Little Mix's first trio single is out now 'Confetti' featuring Saweetie! BUY NOW AND STREAM! The song is currently #1 on iTunes in 20+ Countries. The video features Drag Queens from Rupauls Drag Race UK, Bimini, A’Whora and Tayce. Full video: For those who just want to listen to the song:
  2. Jesy gave her first ever interview since leaving Little Mix in December 2020. Jesy said she felt a mix of emotions leaving the band, such as being sad but mentally she felt 'free' and that massive weight lifted off her shoulders. She said she felt an enormous amount of pressure being in a girl group. Jesy said the hardest part about being in a girl group was constantly being compared to 3 other girls and never feeling good enough. Jesy revealed the best part of being in Little Mix was everything the girls achieved together, travelling the world and the fanbase. Jesy says her goals are to perform at the Brit Awards solo and win a solo Brit award. Jesy talked about mental health and said to talk to people and be kind to yourself and surround yourself by good people. Now I’m on my own, I can genuinely wear what I want to wear. Before, I was wearing what I thought I should wear, because I was too frightened to wear certain things incase I looked bigger than the others. I’d wear corsets and **** like that to make myself look the size they were. Now, I’m not looking at the screen thinking, “Oh my god, I don’t look as good as them.” I feel free. It’s the weirdest feeling for me. I feel like I’m going to get upset. [Jesy gets tearful.] I didn’t know that I could be this happy. I thought when I was in the group that it was just normal to feel that way. And because I’d felt like that for 10 years, I just thought, "This is life." Since I’ve left, I feel free. I don’t wakeup with anxiety, thinking, "I’ve got to do a music video today, I need to starve myself." Or, "I need to go on an extreme diet so I can look like the other three." That was consuming me. I constantly compared myself to the others. Of course, a lot of that was in my head, but a lot of it was past trauma. Even recently, I was still getting compared to them. It’s horrible when you already don’t like something about yourself to then have thousands of people point it out. Now I feel like me. When I look back [at my time] in theband, I genuinely wasn’t me. I can’t believe how miserable I was. The last music video we did [Sweet Melody] was the breaking point. We’d been in lockdown, and [that had been] the first time I could have a break and be at home around people that I love. It was the happiest I’d ever felt, and I didn’t realise that until I went back to work. I immediately became a different person. I had anxiety. Whenever we had a music video, I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to try and lose weight. I have a fear of looking back on the camera. If I don’t like what I see, I find it so hard to be in front of the camera and feel amazing and perform. I’d been in lockdown, and I’d put on a bit of weight but I didn’t care.And [then] they said, "You’ve got a music video in a couple of weeks," and I just panicked. I went on this extreme diet, with bloody shakes, and tried to eat as little as possible. On the day of the Sweet Melody video I had a panic attack on set because I didn’t look how I wanted to look and I found it so hard to just be happy and enjoy myself. I looked at the other three and they were having the time of their life. I get so jealous, because I want to feel like that and enjoy it, because music is my passion. To have this dream and not be enjoying it because of what I look like, I knew wasn’t normal. There’s a scene in Sweet Melody I’m not in, because that’s when I had a panic attack and broke down. I was like,"I just want to go home." I was sobbing in the dressing room. Someone really close to me said, "This has got to stop. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. You’re going to end up where you were before." I feel like there have been a few people who don’t understand why I left Little Mix, but am now in the studio making music. A lot of people said,“I thought you came out of the band to focus on your mental health?” I never said when I put out my statement that I was coming out of the band to never be in the public eye or perform again, or do music. I said I was coming out of the band because I genuinely couldn’t deal with the pressure of being in a girl band. For people to think that I would just stop working completely is crazy, because[for] me, working on my mental health is going to the studio, and creating music that I love. That’s what clears my head and makes me happy. It’s good for my mental health. I couldn’t deal with the pressure of being in the girl group. It wasn’t that I couldn’t deal with the pressure of being in the spotlight. I was constantly compared to three other girls and that mentally drove me to a really dark place, and I couldn’t put myself through that any more. I need to do things that make me happy now, and people might think that’s selfish, but sometimes in life you have to put yourself first, you have to love yourself, and do what makes you happy. For me, that was the pinnacle point. I was like, "I need to start taking care of myself now, because this isn’t healthy." It wasn’t nice for the other three to be around someone who didn’t want to be there. So I took a break. I went through a really dark time after the music video. My mum said, "This has got to stop now. I have seen you suffer too much. This has been 10 years of your life." For so long, I worried about others and letting people down. The only person I should have been trying to make happy was myself, and I wasn’t doing that. I needed to do it for my mental health, because I know I would have ended up back where I was five years ago, and that’s scary. Music is my life. It’s so powerful for me. I’m in the studio just having fun. I loved the music I made with Little Mix, but it wasn’t the kind of music I listen to. It just feels so nice to be making music that I love. I don’t know when I’m going to bring it out. I feel really content and happy. It’s the weirdest, best feeling in the world. FELICITY: Can you give me three words that represented you in Little Mix and three that represent you now? JESY: In Little Mix: honest, hardworking, sad. FELICITY: And now? JESY: Honest, content, free. FELICITY: What did you do the day after you left Little Mix? JESY: I was at home with my family, taking everything in on the news. Everyone was talking about it on Lorraine. When I put up my statement, I turned off my comments because I was ****ting myself – I thought, “I’m going to get so much backlash for this.” My sister rang me and said, “I think you should turn on your comments. Everything I’ve seen is really positive.” I turned on my comments and just sat in bed and cried because I was overwhelmed with how lovely everyone was being. It was a shock to me. I couldn’t get over how much people were supporting me and understood. I was on a weird rollercoaster of emotions. I felt sad, because it was 10 years of my life that I was giving up. I felt scared, like, “****, what’s going to happen now?” At the same time, I had glimpses of happiness, of, "I can do what I want now.” I don’t feel trapped. If I wanted to go to the ****ing shop today and eat 10 bars of Dairy Milk, I could, because I don’t have to worry about being on a diet any more. I don’t have to worry about having a music video or doing an interview wearing an outfit that I don’t want to wear because three other girls want to wear it. FELICITY: And then you feel like you’re being difficult? JESY: Yeah. And it’s horrible. I felt like I was coming into an environment, sometimes, where people didn’t want me to be there. Sometimes I wasn’t a positive energy because I was so down. When you feel that way anyway, to be around certain people on my team that didn’t want me there was hard. The full interview: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/entertainment/a36185652/jesy-nelson-cosmopolitan-uk-june-cover/
  3. Little Mix's Perrie quoted the iconic line from Britney's 'Oops I Did It Again' video It really shows how iconic Britney's Oops video is! Perrie revealed last year she spent lockdown listening to loads of Britney and that Britney was her idol. Little Mix also wrote 'Pretty Girls', which was supposed to be for their scrapped album but they were told Britney heard the song and wanted it. All members of Little Mix have been liking Free Britney posts too. She's a big fan:
  4. Little Mix's 4th single from the album 'Confetti' is out tomorrow - the single is also called 'Confetti' and features Saweetie. The original version included Jesy but she has been removed and the new version has been re-worked. The girls are the cover of Euphoria this month and gave an interview. The track in its original form was already so loved by the group, which made it a perfect fit for this new life. “We love the song ‘Confetti,’ it’s always been one of our favorites and we know from socials that the fans love it too!” Perrie Edwards says. “It felt right to do an updated version of the song and give it a moment!” Jade Thirlwall adds. “We then got Saweetie, who we love, on it to add some extra flavor.” And it wouldn’t be complete without a video — which they’ve already shot. “We really feel it might be one of our best videos ever. We’re really excited for everyone to see it,” Leigh-Anne Pinnock adds. The track drops April 30 and marks a new chapter for Little Mix, whose lives were rocked at the end of 2020 when the fourth member of the group, Jesy Nelson, decided to step away to focus on her mental health. And while this decision shook everyone, “the girls,” as they’re affectionately known by their team, their fans, and just about anyone else who knows anything about them, soldiered on. “It’s still all systems go in Little Mix world,” Thirlwall shares. “It’s just learning to adapt. I think it’s quite exciting. And we got off to a good start as a three by having our No. 1 single in the UK. That was like, ‘Oh wow, this is a good sign, good omen, that this year is going to be good for us.’” Little Mix has taken the last year in stride, like many of us have. Fortunately for them, they had most of the work for Confetti done before COVID really took hold of the world, but all of their promo plans were essentially destroyed, including a tour. “We had to launch our first single campaign during lockdown, which was pretty bizarre,” Thirlwall says of dropping “Break Up Song” in March last year. “It was all on social media and we had to find a way of adapting to the circumstances. Luckily we’ve got an amazing online fanbase who will lap up any social media content. So it was just about trying to move with the times and get through it. We really committed.” Leigh-Anne added that this year has been about dumping anything toxic from her life and “being around people that make you feel good and that bring something positive into your life.” “If I had any advice for people, it would be to only follow accounts that make you feel good about yourself,” Thirlwall shares. “Or ones that don’t make you feel like you’re not enough or compare yourself to what that person’s doing.” Pinnock adds that she thinks this year for her has really been about dumping anything toxic from her life and “being around people that make you feel good and that bring something positive into your life.” The girls are also big advocates of therapy — individual therapy and group therapy. “We love going to therapy together,” Edwards gushes of how they handle their mental health in such a rigorous job. “We also have each other, which is huge. We’re each other’s support system in a way because we’re sisters and feel every emotion together. We can always lean on each other.” The group will release their new single Confetti on Friday but teased their fans should expect more collaborations following their tune No Time For Tears with Nathan Dawe. Perrie continued: “We are in the studio at the moment doing different collab ideas. “Because we’ve just launched Confetti, it’s nice to experiment with different artists at the moment. I think we’re really into that at the minute, just featuring or jumping on someone’s track. “I think it’s nice to have that little bridge after you’ve released an album to switch things up a little bit.” “We just want to say a little thank you for everyone being so sweet and dedicated and patient with us through this lockdown and just being the best fans ever,” Edwards shares. Pinnock and Thirlwall nod along, agreeing with Edwards’s sentiment. All three happily called out the joy the fans bring, especially at concerts. “Our fans are so loud and just the best, in shows they’re amazing. They’re crazy. We love it,” Pinnock gushes while the three reminisced about traveling the world playing concerts. Source: Euphoria Magazine Little Mix have announced interviews they are carrying out tomorrow: This Morning Interview Capital FM Interview Hits Radio Interview Kiss FM Interview Heat Radio Interview and they have an interview with Zach Sang
  5. Little Mix's new song has debuted at Number 1 on the UK's biggest chart show. 'Confetti' with Saweetie was only released on Friday but has gone straight to the top this Sunday on The Official Big Top 40. It's Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne's first release since becoming a three after Jesy Nelson decided to leave the group. The girls joined Will Manning in the studio to find out the news and pick up their Official Big Top 40 Number 1 trophy. The chart is compiled based on downloads, streaming, and radio airplay from the stations that broadcast the show. It is the only UK chart which includes radio airplay, much like the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. The algorithm differs to that of the Official Singles Chart, which also includes downloads, plus physical sales–but does not take radio airplay into account. The Official Charts Company Number 1 is revealed on Friday! Hopefully this will become an Official UK Number 1 on the OCC too!
  6. The Global Awards are held by Global Media & Entertainment and reward music played on British radio stations including Capital, Capital XTRA, Heart, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X, LBC and Gold, with the awards categories reflecting the songs, artists, programmes and news aired on each station. The Awards Ceremony usually takes place in person but did not this year due to COVID. Dua was the most awarded person of the night and won 3 Global Awards. She won awards for 'Best Female', 'Best British Act' and 'Most Played Song' for Don't Start Now. Little Mix won 'Best Group' at the Global Awards making them the most celebrated artist at The Global Awards alongside Dua Lipa, winning six trophies over four years. Full list of winners:
  7. The girl finally released their new music video for Confetti youtube.com/watch?v=15-vLIZ_2mU
  8. Little Mix's new single Confetti featuring Saweetie is out at midnight (30th April 2021) and the music video is out TOMORROW! This new version of Confetti will be the 4th single from Little Mix's album of the same name. This is Little Mix's first single as a trio! Jesy was featured on the original version so it'll be interesting to see how different the song will be without her! Little Mix's last single Sweet Melody reached Number 1 in the UK in January. A behind the scenes video has been shared: A snippet of the new version has been released:
  9. Former Little Mix singer is at the centre of a £2million bidding war between several record labels all desperate to get her talent on board. The battle for her signature as a solo artist comes after she left the girl band last year. She has since been in the studio recording her own stuff. A well-placed source tells us: “Jesy’s tracks have got the music industry in a spin and she has big-money offers on the table from a few key record labels all desperate to sign her. “It’s an exciting time for Jesy as she’s in a great place and has loved being creative in the studio. “If all goes to plan she’ll have music out this year and will have some sure-fire hits. The world is her oyster.” Jesy has been working with songwriters Patrick Patrikios and Hanni Ibrahim, who helped pen Little Mix’s 2016 hit single Touch and 2018 album LM5. Jesy announced in December 2020 that she was leaving Little Mix after 9 years in the group.
  10. Wowwwww. Former member of Little Mix, Jesy Nelson showed off her amazing look ahead of her first night out since the UK lockdown started easing down. That body, the outfit, the hair, EVERYTHING. Related:
  11. Former Little Mix member Jesy posted some new selfies on instagram. She's been working hard on her debut album the past few months! What route are you expecting her to take? She looks incredible
  12. UK ALBUM SALES: Here are the female artists who have sold the most in the UK (Certified Albums - Updated to 2021) The #QueenofPop tops the chart, of course! 1 #Madonna: 17,060,000 2 #Adele: 11,100,000 3 #CelineDion: 9,640,000 4 #WhitneyHouston: 9,280,000 5 #KylieMinogue: 8,200,000 6 #Rihanna: 7,300,000 7 #P!nk: 7,200,000 8 #Dido: 6,020,000 9 #TinaTurner: 5,900,000 10 #AmyWinehouse: 5,760,000 11 #MariahCarey: 5,720,000 12 #SpiceGirls: 5,400,000 13 #ShaniaTwain: 5,220,000 14 #Beyoncé: 4,720,000 15 #DianaRoss: 4,720,000 16 #LadyGaga: 4,560,000 17 #BritneySpears: 4,400,000 18 #Cher: 3,940,000 19 #LeonaLewis: 3,760,000 20 #Anastacia: 3,360,000 21 #TaylorSwift: 3,200,000 22 #DestinysChild: 2,900,000 23 #LittleMix: 2,800,000 24 #ChristinaAguilera: 2,760,000 25 #KatyPerry: 2,460,000 26 #BelindaCarliste: 2,100,000 27 #EllieGoulding: 2,100,000. Congrats to Madonna for being announced with close to 18,000,000 certified pure sales, makes the queen of pop, the best selling female act of all time in the UK. Trailing behind her at #2 is none other than the best selling British female act of all time Adele with 11,000,000 sold, that's just 3 studio albums.. While on the vocal trinity end Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are respectively at #3 and #4 each. While the Princess of pop in the UK Music market Kylie Minogue rounds out the top 5. Spice girls is the best selling girl group in terms of album sales. Queen of Exhale Britney spears is at #17.. Mariah Carey came close to the top ten, what hurt her was going to her preferred genre Hip hop and R&B, which during her peak popularity wasn't embraced at all in the UK. Destiny's child is the best selling American girl group in the UK.. Congrats to all the ladies and hats off to Madonna for being the best seller in the British Music industry..
  13. The girls were on set of their latest music video when they found out they were nominated for Best British Group at The Brits. No girl group has ever won this award in all 44 years of life The Brits! It is about time one does The Brits is the UK version of the Grammy! The nominees in the same category are: Little Mix The 1975 Young T and Bugsey Biffy Clyro Feel my bicep
  14. Her humour She's a big Spice Girls fan btw! The video Jade was mimicking:
  15. Little Mix were in the recording studio yesterday. We were already aware new music was coming soon and that a new music video had already been filmed, but are they working on their seventh album? We already know David Guetta ft Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem is coming soon and it is also rumoured that Little Mix have a collab with Chloe x Halle. Little Mix were in the studio with songwriter Kamille and producer MNEK yesterday. MNEK has been has worked with them a lot, song such as Sweet Melody, Touch, Wasabi etc. Kamille has worked with LM lots too on Shout Out To My Ex, Black Magic, Power and many more. TRIO MIX ARE COMING! Jade was also in the studio a few days ago
  16. It's so amazing to see how happy she is now She's come so far from the broken girl who wanted to end her life because of how much she hated being alive and compared to the other girls in Little Mix. I'm glad she seems to have found her happiness. Jesy has been in the studio nearly every day since she announced she was working on solo music last month! Before anyone hates on her, watch the below interview from 2019 before she left the band.
  17. Little Legends This was undeniably their biggest era and their most successful! Little Mix even describe the 'Glory Days' era as literally their 'Glory Days' due to how big it was. Glory Days became the group's first UK number-one album, Glory Days spent a total of five non-consecutive weeks at number one in the UK Albums Chart, the longest run at the top by a girl group album since the Spice Girls in 1996. In March 2018 the album spent a 69th week in the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart, making it the longest-running girl group album in the top 40 ever. The album spent 173 weeks in the Official UK Album Charts. The lead single from the album was 'Shout Out To My Ex' and it debuted at number one on the UK Singles Charts and the song remained at number one for three consecutive weeks. It also ended up winning 'Best British Single' at the BRIT Awards, the UK version of the Grammys. The singles:
  18. Jesy Nelson has left RCA records, Despite having a contract as a solo act thx, to the little mix contract, that each girl had a solo album deal as well.. This is to start brand new and a clean slate. And according to insiders she's expected to return to her R&B and Hip hop roots, many speculate she left cos of the top 40 commercial pop sound, that is in the girl groups Music, and that after 9 years of being told what to sing and wear, she's done with that world, and wants to do her own thing.
  19. Little Mix won the 'Gamechangers In Music' Award at the UK Glamour Women Of The Year 2021 Awards They won the award for all the awareness they've helped raise regarding racism, LGBTQ+ rights, trolling etc. This is one of their first proper 'interviews' as a Trio! They are so cute together! The girls also took part in a game for charity earlier:
  20. Tap Music has signed Leigh-Anne Pinnock as the Little Mix star prepares to launch her solo career. The company, which represents Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, Dermot Kennedy and more, will represent Pinnock for her solo work across music, film and TV. Tap Music will work in conjunction with Modest Management, who will continue to oversee Pinnock’s work with Little Mix. Satellite 414 will represent the singer for press. Tap co-founders and former Music Week cover stars Ed Millett and Ben Mawson said: “We are really thrilled to welcome Leigh-Anne to the Tap family for all her solo activities. She is an incredibly smart and talented artist with a strong vision and sense of purpose and has numerous fantastic projects across TV, film and music already in the pipeline. We’re really looking forward to working with Leigh-Anne to help realise and achieve all her goals and more”. Leigh-Anne Pinnock said: “I’m so excited to reveal I am now being represented by Tap Music for all of my solo projects. This is such an incredibly exciting time for me and my career and I can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve got coming up. I will continue to work on my solo endeavours alongside my Little Mix commitments”. Details of Pinnock’s first musical release are yet to be confirmed. Little Mix recently topped the singles charts with Sweet Melody, which has 511,689 sales to date, according to the Official Charts Company. Leigh-Anne confirmed fans should not worry and that her and fellow bandmates are 'solid' and that Little Mix have a big year coming up!
  21. Little Mix's 'Shout Out To My Ex' is the most streamed song by a girl group of all time in the UK It was Little Mix's lead single off their 4th album and it spent 3 weeks at #1 in the UK. The song was written by the girls and is believed to be about Perrie's ex Zayn Malik from One Direction. They were together for 4 years and were engaged when he ended their engagement via text. Perrie is seen throwing away a gift Zayn gave her in the music video. The song also won the girls their first ever Brit award (UK version of a Grammy), where they dedicated their win to their exes
  22. To keep it short they are very happy that they are together and have each other and it appears they are in it for the long haul. They have said that they want to help push each other to do their own thing too and that this is a 'new dawn of Little Mix'. Looks like they'll be staying together and also doing some solo projects too, whatever they may be. The girls also won Glamour UK's Women of the Year Award! 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of Little Mix. Interview: Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 29, Jade Thirlwall, 28, Jesy Nelson, 29, and Perrie Edwards, 27, became the biggest girl group in the world as a four-piece. Now, as Little Mix win GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year award for being Gamechangers in Music – both on and off stage – and begin a new chapter as a trio they open up about the past year. Having interviewed Little Mix seven times, both collectively and individually for their first solo interviews, there has been laughter, tears, the tightest of hugs and a lot of camp humour. We’ve discussed everything from how Perrie’s crippling anxiety left her unable to leave the house, the vile online racism Leigh-Anne has faced, Jade’s gamechanging allyship with the LGBTQA+ community and how Jesy’s experiences with trolls left her attempting suicide. They keep our hour-long chat firmly on the future of the Little Mix and respectfully, and rightly, do not address Jesy’s personal decision to leave the group. “It was nice going into the new year, as a three, with the No.1 single,” Perrie says proudly, referencing Sweet Melody, which has also become their longest-charting single in the Top 10 to date. It’s a moment Perrie is calling a “good omen” for their new chapter, which they all nod in agreement with. “This time has given everyone perspective of what you truly love doing in life and figuring that out,” Jade answers. “It’s definitely important. It’s going to take time. It’s not something that happens overnight after being together 24/7,” Leigh-Anne replies before Jade continues. “I’m not saying that we’re codependent, but we do heavily rely on each other, so it’s been healthy to take a step back and think, ‘What do I want?’ As we come together and work together this year, we’ll have an even better and healthier relationship with that perspective. This time’s taught me that I am still figuring out who I am, too. I don’t really know who I am. I used to get scared at that thought, but now I’ve stopped punishing myself for not knowing. It’s beautiful that we’re still a group, but we want to help push each other to do our own thing, too. It’s like a new dawn of Little Mix,” she smiles. “That’s totally OK,” Perrie reassures Jade – something they do in turn for each other throughout our interview. “We’re not going to know, individually. We’ve always had each other, it’s always Little Mix – it’s us.” With their signature bop-pops ranging from first single Wings to Black Magic and Shout Out To My Ex, Leigh-Anne rightly states, “We’ve made music to boost people up, make people happy and to inspire them.” And it has combined to create six studio albums, 27 singles – two of which have reached the coveted multi-platinum status – sales of more than 50 million albums and singles worldwide, 100 award nominations, 48 award wins including two Brit Awards, six MTV Europe Music Awards and now four GLAMOUR Women of the Year award. “We’ve shown that women standing together works, even with all the obstacles in our way. Right from the beginning, we were the dark horse on The X Factor, and no one expected us to do well,” Jade shares. “After that, everyone would say, ‘They’ll do one single and maybe one album and will get dropped.’ We persevered and got through it. We grew and became adult women together. It’s impactful, to show others that you can have longevity, you can break barriers, win awards and break records on the back of sticking together and being a force of women. Being refreshingly honest about their bond, Leigh-Anne continues, “I do think our sense of sisterhood is better for when we do have **** times together over the years or if we’ve got on each other’s nerves, because it’s never been an option to not be together and we’ve always known that we are sisters. It helps you to learn forgiveness, learn to be more patient and be more compromising because you’re in a group dynamic where it’s literally that or you don’t be together.” With all these accolades, I am curious to know what has been their proudest personal achievement to date? “One thing we’ve had to do in our careers, which is hard, is to put on a brave face,” Perrie replies. “We’re all going through the worst situations of our lives. We just want to crawl in bed, put the duvet over our heads and just never come out. But you know you’ve got people depending on you, you’ve got three other girls that need you there, you’ve got fans all over the world; you don’t want to get a bad reputation.” The control of women in the music industry is a hot topic when we speak, due to The New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, which they have all watched and as Leigh-Anne says, “God, it made me angry.” “We spent far too long being patronised, especially by men in the industry,” Jade interjects. Lee-Anne continues: “We’ve always had a voice as a four, we’ve been a force and we’ve always been very, ‘we stick together on things’. But there have been times, like with [music] labels, [where they’ve] backed us into a corner and it is obviously mainly men; they see us as four women and don’t take us seriously. We’ve had that for our whole career. Even until recently. I’m asking, ‘Has much really changed?’” “Learning to say ‘no’ has been quite a big thing for us,” Jade adds. “For a long time, we were always scared of pissing people off – and you do get backed into a corner and it’s like, ‘Well, if you don’t do this, you can’t have this.’” Perrie jumps in with one telling word: “Blackmail.” Jade agrees, “It’s weird that it still happens, but then all of a sudden when that power is taken away from whoever’s abusing it, you realise, if I just say ‘no’ more often and we stand together with that decision, it works!” Leigh-Anne concurs, “The realisation, as well, was we are a part of a well-oiled machine. We are pawns in this. People don’t really care about us. When you realise that we have each other, we can look after each other and we know that some people don’t have our best interests at heart – but we are a unit together – we can stand together and stand up for ourselves.” Little Mix accept their GLAMOUR Women of the Year 2021 award with an exclusive new video interview. The full interview is on the Glamour UK Website.
  23. It's no secret, Columbia records refuses to promote Little mix in the states.. This states back to a promo trip where the girls was told to flirt and be **** in front of radio programmers and such. Since the girls said no, Columbia treated them as just a distribution deal thx to Simon Cowell's Label. While their first five albums debuted in the US Billboard top 40, their first 3 albums made the girls, the first British girl group to have 3 US Top 20 albums, plus DNA debuted at #4, breaking a 16 year record by the Spice girls when Spice Debuted at #6 back in 1997 However Spice, went to #1 in the US and ended being the only girl group album in Billboard history to end up being the year ends top album of a calendar year and winning the girls several BBMAs based on chart achievements. Little mix, was told like any other girl group from the UK. Told they are unmarketable in the US. Confetti became their lowest charting album in the US, peaking at #85, this is due to no CD was made for local Distribution, since it was sold as a physical via import. Billboard's rules stated any import music is denied from charting.. But congrats girls on being part of the top 200 pop streaming albums.
  24. A decade into their career and they came through with their biggest hit! Sweet Melody became their 5th UK Number 1 a couple of weeks ago and now it is their longest reigning Top 5 single! It is currently still in the Top 5! Little Mix's song with Nathan Dawe 'No Time For Tears' is currently climbing the charts and has become their 25th Top 20 hit! They become the girl group with the highest ever amount of Top 20 hits! Little Mix also have 17 Top 10 hits! The girls are rumoured to be releasing their first song as a trio very soon too! STREAM:
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